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A Very Good Year Westburg #2 After having enjoyed the harrowing experience of Captive Lover's suspense wow the warning Patricia gave was so needed I was glad to see a happier if still emotional time with Dmitri and his family It was even better to see his life talking flight with his post college graduation life When it became obvious to me that the action of this story was taking place at Lazy E Vineyards and Dude Ranch I was beyond excited Watching the love triangle between Dmitri Maverick and Carlo unfold was amazing First there was hot sex with Dmitri and Maverick then watching as things started to happen with Carlo I cheered so loud it scared my dog when Dmitri and Carlo's HEA came with hints of Maverick's HEA to come in another one of Patricia's great books Captivating and was thrilled that the story was nearly a HEA throughout from beginning to end Wonderful read and very recommended I did not read the other book as I don't do stories with child abuse or rape in them However the blurb for this looked interesting cowboys so I picked it up Save your money Juvenile writing over dramatic plot and characterizations that were not fully developed which I do not blame 100% on the author no I blame the publisher as alot of those issues could have been cleaned up with a proper edit Anyway I barely finished it Even though I did not read Captive Lover first I was able to follow the storyA wonderful story I’m so glad that Dmitri finally believed he was able to love and worthy of being loved in return And the endingperfect IntenseAbsolutely love this series Very interesting absolutely romantic and totally sensual I absolutely recommend to anyone who loves a man on man love story Very entertaining readI loved this book the pace was a little slow but the build was fantastically Dmitri is trying to get his life back by taking the job as vintner at the Lazy E ranch Maverick is the Forman at the Lazy E when he meets Dmitri his first thoughts rant nice but after getting to know him better Maverick is in love The two begin a relationship that seems to be going well in till Carlo shows up Carlo is still wine connoisseur who is doing a write up on the Lazy E Love lust misunderstandings and a dark past keep you entertained until the final pages I voluntarily received this advanced reader copy and have given an unbiased review Dmitri Hernandez is starting his life over After his release from captivity and four years in college he’s just accepted a position as vintner at the Lazy E Vineyard and Dude Ranch He’s excited about the job but he’s even excited by a tall handsome cowboy that turns him on in every way Maverick Walker is a true Marlboro man in every sense of the word and Dmitri falls hard for him The two begin a relationship which only burns hotter until a third man steps into the mix and complicates everything Carlo Degli Esposti a famous Italian wine critic and gay playboy makes his moves on Dmitri right away Dmitri is suddenly torn between a handsome blond billionaire and a dominating cowboy with a vulnerable side Carlo Degli Esposti is turned on by Dmitri’s sexy good looks and smokin’ hot body but the he gets to know Dmitri the he realizes the vintner has devastating secrets buried deep within As Carlo and Dmitri begin to see of each other Maverick backs off He wants his own lover not a relationship where he’d have to share Dmitri with the gorgeous Italian As Dmitri’s nightmarish secrets are eventually uncovered Carlo realizes he's deeply in love with the handsome vintner and vows to make him the center of his life Will Dmitri be able to forget the big beautiful Maverick Is Carlo enough to fill the hole left in his heart so many years before Will taking a job in the Texas wine country be the worst decision Dmitri has ever made or will it be a very good year indeed Wow what can i sayI loved thisI had a hard time reading A Captive Lover and i wanted to see how dimitri would recover from his years in captivityAlthough i didn't take to Carlo very much until the end I absolutely adored MaverickThe big growly rough cowboyAlthough he thought he loved Dimitri i felt he only cared about himhe loved him but wasn't in love with himI understand how he has to keep himself private due to his work and this wasn't pushed too muchSome authors push too much into the In The Closet which i don't likeI like my men to be out open and proud but this was done just rightDimitri was just a dreamI did get a bit annoyed when the past kept coming up but only because it made my stomach turn for him remembering from the last bookRealising that he was falling in love with Carlo rather than Mav was stunningly doneI feel that Mav is so gonna deserve the man he gets view spoiler Ricky in book 3Dimitri so deserves his rich Italian the ending view spoiler The hot threesomeyes nicely done PatriciaAnother amazing book by Mrs Logan with little to no angst and just a few tears oh and a couple of clenched fistsI really didn't like Carlo too much but I think i'm gonna hate the bad boyfriend in the next book even x hide spoiler This book picks up the story of Dmitri from A Captive Lover Having been held by a pedophile for seven years he now has a couple of collage degrees under his belt and is off to become a vintner at a Texas Ranch After all the angst in A Captive Lover this book is much gentle we do get to meet Dylan and Conner again although briefly Dmitri's problem is he now has two hot guys after him a genuine cowboy and a hot Italian with silk jockeys just FYI I'm jealous lol I really really love this book and am so glad Dmitri gets the happy ending he so deserves I just finished this story and talk about a roller coaster I love Mav for sure my favorite character Dmitri was great too and his back story was absolutely heart wrenching Carlo I didn't like as much and I don't think the author made him to be instantly liked The dynamic of Dmitri and Mav was hot sweet and a little awkward bring Carlo into the mix and it got even hotter Bring on the jealousy and ego flying not to mention the protective streak of Mav and this was a great story Another great book my Patricia Logan Fifty thumbs up

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