A Spy in the Struggle by Aya de León

A Spy in the Struggle by Aya  de LeónEnter for your chance to win a copy of A SPY IN THE STRUGGLE by Aya de Leon!


Since childhood, Yolanda Vance has forged her desire to escape poverty into a laser-like focus that took her through prep school and Harvard Law. So when her prestigious New York law firm is raided by the FBI, Yolanda turns in her corrupt bosses to save her career--and goes to work for the Bureau. Soon she's sent undercover at Red, Black, and Green--an African-American "extremist" activist group back in her California college town. They claim a biotech corporation fueled by Pentagon funding is exploiting the neighborhood. But Yolanda is determined to put this assignment in her win column, head back to corporate law, and regain her comfortable life . . .

Until an unexpected romance opens her heart--and a suspicious death opens her eyes. Menacing dark money forces will do anything to bury Yolanda and the movement. Fueled by memories of who she once was--and what once really mattered most--how can she tell those who've come to trust her that she's been spying? As the stakes escalate, and one misstep could cost her life, Yolanda will have to choose between betraying the cause of her people or invoking the wrath of the country's most powerful law enforcement agency.

Little Cruelties by Liz Nugent

Little Cruelties by Liz Nugent*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this shipment may be delayed.*

Hailed by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jewell as “a force to be reckoned with,” Liz Nugent is back with a powerful and unsettling new novel that will invite comparison to the bitter relationships in HBO’s blockbuster series Succession.

“A dark jewel of a novel, fire flickering in its depths and light lining its edges. …no other crime novelist of the past decade has rivaled Patricia Highsmith, Ruth Rendell, or Gillian Flynn. [LITTLE CRUELTIES is] a tragedy of evil power, crisply written and quickly paced; above all, [it’s] a thriller, swift and exciting and built like a carnival house, all false walls and trapdoors.”—A.J. Finn, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

“Artfully constructed… the author’s skillful telling of this multigenerational tragedy has the riveting power of an imminent car crash.”—Publishers Weekly

"Liz Nugent’s books exist at that very particular crossroads of horror and psychological thriller where the horror exists in the cruelty of human relationships themselves. As with all of Liz Nugent’s works, the sociopathy of characters is as much rooted in the repressed culture of 1980s Ireland as in the figures themselves. No one is rotten to begin with, Nugent knows, but she won’t let us look away from how truly rotten some of us become."—CrimeReads

The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis

The Forever Girl by Jill ShalvisEnter for a chance to win 1 of 100 galleys of Jill Shalvis' next heartwarming, feel-good novel of family, forgiveness, and secrets...

**Please no PO Boxes**

When Maze returns to Wildstone for the wedding of her estranged bff and the sister of her heart, it’s also a reunion of a once ragtag team of teenagers who had only each other until a tragedy tore them apart and scattered them wide.

Now as adults together again in the lake house, there are secrets and resentments mixed up in all the amazing childhood memories. Unexpectedly, they instantly fall back into their roles: Maze their reckless leader, Cat the den mother, Heather the beloved baby sister, and Walker, a man of mystery.

Life has changed all four of them in immeasurable ways. Maze and Cat must decide if they can rebuild their friendship, and Maze discovers her long-held attraction to Walker hasn’t faded with the years but has only grown stronger.

Vera by Carol Edgarian

Vera by Carol EdgarianEnter for a chance to win a sweeping and richly captivating novel about an indomitable heroine coming of age in the aftermath of catastrophe, and her quest for love and reinvention—from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Three Stages of Amazement.

So-Called Normal by Mark Henick

So-Called Normal by Mark HenickEnter for a chance to win one free Advance Reading Copy of Mark Henick’s highly anticipated first book, So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience. Will ship in time for the holidays - before release to the general public. All are welcome to enter, especially those who are willing to write a review of the book on Goodreads!

What others are saying...

“Beautifully written, heart-wrenching, and hopeful.” - ROSIE O’DONNELL

“You will be blown away.” - DR. BRIAN GOLDMAN

“Mark Henick gives us the gift of hope.” - MICHAEL LANDSBERG

“Compelling, beautifully written and inspiring.” - JAMES MARTIN, SJ

“Courageously and gracefully written.” - BIF NAKED

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

The Cipher by Isabella Maldonado

The Cipher by Isabella MaldonadoTo a cunning serial killer, she was the one that got away. Until now…

FBI Special Agent Nina Guerrera escaped a serial killer’s trap at sixteen. Years later, when she’s jumped in a Virginia park, a video of the attack goes viral. Legions of new fans are not the only ones impressed with her fighting skills. The man who abducted her eleven years ago is watching. Determined to reclaim his lost prize, he commits a grisly murder designed to pull her into the investigation…but his games are just beginning. And he’s using the internet to invite the public to play along.

His coded riddles may have made him a depraved social media superstar—an enigmatic cyber-ghost dubbed “the Cipher”—but to Nina he’s a monster who preys on the vulnerable. Partnered with the FBI’s preeminent mind hunter, Dr. Jeffrey Wade, who is haunted by his own past, Nina tracks the predator across the country. Clue by clue, victim by victim, Nina races to stop a deadly killer while the world watches.

Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson

Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson“Wholly engrossing, exquisitely researched, and so timely. Sadeqa Johnson brings a fresh telling to a story we think we already know, making it beautifully relatable and human. Riveting and suspenseful, I highly recommend this novel.” —Kathleen Grissom New York Times bestselling author of The Kitchen House

This harrowing story follows an enslaved woman forced to barter love and freedom while living in the most infamous slave jail in Virginia.

Born on a plantation in Charles City Virginia, Pheby Delores Brown has lived a privileged life. Shielded by her mother’s position as the plantation’s medicine woman, and cherished by the Master’s sister, she is set apart from the others on the plantation, belonging to neither world.

Freedom on her eighteenth birthday has been promised to her, but instead of the idyllic life she imagined with her true love, Essex Henry, Pheby is forced to leave the only home she has ever known and unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the bowels of slavery at the infamous “Devil’s Half-Acre,” a jail where the enslaved are broken, tortured, and sold every day in Richmond, Virginia. There Pheby is exposed not just to her Jailor’s cruelty but also to his contradictions. To survive Pheby will have to outwit him but soon faces the ultimate sacrifice.

When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain

When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLainEnter for a chance to win a galley of WHEN THE STARS GO DARK - the propulsive new novel from bestselling author Paula McLain!

A Missing Girl. A Broken Woman.
The truth is hard to see. . .
When the Stars Go Dark

Joe Biden by Evan Osnos

Joe Biden by Evan OsnosEnter for a chance to win one of 100 ebooks of JOE BIDEN: The Life, the Run, and What Matters Now by New Yorker writer Evan Osnos!

Blending up-close journalism and broader context, Evan Osnos, who won the National Book Award in 2014, draws on his work for The New Yorker to capture the characters and meaning of an extraordinary presidential election. It is based on lengthy interviews with Biden and on revealing conversations with more than a hundred others, including President Barack Obama, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and a range of progressive activists, advisers, opponents, and Biden family members.

How well do you know Joe Biden? After reading this concise, brilliant, and trenchant examination, you will truly understand not just the candidate but the man.

The Last Correspondent by Soraya M. Lane

The Last Correspondent by Soraya M. LaneWhen journalist Ella Franks is unmasked as a woman writing under a male pseudonym, she loses her job. But having risked everything to write, she refuses to be silenced and leaps at the chance to become a correspondent in war-torn France.

Already entrenched in the thoroughly male arena of war reporting is feisty American photojournalist Danni Bradford. Together with her best friend and partner, Andy, she is determined to cover the events unfolding in Normandy. And to discover the whereabouts of Andy’s flighty sister, Vogue model Chloe, who has followed a lover into the French Resistance.

When trailblazing efforts turn to tragedy, Danni, Ella and Chloe are drawn together, and soon form a formidable team. Each woman is determined to follow her dreams “no matter what”, and to make her voice heard over the noise of war.

Europe is a perilous place, with danger at every turn. They’ll need to rely on each other if they are to get their stories back, and themselves out alive. Will the adventure and love they find be worth the journey of their lives?

Somewhere In This Picture by P.S. Reyes

Somewhere In This Picture by P.S. ReyesHere is a different kind of story to let you escape into a strange yet fascinating world--on a flying broomstick with seatbelt unbuckled--as you discover some surprising secrets of life and existence. In a style that refuses to fit neatly inside traditional genres, it mixes mirth and wit plus a dash of fun nerdiness (no need for a Rocket Science or similar degree) to create this highly entertaining and stimulating novel. Enter for a chance to win one of 50 Kindle edition copies of Somewhere In This Picture.

He just wanted to have some tea after his bath.
But as he stepped out of his tub, the world seemed to have gotten much more interesting. A witch on a broomstick, a child with an unusual pet, a cook obsessed with chicken and aliens, a sensitive man with serious anger issues--he met strange people in strange places--and got lost as he tried to take the child back to her home.
The two found themselves being chased by wolves and some unfriendly characters, and soon discovered that what was happening was just the tip of the iceberg. . .

The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette Binder

The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette BinderEnter for a chance to win one of fifteen signed first edition hard cover copies of The Vanishing Sky, a novel inspired by the author's fanily history.

Set in a small town in Germany at the end of WW2, The Vanishing Sky tells the story of a mother trying to hold her family together. Her older son has come home from the front suffering from a mental illness. She must hide him from the authorities because they will take him from her -- and kill him -- if they find out how sick he really is. At the same time her younger son -- a dreamy boy not equipped to be a soldier -- has run away from his post in the HItler Youth and is trying to get back home to her.

The Vanishing Sky is a New York Times Book Review Summer Reading Pick, an Indie Next Pick, and a Barnes & Noble Book Everyone Is Talking About. The Times (UK) called it "a heartbreaking portrait of an ordinary family shattered by a war they didn’t want."
The Seattle Review of Books called it "magnificent," and Kirkus called it a "masterful tale of war, horror, and love."