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The Scent of Rain Disappointing Kristin Billerbeck does funny very well in fact she is the ueen of humorous Chick Lit This one wasn't funny it wasn't mean't to be funny But she wasn't operating in her gift of humor so it flopped for me The main heroine is so insecure and like a child I can't believe she actually was a degreed Scientist Just wasflat HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Spa Girls series as a good example of what this author can do Original post from One More PageDaphne Sweeten is a professional nose by that we mean she's a chemist who is trained to be a perfume creator When she gets stood up on her wedding day though her sense of smell disappears Trying to piece her life back together she works for a small company in Ohio hoping to get her sense of smell back and fly back to Paris which she gave up for the supposed love of her life But her new job reuires her nose too and her new boss Jesse doesn't seem to notice that she cannot smell anything They're not creating perfume anyway she can definitely do this right?I've always considered Kristin Billerbeck books as a comfort read ever since I read and liked her Ashley Stockingdale series years ago It's been years since I last read a Billerbeck book but even so it was easy enough for me to get immersed in the book There's a certain familiarity in the way she writes in her characters and her stories that makes her books easy reading hence the comfort read label The Scent of Rain has that Billerbeck formula a girl who has some sort of romantic fiasco a guy who's all bad news for her and a guy who's obviously good for her Then there's the supporting cast the best friend the family who often than not cares for the main character in a really strange way and the church group who will help her get back on track And there's the villain who we all hate but we will eventually understand because of something that will happen This book has all the common ingredients in a nice and clean chick lit novel with the bonus factor of the main character's job a perfume specialist I really liked the scent aspect of the book and it gave me a whole new perspective with how to scents work with our senses And I agree scents can bring memories I remember holding on to a perfume bottle for so long because it reminded me of this particular memorable event in my life It's a very enjoyable read and I found myself rooting for Daphne and wishing that Jesse would finally make that step to move their relationship forward I liked the set up though and their relationship seemed very organic despite the short time they spent There was just the right swoon too but not too much that it's too cheesy It was fun but not mindless and it's clean but not too prudishI think my only complaint is that certain event in the end that brought about the big changes it felt a little too convenient despite it being a bit surprising bordering on being a deus ex machina But other than that I really enjoyed reading The Scent of Rain It's not super duper amazing but it's good and it makes me want to start looking for my own personal scentReading this book ma makes me want to revisit the Ashley Stockingdale series to see if I still like it as much as I did on my first and second reads Hmm Leaving her stranded at the alter is only the beginning of Mark Goldsmith's heinous behavior toward the fiancee who once thought he was her prince Left bewildered by his sudden betrayal and confused at her failure to notice the signs Daphne Sweeten is further devastated when she learns that the entire basis for her career as a scent designer her sense of smell has suddenly disappeared on the heels of her groom How can she face her new employer without her one vital skill? She knows that God must be using all of these disasters for a purpose but what is it?Jesse Lightner swore that he would never love again after witnessing the tragic death of his young wife that left him a single father and forced him to give up a prestigious career with Proctor and Gamble for a middle management position in a small company in Ohio Burdened by an overbearing boss and a desperate budget Jesse can only see failure ahead for his new job When a hefty salary for the company's new nose Daphne is added to the mix it's all he can do not to give up in despair Jesse knows that God has a plan for his life but what is it?When they meet despite their initial misgivings Daphne and Jesse see in each other hurting human beings trying to make the best of terrible situations Attracted to each other for reasons they don't understand the two agree to work together to save the companybut will their budding relationship survive the secret that Daphne is hiding? Will they be able to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to survive and succeed?I was drawn to this book by comments from previous reviewers about its snappy dialogue and lovable characters I tried hard to see those characteristics in this book but I just couldn't Although the premise of the story was interesting and the relationship dynamics were certainly intriguing I couldn't help but feel that it lacked some vital spark that could make it an absolutely wonderful book Daphne is not a sympathetic heroine I didn't dislike her