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Recently I asked a few goodreads friends to help me out with some recommendations for something light with some sexy times in it and if possible a good audiobook version to go along with the ebook Let’s just say they did not fail me I got some great recommends and this was one of themThis is my first Lisa Kleypas novel and I enjoyed it so much I’m sure it won’t be my last The build of sexual tension was so good and even the storyline was really enjoyable Mr Bronson is new to the aristocracy he has a lot of money but not the manners a true gentleman needs for society Lady Holly is a widow still very much in love with the memory of a man who died three years ago In a chance meeting in the dark Mr Bronson mistakes her for the Lady he has arranged a liaison with and before he realizes the mistake he has kissed her and ignited something neither one was expecting Now he just has to figure out how to claim her and make her his own It was a special agony to be placed under the power of a virtuous woman The only consolation was that she didn’t seem to understand how completely he was in her thrall Lady Holly ends up in Bronson’s home to teach manners and etiuette to his sister mother and himself in an attempt to help them be accepted into society and find good matches The Bronson’s are a fun lot and even though it isn’t like living with her husband’s family Holly finds that there is a place for her there There is even a growing attraction to Bronson that she can’t denyWhile I liked Holly from the beginning it took a little time to really start to appreciate and like Zachary Bronson He has some tomcatting and debaucherious ways about him in the beginning of the book that detracted from his likability He is overly generous to those he cares about with his money but it took a little time for him to discover that he wasn’t happy freuenting whore houses and such when he cared for the very innocent Lady Holly living beneath his roof I especially loved how kind and attentive he was to Lady Holly’s child Rose Rose is freaking adorable by the way “What is that Miss Rose?” “My button string” The child let some of the length fall to the ground displaying a line of carefully strung buttonspicture buttons etched with flowers fruit or butterflies ones made of molded black glass and a few of painted enamel and paper “This one is my perfume button” Rose said proudly fingering a large one with velvet backing She lifted it to her nose and inhaled deeply “Mama puts her perfume on it for me to make it smell nice” Sure this has some of the things that most Historical Romances do A rake of a man is tamed by a virtuous woman but this also incorporated the difference in classes and how the Ton didn’t take well to new blood without aristocratic lineage coming into their ranks Definitely an enjoyable romance The worst infidelity for me is when they want the heroine but sleep with other women He slept with a different prostitute at a brothel every night after he wanted the heroine It was just gross I know it is supposed to be a great book but not for me I didn't finish it even and I never do that I did skim the rest and I just never got into it That is my personal pet peeve and he just disgusted me I can't stand heroes like him I am still pissed that I read it I wish I hadn't There will be no getting over this with a Garwood book either People said it was safe and that he was faithful or I would never have touched it I know they weren't together yet but he wanted her and was just a total pig about sex I hated him and I don't care that he ended up loving her so much She will probably get a disease from him anyway Did I mention how much I hated this book People in the reviews were mad at her for mourning George but I would rather have that the a man who would put his d% in any woman So gross to me Not a hero in my opinion Why did I read this??? It just made me sickI just reread the ending because I just wanted to give it another chance after my anger was over and it was heartbreaking and he almost lost her and it broke him so it one star The scene with her husband was weird to me and so I almost took it back but I left it Not an endorsement but it did make me cry It was sad He still was a pig though This was one of the great hidden gems that take you by surprise and wish it never end I adored Zachary a lot one of my fave LK men now one of those men who strive to make themselves better in a time where the lower class weren’t given half a chance Zach shows he’s not only is he handsome strong and caring but can be a wicked scoundrel Holly after three years was coming out of her grief shell after the death of her beloved husband into society again and when she’s kissed in the shadows by a man starts her on a different path in life Zachary and Holly were so different yet so alike while Holly tries to come to terms with the death of her husband Zachary is trying to prove himself by force to the ton and mostly to himself You can slowly see the tension build between them which was very enjoyable when the steam level goes up a notch later on They were such a great couple as they start to fall in love with each other While Holly did annoy me as she kept running away from Zachary but as I looked