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3004 3004 A journey back home This book captured my imagination and I was a 16 year old boy once again The overall theme of this was a coming of age novel set in the far future I look forward to the seuel 3006 London a thousand years from now The capital sprawls across the whole of England and every last bit of land is taken up by human habitation Both London and Paris are protected from terrorist and criminal infiltration by an invisible shield and the people live under constant surveillance Everyone though is happy or seems to be Law breakers are cast out of the shield into the wilderness and are left there to fend for themselves Somewhere in the French wilderness two sixteen year old Londoners are about to embark on the task that every boy their age must pass They couldn t be different Kayleb is clever but puny; Rowan is strong and obstinate They ve never been friends far from it but they uickly realise that if they are going to survive the bloody dangers ahead of them they are going to have to learn to trust each other and fast A thrilling powerfully imagined sci fi adventure that will keep readers guessing until the very last page This was a awesome story very intriguing and full of details and imagery in the words I would've given it five stars if I'd known it had a seuel I'd not bother reading it I hate seuels and series ughh This was my book for Oct and I've finished it already I was totally into the story by page 10 and stayed up late finishing it I loved to characters and how they deal with the world they find themselves in This is a great readand I'll watch out for by this author Hooked all the way to the end A very interesting story and well worth the read Will definitely be looking forward to reading from this author

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