but I did find it very hard to sympathize with her She's a bit out of touch with reality and shallow she makes terrible choices that are obviously bad a scene with a lip injection gone bad comes to mind and seems too naive to be real Her conversations with the other characters reflect her confusion and poor judgment they always seem to know what's good for her much better than she doesand yet she continues to make poor decisions Jesse on the other hand is a great hero but he is almost too stereotypical the perfect single dad with strong beliefs and just a little bit of emotional baggage from his previous relationship The bad guys Dave Kensie and Mark are probably the most well written in the entire book It's really easy to dislike them Finally the conclusion of the book seemed both rushed and contrived In summary I feel bad for giving a poor review but I just couldn't make myself like this book as much as I expected to I do thank Thomas Nelson and Book Sneeze booksneezecom for providing me with a review copy and giving me the chance to review this book Sometimes reading a book is like eating a thick juicy steak The language is meaty and rich the ideas are complex and reuire some time to be properly digested and the only other thing you need for a perfect evening is a comfy chair and a glass of good wineIn between those books I sometimes find I need a palate cleanser Light easy reading that takes very little effort or time to enjoy This book filled that role admirablyDaphne Sweeten the sweetly punny last name was a little unnecessary in my opinion is a professional scent developer who gave up her dream job in Paris so that she could move with her new husband to Ohio He left her at the altar though so suddenly she's in a new town with a new job and no friends To make matters worse the stress and humiliation have caused her to lose her sense of smellThis is classic chick lit with a refreshing perfume industry angle and sliver of Christian goodness built in My last brushes with the perfume industry were the much darker Perfume The Story of a Murderer and the delightful non fiction tome The Emperor of Scent A True Story of Perfume and Obsession both of which I highly recommend The Scent of Rain does not deal with scents or science in any great detail but its treatment seemed informed without being overdone so my mild interest in the subject matter was satisfied For 85% of the book I felt the same way about the religion Without the Christianity angle I'm not sure you'd be able to convince me that a group of strangers would pitch in to refurbish a dangerously decrepit house for the new girl in town But it's a church group being encouraged by the pastor's wife so it fits the story just fine I appreciated that because a lot of times overt religion in fiction feels heavy handed and wholly unnecessaryUnfortunately the book went on to prove my point The last few pages are forced and do the rest of the book an injustice First there's a hospital scene where the book's Mean Girl gets all weepy and repent y because good girl Daphne visits her I don't disallow that being in a car accident can cause you to rethink your life but I found her 180 degree turnaround and teary confession to a bitter enemy a little difficult to swallow Second the love story had a long slow fairly believable buildup But the climactic scene where Daphne and the reticent widower realize they have feelings for each other that part's not a spoiler you see it coming from a mile away ends with here's the spoiler part view spoilerthe widower proposing marriage and offering to move to Paris with her I think a appropriate uestion would have been Hey would you like to have dinner with me sometime? hide spoiler Daphne Sweeten lost everything in one moment her wedding day She gave her dream job working with perfume in Paris to marry the man she loves who stands her up at the altar and takes her job As if it couldn’t get any worse she loses her sense of smell the same day Forced to move to Dayton Ohio where she and her fiancé had planned to live Daphne will have to figure out a way to work without her sense of smell Kristin Billerbeck is the ueen of Christian chick lit and this one won’t disappoint fans or be their favorite Daphne is a little weaker than most of Billerbeck’s heroines but the girl has had a lot of major drama piled on at one time so I have to give her a break there I like who she becomes though by the end of the novel as she finds her niche But she’s not a standout character by any meansJesse the hero is wonderful He is still grieving the loss of his wife I love that he struggles between being a dad and doing well at his job I think most men do struggle with long work hours and not enough uality time with their kids even when they have a wife but in most books with a single dad the father seems to juggle the job and kids perfectly Kudos to Billerbeck for addressing itThe minor characters are fabulous I love the annoying Kensie and the sweet Anne In fact I would love for Kensie to have her own book as she still has a lot of story to tell Overall I enjoyed the book Because Daphne seemed a little bland for a chick lit novel I can’t say this is a book I will reread But it’s a good lazy summer day readI was given this book in exchange for my review My thoughts