at it from a different view it’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love wether it’s a lover husband son or daughter so I couldn’t fault Holly for her feelings but it doesn’t take her long to open her eyes Thankfully Zachary also torn at my heart as he watched over Holly as his heart slowly broke toward the end of the book no spoilers Out of all the secondary characters the one that stood out the most was Vardon Lord Ravenhill whom I someday hope LK will write about in his own story as I love to learn about him and hope for his own HEA Overall a truly hidden treasure of a book with a great hero in Zachary with some heartbreaking scenes that will have you crying and some steamy scenes that only LK can do A book you don’t want to ever end but can only be happy as Holly and Zachary find their own happiness and love in each other I have to say it was very hard for me to rate this book There were parts I loved making me want to give it a 4 and parts that I hated making me want to give it a 3 or less Ultimately I had to go with my instincts and go with the 3 Let me tell you whyWhat I LovedIn general I loved this book Absolutely loved it I loved the concept and for the most part the way that Lisa Kleypas built the story I loved the characters with the exception of one and I really did want to see them happy Zachary Bronson is in a word perfect Gorgeous intelligent strong protective loving generous honorable and sexual How could you not want him? I honestly don't understand how Holly resisted the man for so long And on top of all that he was completely in love with her daughter He's loving gentle and kind to his family in love with you and your daughter and you're going to leave him? Whaaaa?Rose was utterly adorable the cutest little girl ever and I loved how Zach always got her new buttons for her button string Elizabeth and Paula were awesome too and I loved that Elizabeth and Jason Somers found love with each other I just wish that there was some of the book from their points of view so that I could have seen their love developWhat I Didn't LikeIt took me until about page 300 to start liking Holly and there is one reason it took so long and this reason is why I rated the book a 3 It was the fact that Holly was constantly comparing everything and everyone to her dead husband George Now I can accept a certain amount of grief and mourning as is to be expected when you lose someone you love However I could not handle the fact that George's damn name was mentioned on every fucking page What would George do? Would George approve of this? How would George feel about me kissing Zachary? Oh dear I can't have feelings for Zach because he's not like George Holly you can't do that because George never would have wanted you to do that Blah blah blah And this happened on almost every page for the great majority of the book It got to be very tiresome to the point that I felt no inclination to even read the book I really would have loved Holly is not for the constant George mentions And the fact that they occurred up until about page 300 when there is 373 pages in the book is a bit ridiculousSo yes in general I really did like this book Will I read it again? Probably not Will I pine for Zachary wishing and hoping to have him as my own? Most likely Will I ever get over this George thing? Never Will I read of Lisa Kleypas's novels? Definitely Here's to hoping that the next one I read is a much better experience for me Zachary Bronson has built an empire of wealth and power Now he is seeking a wife to help secure his position in the ton as well as warm his bed in private But not just any woman will do for one of London's most notorious rakes When he meets Lady Holly Taylor he surrenders to the temptation to take her in his arms and kiss her Yet he's pleasantly surprised to discover her fierce passions match his ownLady Holly Taylor is destined to spend her life playing by society's rules even when they go against her bolder instincts But Zachary's kiss arouses her and though his shocking offer doesn't include marriage she is compelled to risk everything for the most forbidden passion 4 STARSI will read anything Lisa Kleypas writes AnythingThis was a great story filled with the angst of loss and despair hope and enduring love Holly Taylor couldn't imagine loving again let alone loving than she did her late husband At first I was irritated with Holly and her self sacrifice to uphold propriety but as the story progressed I realized what she was doing I can't even imagine living in a time where you're told how to feel act grieve and love But Zachary Bronson was uite possibly the most unlikely of men to win Holly's heart and reading how he did it was beautiful There were uite a few scenes that had me twisted inside out Zachary's behaviorview spoilerwhen he thought Holly was dying slayed me His anguish and utter devastation to the possibility of losing her was heartbreaking hide spoiler I really enjoyed this one Love to get back to Historicals every so often Zachary the hero from the wrong side of the tracks who wants to fit in with the upper classes Lady Holland from the upper classes who once had the love of her life and knows she will never know that again “I'll follow you to the next life if I have to he whispered