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The Vampire Diaries The Hunters Moonsong Life is better than ever Elena and her friends can't wait to attend Dalcrest College But when students start to disappear from campus suddenly every new acuaintance is a potential enemy Then Elena uncovers a long hidden secret one that shocks her to the core she realises that darkness has followed her from Fell's Church But will it be Stefan or Damon who catches her when she falls MoinsongFirst year at Dalcrest time for them to go to collage What could go wrong outside Fell's Church? Bottom line Stefan is such a cock blockerGosh I wish Elena would just choose Damon bc the Stefan route just does not make for good reading Oh my GOD this cover is hideous How does anyone think that would make the book sell? For one the guy is hideous and for two the way they put that shade of red in the background makes him look devoid of all natural skin tone ness In fact he looks unnaturally pale like he's been dead for five days and someone just propped his eyes open for this shotOne way or another since LJ isn't writing this I'm not reading itbuying itdonating to its cause I give this book zero ratings Seriously ghost writer you suck And I don't say this often about books or writers but you do Maybe LJ Smith's writing wasn't always up to par but you CAN'T write Why the publisher ever decided to hire a ghostwriter for The Hunters series is beyond me The characters are as lifeless as ever if not even They have no soul no personality I've always considered Elena as a vain ignorant selfish spoiled brat but now she's not even that any Heck I rather have characters I HATE than characters who make Bella Swan look like the best character since the invention of writing And what's worse is that when LJ Smith still wrote these books I at least got to enjoy the other characters Damon with his intriguing personality bad boy persona and seductive looks and Stefan with his brooding careful personality Now? Don't make me get started Stefan is boring Even if I still liked him somewhat before at this point I hate him He's even boring than spending three days watching reruns of the same TV shows He has no personality the words to describe him are even generic than before and his love for Elena? Oh my god Seriously? Does anyone still believe love can be like that? He's not in love with Elena at least not according to this book It's worse It's like love is the sole reason for his existence Elena cheats on him with Damon? Who cares She's the woman of his life He LOVES her Oh for crying out loud Oh sure he's upset at first but this soon changes and he forgives both Damon and Elena And meanwhile Damon just stands there doing nothing and being totally UNLIKE Damon Even if he slightly changed in the later books that doesn't mean that he would just stand there and do nothing if his one chance at being together with Elena was ripped straight from under his nose Why would ANYONE just stand there and do nothing? Usually Damon makes these books for me Cocky arrogant but oh so very charming he's the ultimate bad boy gone good But in this book? He's just as clueless as the rest of them Everyone knows that one of Damon's personality traits is that he figures out stuff before all the others do Well not in this case Although the mystery is BLOODY obvious from page one our main characters only figure it out by the end of the book because they're STUPID IGNORANT and ANNOYING Seriously Pick up the book Tell me at exactly what point you figured out who was behind the campus kidnappings and disappearings That's right VERY VERY SOON You'd probably have to be high on coke not to notice the villains as soon as they're introduced The only good news is that Bonnie gets a boyfriend But something's off about him go figure Try to think of what could possible be wrong with Bonnie's boyfriend Spoiler alert for those who don't want to knowDid you guesswerewolf? You're RIGHT I guessed it right from the start as well Bonnie's new boyfriend is a werewolf Wow I really didn't see that one coming eyeroll The plot itself is non existent Elena and her gang of puppies go to university for some reason unbeknown to me Considering they spend all their time fighting the supernatural I was thinking they could put that as career path Or they could just die In any case they end up at university Elena Meredith and Bonnie share a room because they're BFFs and Elena's boyfriend knows some tricks such as mind control Unfortunately though people start disappearing from campus or getting terribly hurtNote that this happens on day one A person is attacked on the very FIRST day our idiots arrive at campus How very convenient to get into the action right away Matt ends up sharing a room with a guy whocan you guess it? Nope he's not gay HeSPOILER ALERTdies Yep That was my second guess as well but trust me once you've started on the book you'll notice this from the first chapter you meet Matt's room mateDamon whose too cool to hang around campus gets an appartment where he spends virtually no time whatsoever except one very awkward date with Elena And if I say awkward then I mean that these characters have no chemistry whatsoever left courtesy of our infamous ghostwriter Way to grab two characters turn them upside down and beat them until they have the personality of a cardboard figureMeredith misses Alaric Stefan is brooding and moody and does absolutely nothing besides that Bonnie hangs out with her boyfriend and his awkward and way too touchy friends Elena contemplates whether she should date Stefan or Damon So basically it's the usual business Except all characters have been stripped of every interesting trait they ever had and Elena is now the dumbest cow in the entire universe Now hear me out Elena tells Stefan that she's breaking up with him so that she can explore her feelings for both of them and then decide whether she loves Stefan or Damon Meanwhile she stops seeing Stefan but she does occassionally hang out with Damon which makes Stefan angry Then she makes out with Damon a couple of times but ends up choosing Stefan because he's her true love When she does so Damon just stands there and Stefan takes her back because hey true love survives everything including cheating on you with your own brother The plot itself is laughable The reason why people disappear or end up dead is simple Some wacko idiot has decided toSPOILER ALERTresurrect Klaus What NO O OH MY GOD Yes Stupidest plot ever I saw this one coming from miles away I could go on And on But please; save yourself these two or precious hours on your life and DON'T read this book These books weren't high standing uality material when LJ Smith still wrote them but now they're being written by a ghost writer they're terrilbe 0 stars You stole 2 hours of my life which I will never get back you stupid inspirationless plotless book Seriously either find a better ghostwriter or just stop wasting time on these books

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