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The Mark 2 Wife I enjoyed these stories so much that I will definitely be looking into getting some of William Trevor's writing to read His style is beautiful and I actually felt disappointed when I'd finished this short taster of his brilliance because I wanted Highly recommended A small book of short stories by William Trevor he is very observant of the subtleties and I enjoyed it but I loved his novel Love Summer so much last year that it was a bit of a let down in that respect This collection of three short stories by the Irish novelist explores the griefs and sorrows of life gently exploring the role of imagination in their propagation and the pain of loneliness that loss leaves behind In the title story Anna Mackintosh is left stranded at a party when her husband Edward fails to arrive at the arranged time We're told that she is given to anxiety and we watch as her humiliation at being stood up spirals into an obsessive conviction that her husband is about to arrive with her successor his Mark 2 wife no doubt a gorgeous young slip of a thing Trevor probes the low lying terror of the childless middle aged woman who with her fertile years behind her begins to doubt her husband's love for her As she spills her soul to the Ritchies a kind and generous older couple who become increasingly alarmed at her disclosures it becomes clear that Anna's worries have pushed her beyond the point of reason Or have they?The other two stories are about memory and the pain of loss In The Time of Year a young Irish student sits through a dull Christmas party given by her professor studying the foibles and weaknesses of those around her remembering a tragic Christmas many years before from which she still can't liberate herself And in Cheating at Canasta a man visits Harry's Bar in Venice painfully remembering his previous visits to the city with his beloved wife whose dementia has finally prevented her from travelling with him As her own memories fade he strives to keep his own alive thereby preserving their marriage While he ruminates he overhears a conversation at the neighbouring table which makes him think deeply about marriage generosity and love These are three rather sad stories each in their own way but they're beautifully written Trevor manages to inhabit each of his characters' minds even though we only spend a few pages in their company and his writing is immensely compassionate I'll have to seek out some of his full length novels Any suggestions? These stories from William Trevor are elegantly written They evoke a cedrain charm among them He is a little knowm author to him and I have learned that he is considered a master in contemporary short story writing His stories has some kind of Maupassantian in its simplicity but he has writing haa originality in it that one can say a Trevorian I wonder what other stories he has written I would like to that to find out and so are you This is the first I've read of Trevor three shorts domestic bleak in the way early Mike Leigh was bleak or Joyce or Carver if Carver had been born the other side of the Atlantic They're less interesting than I'd hoped but it's not easy to guess how they fit with the rest of his work not from a small gathering like this who knows what lonely pieces they'd otherwise butt up against what small thoughts they'd have silently to themselves perhaps that's the problem here that these three pieces are here accidentally or awkwardly and would rather be elsewhere Perhaps they're better taken on their own as unhappy representatives of different times different states of melancholyOf the three The Time of Year resonated most soundly with me The dryness of Trevor's delivery is a wonderfully understated strength William Trevor has been a great find for me I'm reading his collected short stories now The Mark 2 Wife gave me insights into human character uirkily refreshing observations and sad reflections I regret I didn't discover William Trevor earlier Three short stories concerning three lonely people in crowded settings Not as good as I thought it'd be though I'm not really sure why I had any expectations of it at all unless it was just because this book belongs to a Classics collection It's like gadgets in shopsYou buy a gadget and you develop an affection for it but all of a sudden there are newer and better gadgets in the shopsMore up to date modelsWilliam Trevor has been acclaimed as the greatest contemporary writer of short stories in the English language likened to Chekhov for his insights into human nature These three tales of obsession heartbreak silent sorrow and the small tragedies of ordinary lives are profound immaculate and beautifulThis book includes The Mark 2 Wife The Time of Year and Cheating at Canasta 3 short stories all touching on problems encountered by everyday people; marriage break ups depression death Trevor avoids fantastical or jaw dropping endings they are uite 'matter of fact' 'down to earth' without being banal Only really enjoyed the first of the three stories Wouldn't read again

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