harshly in her ear You'll never be free of me I'll chase you through heaven and hell and beyond He continued to whisper without stopping while his hands gripped her body close to his You stay with me Holly he muttered savagely Don't do this to me You stay damn you” Loved Holly's daughter too She was adorable “A thousand chances for you A hundred thousand” Must read some by the talented Ms Kleypas “In my entire life there's only been you You're every dream and wish and want I've ever had” 5 stars – Historical RomanceThis is a beautiful poignant romance and Zachary Bronson's longing for a life of love and acceptance with Lady Holly is achingly sad and touching It's a real treasure and another Lisa Kleypas 5 star favoritekeeper Reviewed for THC Reviews45 stars Lately I've allowed myself to become distracted from some of my favorite authors so it has been uite a while since I've read a Lisa Kleypas novel Where Dreams Begin has been on my TBR pile for nearly two years and I believe that was due in part to it rarely being mentioned as a fan favorite which led me to believe that it probably wasn't one of her stronger efforts Now that I've finally read it I'm kicking myself for not picking it up sooner In my opinion Where Dreams Begin is every bit as good if not better than Ms Kleypas' other works that I've read to date and I found it to be a real pleasure to read I thought it embodied her trademark style in both plot and characterizations and although perhaps not uite as steamy as some of her later books it was still plenty sensuous There was also uite a bit of lightly humorous bantering between the hero and heroine that really livened things up and lots of sweet tender romance Where Dreams Begin was an all around wonderful story about a proper lady who is tasked with making a silk purse out of a sow's ear only to find out that it's the roughness around the edges which make her hero so attractive to begin withZachary was yet another of Lisa Kleypas' heroes who begins as an ordinary low born man but uses his intelligence diligence and determination to work his way into a hard earned fortune He is a real diamond in the rough with a heart of gold who has never forgotten his humble roots and is constantly working for the betterment of the lower classes much to the consternation of the upper classes It is often said that one can tell the measure of a man by how he regards his mother which to my way of thinking makes Zachary a virtual saint He has a huge heart behind his enormous bank account and treats his mother like a ueen and his sister like a princess and can't help spoiling both Holly and her daughter Rose too when they come to live with him Zachary is of a father figure to Rose than her blood uncles were after her father died He absolutely adores this little girl from the moment they meet and the feeling is mutual Their scenes together positively melted my heart Zachary may be as sweet as pie and take the utmost care of the women in his life but he is a completely incorrigible unrepentant rogue until his love for Holly literally brings him to his knees In business Zachary has a take no prisoners approach and a reputation for doing anything it takes to get the job done and he also has a natural knack for bending others to his will to get what he wants without being overly arrogant Described as an “ape” by a member of the nobility this hulking man was not considered particularly attractive by the standards of the era but he certainly was incredibly appealing to Holly and I'm sure will be to most readers as well myself included It might have been nice to have a little deeper insight into the hardships that Zachary endured which made him the man he was in the story but overall he was yet another delectable hero to come from Lisa Kleypas' talented penHolly was no slouch herself She was a strong and courageous woman who carried on with life after the death of her beloved husband even though she felt like rolling up in a ball and dying herself Even though it has been three years Holly is still grieving her husband's passing when she and Zachary meet and share an accidental but incredibly passionate kiss I loved how she took a chance and followed the desires of her heart when Zachary offered her employment as a social etiuette tutor to him and his family It took a lot of spunk to risk becoming a social pariah for living under the roof of a man who was looked down upon by the ton in order to better her daughter's future Not to mention the backbone it took to keep a rake like Zachary in line Holly was incredibly prim and proper having had an extremely loving marriage with her first husband albeit a somewhat puritanical one By comparison Zachary's dark sexuality is almost overwhelming for her but I liked that she was up to the challenge He may have made Holly blush to her toes on occasion but I admire her for never shying away from his hot blooded nature and for embracing her own unexplored passions that were lurking beneath the surface right from the start I also liked that Holly had a sense of humor and was often amused by Zachary's blunt comments rather than being offended by them I did feel like shaking her a couple of times when I felt like she was taking a little too long to come to her senses and realize