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Owning Their Pet: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance (Owned and Shared Book 1) (English Edition) In this world there are owners and there are petsWhen twenty year old village girl Melsint is purchased for use as a pet by Lord Evston Calex she soon discovers that she will be shared with his brother Commander Rocurt Calex Her strict new owners uickly make clear that they plan to take their beautiful virgin pet hard and often and they will not hesitate to punish her harshly for even the slightest hint of defianceDespite her shame at being treated as mere property Melsint cannot hide her response to their painful humiliating chastisements and rough demanding use of her body But as her training growsintense by the day she is left to wonder if she will ever bethan just a petPublishers Note Owning Their Pet is a stand alone book which is the first entry in the Owned and Shared series It includes spankings and sexual scenes If such material offends you please dont buy this book

About the Author: Marlee Wray

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Owning Their Pet A Dark Sci Fi Romance Owned and Shared Book 1 English Edition ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Marlee Wray auteurs dans le monde

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