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Stray Stray #1 Lona Sixteen Always is not herself uite literally She lives her life virtually through the experiences of Julian a boy who was chosen as a role model for the Pathers of uadrant 1 troubled children who have been 'rescued' by the government and put 'on Path' But one day Lona finds she can think for herself And on top of that the face of a familiar boy appears on her screen Fenn who she thought had moved on to a different stage of the Path last year But he didn't Fenn and other rebels like him have strayed from the Path and now Lona must stray too But life off Path is strange and difficult and Lona uncovers a secret that will threaten all their lives Can there really be life after the Path

About the Author: Monica Hesse

Monica Hesse is the national bestselling author of the true crime love story American Fire and the historical mystery novel Girl in the Blue Coat which has been translated into a dozen languages and won the 2017 Edgar award in the Young Adult category She is a feature writer for the Washington Post where she has been a winner of the Society for Feature Journalism's Narrative Storytelling award

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    To be perfectly honest I only read this book for the cover Kristina brought it to my attention and I had to have it Isn't it cool?? It was actually uite a neat little story With pod people Sweet innocent little pod people I just want to give them a hug Excpet for that one ginger with the twisted bloodl

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    The idea of Path is to provide a better life for children who would otherwise end up in foster care by providing them with the ‘perfect’ childhood In order to do this the Pathers have no previous memories no identity that isn’t Path even their names are a way of categorising the children From that we ca

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    The most productive features writer at the Washington Post's Style section and I should know somehow found time to also write this absorbing sleek novel about a future where the answer to a surfeit of neglectedabusedabandoned children is to hook them up to a virtual reality perfect childhood represented by one boy's

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    First this book is available through uk You should totally buy a copy to support this author but if you are a friend I will let your borrow my copy that I picked up while gallivanting around London and being v posh A bit of a slow start in fact I had to try three times but I'm so glad I kept at it The fact that this plot

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    The first third of this book was very enjoyable because it was intriguing I had high hopesThen it started falling apart in confusing lurches None of the characters felt real enough for me There were too many of them and the reader is shown only brief glimpses through a perspective so close it almost felt like first person PoV Lon

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    REVIEW BY JACK YEAR 11Stray is set in a world where orphans and abused children spend their childhoods on the government run Path a virtual reality experience of the ‘ideal’ childhood This concept of using futuristic technology to solve society’s ills cheaply is both fantastic and increasingly relevant The path follows the life of

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    Stray definitely didn’t turn into the book I expected despite the storyline it’s so much character driven then action based It sounds strange but reading Stray was incredibly relaxing I got to know Lona on a much deeper level than most characters in this genreWhat I will say is that I did not get Fenn at all Lona and Genevieve are fascina

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    Great cover and for once reading a book for the cover didn't lead to disappointment

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    this was the first book I ever borrowed from my school library in year 7 woah

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    See my Full review here with links is Monica Hesse's debut novel which was released in June 2013 Thanks to Easons for sending me this book for a review I did not know what to expect going into this book I had not heard any hype or read any other reviews before I read it and that made me even excited to read it and write my review I also really dislike the cover I

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