that Zachary was perfect for her but at the same time I understood her fears and reluctance Ms Kleypas did a good job of conveying Holly's continuing grief over the loss of her husband and her confusion over keeping promises that she had made to him on his death bed but I did get a little impatient while waiting for her to come to terms with everything and accept that she could fall in love againThe secondary characters were great too Little Rose was just as cute as a button and in my opinion rendered in a very age appropriate way She really added a lot to every scene she was in Zachary's sister Elizabeth was a vivacious young woman looking for a love of her own but not feeling that she was good enough to land the kind of husband she wanted Zachary's mother Paula also felt unworthy of the station to which she found herself elevated by her son's wealth She was a very shy woman who found directing servants to be a difficult adjustment after having worked in jobs that were even lower than they were Holly and her husband George's best friend Vardon ended up being a wonderful man who deserved his own HEA Ms Kleypas mentions on her website that she might write a story for him someday if she can find the right one There was even a surprise cameo by the handsome young Dr Jacob Linley who played a strong role in the Bow Street Runners series and has his own little story in Against the Odds a novella from the Where's My Hero? anthology All in all I thought it was a very nice well rounded castThere were many memorable elements in Where Dreams Begin Ms Kleypas managed to seamlessly weave lots of information on social etiuette into the story which I found to be uite interesting I really enjoyed the shrewd negotiations that took place between Zachary and Holly for her employment as well as their bantering in general Most of all I loved how Zachary and Holly simply enjoy each others company while slowly building a friendship and how Zachary comes to the realization that he would rather spend a uiet evening with Holly than go out carousing in town The only thing that could have made this better is if the reader had been made privy to in depth conversations between them which I thought would have added a intimate feel to their relationship The sexual tension was good with several “almost” moments to fill in the long stretch between their initial smoldering kiss in the first chapter and their next which didn't occur until about 23 of the way into the book I'll admit I became somewhat impatient but the author made up for it with plenty of sensuality in the last third of the story I've never been a fan of anger turned to passion moments so I have to commend Ms Kleypas on her writing of a couple of these scenes Even when Zachary and Holly had been arguing their anger never spilled over into their lovemaking Instead it was every bit as tender as if they had started from a calmer place which I loved I don't want to give away too much but there were some wonderful moments in the final chapters that were both sweet and intense which really conveyed the depth of love this couple shared Other than the few minor complaints I've already voiced Where Dreams Begin was a really lovely book that allowed me a few blissful hours of escape from reality In my opinion this is one of Lisa Kleypas' most undervalued works and one that has certainly earned a place on my keeper shelf ★★★★★ This is a review of the audiobookThe 2000 paperback publication has long been one of my favorite Lisa Kleypas books and I can see the hero Zachary Bronson as the archetype for so many other Kleypas heroes to come a rough self made man with endless determination to get what he wants and he wants Lady Holland Taylor Talk about a man in pursuit Only here he is set in an era where dukes ruled the day and he is alas without anything approaching a title But that is not deterring him One of my favorite early scenes is between Zachary Holly “I suspect if someone were drowning in uicksand you would extort all manner of promises before throwing him a rope”He shrugged philosophically “My sweet that's the entire point of having the rope”Needless to say I was a tad worried about listening to it via audio but my fears never took flight Rosalyn Landor does a great job of bringing this book to life; her narration is spot on for Lady Holly ー and the scene stealing little Rose Holly’s button obsessed daughter Ms Landor’s voice is than acceptable for the large rough masculine Bronson Even her gasps during the love scenes are perfectly paced Marchesa Marianna Florenzi by artist Heinrich Maria von Hess 1824 While not the sexy sumptuous red evening gown that devilish Zachary commissions to entice the widow Lady Holly into making her entrance out of her extended mourning the above may be one he has designed later in winter when he wants to keep her safe and warm The background could depict the entrance to the garden where the delicious epilogue takes place While ZB has no taste in architecture his gardens are beautiful Plus the face and expression on this model with her secret smile are what I envision when I think of Kleypas’ shy patient heroine who is the epitome of a gentle lady seduced by a dangerous rogue Where Dreams Begin

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