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Married to a Stranger A SHOCK PROPOSALSophia Langley s life is in turmoil When she learns of her estranged fianc s death in a shipwreck, the last thing she expects is for his twin brother, Callum Chatterton, to make a shock proposal.Her inner romantic objects to a marriage of convenience and brooding Cal makes it very clear that s all it can be Yet to save her family Sophia accepts with trepidation and a highly inconvenient trembling of desire for her reluctant husband. ❰Reading❯ ➿ Book Lover Author Jennifer Kaufman – the last thing she expects is for his twin brother [EPUB] ✷ Secret Delivery / Her 24-Hour Protector By Delores Fossen – Callum Chatterton ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Kholodovs Last Mistress Author Kate Hewitt – to make a shock proposal.Her inner romantic objects to a marriage of convenience and brooding Cal makes it very clear that s all it can be Yet to save her family Sophia accepts with trepidation and a highly inconvenient trembling of desire for her reluctant husband. The setup was decently done But after that it was neither angsty nor particularly funny. DNF.When she was seventeen, the heroine became engaged to the hero s twin brother who then traveled to India wihtout her to seek his fortune.TEN YEARS later, her betrothed still not husband died in a storm on the ocean no body found, so I suspect he may rise again later on in the story Just a suspicion, not a fact since I didn t finish the story.TEN YEARS Do I need to say it again Engaged for TEN YEARS The best years of her life, her betrothed out of the country She d long fallen out of love with the man eeee gads, she hadn t seen him in TEN YEARS but didn t have the courage to tell him to either come home and wed her or she d call off the betrothal.So she s now twenty seven years old an on the shelf spinster without any other beaus to cultivate Her fiance failed to mention her in his will don t think that s required for an intended, even one who has waited TEN YEARS so she has no income, a mother and worthless brother a vicar to support and a bunch of debts that need to be paid What the heck was she living on for TEN YEARS She knows that without a man to support her, or the promise of a betrothal, she will have to find a job to support herself and her dependents because she is too proud to ask her was supposed to become her rich brother in law Earl for assistance after waiting TEN YEARS for a promise never to be fulfilled.The hero, her fiance s twin, asks for her hand in marriage He is still sunk in guilt and grief over the death of his brother He had promised his brother he would take care of the heroine if anything ever happened to him He thinks she is still in love with his brother, but wants to secure her future and pay her debts and take care of her dependents, help her brother find a decent living.Does she use a healthy dose of common sense, swallow her pride, and say, Thank you very much You are my hero Yes, please We ve known each other since we were children I m certain we can make this work somehow Yes, I will marry you No, of course not.Sorry, but I can t imagine a senseable woman with so much to lose would say no to an old family friend who has offered her the answer to all of her needs Not only that, she s attracted to him, not repulsed So what s the problem with saying yes Anyway, she doesn t act her age or behave sensibly, or intelligently And the hero is still so wrapped up in his grief, six month after his brother s death, his emotions don t make sense Can a person experience blazing desire while wrapped up in the deep depression of grief I don t think he s be able to rise to the occassion And yet he lusts after the heroine.I moved on to another story where the characters behavior was intelligent, or at least logical than this pair. The third and final book centering around a Shipwreck in the Miniseries Danger Desire, a trilogy billed as Shipwreck, Scandal, and Society Weddings.In Married to a Stranger , a marriage of convenience becomes something , but neither party is brave enough to speak up.Ten years after the twins left for India, only one twin, the wrong one, comes back Cal is finally a man with 27 years of age and he has a prosperous career before him, all that is missing is a wife Sophia seems perfect, she is mature and was the fianc e of his twin, Dan who he was not able to save in the shipwreck Cal believes if he married Sophia, then he would also fulfill his promise to care for her if something happened to his twin Sophia is with her 26 years of age a spinster, her family has huge debts and Cal s propose seems like a fine solution to the whole mess But can they both overcome their misplaced guilty feelings and what happens when Sophia falls in love with Cal, because he is just too caring to resist The sexual tension between those two does not make everything any easier but was great to read.Besides the plot around Cal s and Sophia s marriage, the book deals with three very interesting topics the unique bond between twins, independence of women and trust.Anyway, there ist this rumour that twins share a special bond where they are able to experience thoughts and feelings from each other Cal lost his twin, Dan in the shipwreck and feels now empty inside He thinks he will never be able to love again, because he will not risk getting hurt once Sophia is desperate in showing Cal that love is worth everything I admired her strong attitude but also her understanding of the situation.Further, Sophia was dealing with her own problems Independence of women was not easily reached and also not during Georgian times Sophia is described as an talented artist Finally, she wants to take the next step and find out how her art would be accepted by the public.And with that, there is the last issue about trust Sophia does not trust Cal enough to tell him about her art, she is afraid he will forbid it But you need this trust that your love will understand and accept you, no matter what your dreams are.Well, I like some books by Louise Allen and this was one of them There was no murder or kidnapping or intrigue It was just about two people who learned to trust each other and to care for each other and in the process to fall in love with each other.The Story was sweet and fascinating and I enjoyed it very much. This book was just so much BLAH There was just not much of a plot, at all I couldn t believe that within the first chapter the guy proposes The author couldn t have dragged out a little bit of a courtship there At all Give me a break The rest of the book was all about them adjusting to being married to each other and I tell you what it was pretty darn boring There was no plot, beyond that at all I had no clue this was the third book in a series and you may think that I may have enjoyed it reading the first two, but I assure you I would not This book needed some serious editing.

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