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The Substitute Bridegroom Elizabeth Goldsborough is the happiest of young ladies set to wed the most handsome gentleman in town Then shockingly all is stripped from her when an accidental encounter with an arrogant captain leaves her with no choice but to marry a man she despises From the author of The Black Widow A Regency romance reissue This is the second of Ms Dolan's books I've read She does a decent job of creating situations where it could get too adult for me but never crosses that line Several times I prepared myself to cringe or put the book down or feel exasperation with stupid characters but each time she navigated the machinations of her characters with skill so no one got too hurt The characters are likable the setting and manners authentic Her nasty women are really really nasty This is a good read but I'd still recommend the audience be a little older 17 and up With Spoilers This regency has a forced moc plot but with a little twist The H a captain on leave from Spain ends up hurting and scarring the h on the face while curricle racing with a friend Her fickle fiancé dumps her as he cannot bear to look at her ruined face and her brother decides that if it can be ‘an eye for an eye’ it sure can be ‘a husband for a husband’ too The H a dedicated career soldier and a misogynist who has no intention of ever marrying offers for her not because the h’s brother challenges his honor but because it’s something his vampy sister warns him against This H had some serious woman issues The h is as pure as driven snow in thoughts heart and body of courseThe bad people are as immoral self seeking and lacking in anything good as the people of those infamous mythological cities of yore The level of immorality and promiscuity suggested is unbelievable your sisters have brought their husbands their lovers their lovers' wives their husbands' mistresses their husbands' mistresses' husbands—The H is rigid and judgmental and a doubting Thomas of the worst kind He thinks all women are duplicitous and depraved who fool men Men of course are the faithful incorruptible babes in the woodThe tone is vague and distant and apart from when telling about the debauchery and evil deeds of the bad people the reader is told of things rather than shown The hH barely spend time together for most of the book as he's off several times to teach the Corsican upstart a lesson and do not really connect even when they are together It’s also has the problem of keeping the blacks and whites too stark and undiluted Since this is my first book by this author I don’t know if this is her usual styleBut still a good formulaic read The servants her neighbours and her young cousin make up for the lack of warmth with their fairytale ish dedication to the h The exchange of letters is also a good touch While it's no standout for innovation in traditional regencies it's absolutely perfect as what it is a light fun marriage of convenience story with enough wit and drama to stay entertaining from start to finishArmy Captain Darius St John is just about to pull even in a carriage race down a narrow country lane when he has to suddenly swerve at the last second to avoid a child in the road As he does so a woman dashes in front of him and yanks the boy clear of the road Everyone survives the accident although the woman is injured by flying debris in the ensuing collision between the curricles and is left with a jagged scar down her faceElizabeth Gainsborough was the shining belle of the London Season and set to marry an eually sought after gentleman at the end of the summer When she notices how he can no longer bear to look at her marred face she calls off the engagement unwilling to marry a man who's disturbed by her appearance Though she's content to retire to her family's country estate and be a doting aunt her brother thinks otherwise and sets off to demand Darius substitute himself for the dismissed fianceSo like I said this book wins no awards for innovation It's your standard marriage of convenience plot There's the awkward wedding night though this book is fade to black in the bedroom the surprising appearance of mutual affection the misunderstanding that sets them back and the climactic event that brings them back together Even in 1991 this was old hatBut I mean so what? The characters are all a satisfying mix of motives uirks and other traits that it's still a fun trip The flirtatious banter between Beth and Darius sparkles as much as their mixed signals rankles They both make mistakes but they do it in ways that are true to their characters so it's suspenseful rather than exasperating You know they'll work it out but you want to stick around and see how if only to see them giggle to each other about how wrong they'd beenThe only complaints I have for this fun story would be with the uncomplicated supporting characters The antagonists in particular were too clearly written as bad people The dismissed suitor selfish cousin and slutty dowager duchess were almost cartoonish in their actions They'd have been much satisfying and effective characters if there had been ambiguity in their behavior and motivationsFor a fun light regency this is a joy to read So long as you're not expecting a groundbreaking sort of experience there's a lot to like here I liked the heroine but can’t say same for the hero The Hero was an honest loyal and honorable person in every way but one thing about him really pissed me off I can understand his viewing about women and the reason behind it but that doesn’t give him THE ACCESSES to judge every single woman He thinks every woman is a hypocrite and cynical but what about man? Surely not all men are good?The writing style is good The side characters and subplots are also good enoughOverall It was ok

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