and opinions are my own Let me start by saying that I won an Advanced Readers Copy from the author Kristin Billerbeck which is how I obtained the book before it was released The title of the book is listed as Paris in the Rain but the title on the copy that I received reads The Scent of RainI am an avid fan of Kristin Billerbeck and have read almost all of her books This book however did not follow the format of her previous novels such as With This Ring I'm Confused but of Smitten which showed the same events through different perspectives The Scent of Rain is told through the eyes primarily of Daphne but at times you see the story though the eyes of her new bossThe reader meets Daphne at the chapel on the day of her wedding sobbing She has been jilted and is completely confused as to why She never saw it coming but it was clearly planned because her fiancé's side of the wedding party did not show She gave up her dreams and a perfect job as a nose to marry this guy and have a life with him Due to her circumstances she finds her self in a small town living in a run down house that almost kills her with a boss who does not want her there and a CEO who may or may not be having an affair with one of the employesThe book is an emotionally roller coaster ride I had an easy time identifying with the main character I enjoyed that she has real life problems that are very similar to what real Christians face and deal with in their life Kristin Billerbeck's writing is very realistic and relavent to me Daphne's life is not a bed full of roses and God does not come and fix all her problems magically Daphne has to work through her issues her relationship with God and find healing Through all Daphne's issues she finds comfort in the smell that comes with rain because it reminds her of God and His love Could it be that the life Daphne's always wanted is right under her noseDaphne Sweeten left Paris and a job she loved to marry the man of her dreams in the US But when he stands her up on their wedding day she's left reeling and senseless Literally She's been trained as a perfume creator and now her sense of smell has disappeared along with her fianceShe has to figure out why her nose isn't working fix it and get back to Paris Meanwhile she'll rely on her chemistry skills and just hope her new boss at Gibraltar Products Jesse doesn't notice her failing senses They'll be working together on household fragrances not posh perfumes How hard can it beAs Daphne and Jesse work on a signature scent for their new line she feels God at work as never before And the promise of what's possible is as fresh as the scent of rain Kristin Billerbeck is one of those authors I seek out when I want a fun chick lit read She writes with a flair that brings the story to life with humor and downtoearth goodnessDaphne feels that her life is right on track until her fiancee leaves her standing at the altar And not only did she leave her wonderful job a job she loves and a place she loved but now her sense of smell has walked out one her too Her sense of smell is her lifeline Her job And now what does she have??At her new job where she tests fragrances for household products Daphne tries to fool her boss by relying on her chemistry skills instead of her nose skills At times I laughed out loud I could just imagine the senseless job skill of describing a smell without actually smelling it The reader learns about the fragrance industry which is much detailed than one might thinkThe romance is light in this great read Funny with out being vulgar This is one of those great chick lit reads that makes the reader feel Daphne's pain as well as her triumphs as she relies on God instead of her self An enjoyable wonderful read This book was provided for review by BookSneezeThomas Nelson Publishing In order to have the perfect life Daphne left the one thing that she loved most in the world to start a new life All was going well until the morning of her wedding she was left dumped at the altar From that day Daphne found herself in the middle of a new town Dayton Ohio in a run down house and now working as a nose for a laundry company Things would have been better but Daphne has lost the one thing she is relied upon the one thing she has perfected all her life her sense of smell Now Daphne must fake her way through her new job if she wants to survive in Dayton Ohio but what happens when the one thing she is supposed to have nearly kills her and her secret is revealed To top it off Daphne has started to fall for her new boss Jesse a single father Can Daphne prove to Jesse that she is than just a nose and that even though she lied to protect herself she cares for him ? The Scent of Rain is a fun and in some parts sad novel that will have you enjoying the up's and down's of life love and scents The Scent of Rain is about one women's journey to creating a new life and that sometimes in order to start a new and fresh life you have to sacrifice or lose something of yourself in order to grow and in Daphne's case it was her sense of smell The Scent of Rain I am a big Kristin Billerbeck fan and was excited to have a chance to review a book of hers However this book didn't uite live up to some of her others such as Split Ends or etc

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