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The Prince's Secret Baby Only a matter of urgent Bravo family business could bring Prince Rule to America And he wasn t leaving until he met Sydney O Shea who happened to be the mother of Rule s toddler son Rule didn t expect the firestorm of desire the regal Texas attorney stirred in him With Montedori law decreeing that he wed or lose everything, the captivated prince came up with the perfect solution Propose marriage, now There would be time enough later to tell all wouldn t there [Reading] ➷ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen – the captivated prince came up with the perfect solution Propose marriage ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Insight and Interpretation Author Roy Schafer – now There would be time enough later to tell all wouldn t there

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    I was not that impressed with the book, the first meeting between the h H didn t gel for me because I am kind of a paranoid person and he just walks up to her and she goes to lunch with him Within 48 hours of meeting they are hitched He needs to get married before he turns 33, she is a great lawyer has had two failed relationships and used a

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    4.5 Star Rating Prince Rule of Montedori has come to America to meet Sydney O Shea, the mother of his toddler son that was conceived by IVF Just a look was all he thought he needed, confirmation that his young son and his mother were doing well, but he got waythan he bargained for Sydney had no idea the Prince was her son s sperm donor and once t

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    Very good book I liked Rule, even though he was keeping the secret of his fatherhood from Sydney When he met Sydney he was only intending to check up on her son, then leave her alone He never expected that he and Sydney would be so intensely attracted to each other He saw this as fate, so went ahead and proposed marriage Sydney was leery at first, sin

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    This novel was amazingly well written and a complete joy to read The characters were well thought out and had incredible background information The hero donated his sperm three years ago and the heroine got pregnant via sperm bank After three years the hero needed to see that his child was well off and cared for but he fell deeply in love with the heroine

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    I liked this but it wasn t perfect.I feel like instead of the author telling us he is her child s relation they instead hint around why he was really interested in her and i felt a bit like just get on with it That being said I did enjoy the romance of it all.

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    Solid, but not very exciting book The plot was okay, but could have been worked out better It s something nice to read on the side and not to think about it But it was not an outstanding novel.

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    I need light and Fluffy after Turtles all the Way Down This hit the spot I love the Bravo books.

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    Rule is the prince of a small European country, and a while back, he donated to a sperm bank He found out who used the donation and had a baby, and he s only intending to check in on his child He tracks down Sydney O Shea, who gave birth to his child, at the mall.Sydney is leery of men after two failed relationships The only guy in her life is her baby boy Trevor, and she s p

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    I m a sucker for romance novels featuring babies, and Christine Rimmer seems to have a little niche for this subject I ve enjoyed a couple of her books now, and was not disappointed by this one A pleasant story with likable characters the plot line seemed to be pushing the envelope of plausibility a bit even for a romance novel , but with some suspension of reality, I enjoyed it T

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    I love it I love it I love it Best I can say Sydney meets her Prince Excitement, secrets, Trev meets his Dad, and lots and lots of love A baby born through sperm bank added.A fairy tale weedding but a story like none other Intriguing birth of Trevor and his Mom and then comes the Prince The story holds lots of surprises But true love wins through all the hardships.Love can truly overco

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