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Must Love Fangs This started out well but then the force of stupid turned strong and lost me from the mid point onwardIt's the story of Marie who is a human who knows about supernaturals since she works in the dating agency catering to them and knowing that she's going to die soon from the same illness her mother suffered decides to use her position to avoid that fateShe goes on a hunt for someone to turn her and after recent developments lead the shifters to ban all unauthorized turning of humans she turns her sights to vampires Going through the dating agency's database she goes on a series of dates with all sorts of weird vampires and desperate to find one to turn herIn the meanwhile Joshua a were cougar who has a reputation for being a serial dater continues to tease and pester her at work and soon discovers her plans For reasons of his own he decides to help her and the two of them become close and eventually fall for one anotherAnd here the stupid takes over Marie hasn't told anyone about her illness and continues on her idiotic scheme to find a vampire to change her even after some very disturbing experiences and eventually ends up view spoilerchained in a basement by the vampire who she believed would be her saviorJoshua ends up saving her and going against the shifter council's orders changes her after which point the shifters realize that banning the changing of humans isn't a great idea after all hide spoiler The third book in the “funny sexy and lively” Publishers Weekly romance series about a paranormal dating service called Midnight LiaisonsMarie Bellavance has known for years that she’s going to die of the same incurable disease her mother did That’s why she never dated and doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her But now as an employee of the paranormal dating agency Midnight Liaisons she has a chance if she can find someone to turn her into a supernatural creature she’ll be curedFlirty were cougar Joshua Russell has wanted standoffish Marie for his own but she’s been off limits as a human When he catches her sneaking away from a vampire date gone wrong he steps in and offers his own services As a vampire bodyguard he’s able to tell her which men will be the perfect ones to date But he’s secretly got a better plan in mind if she wants to date the supernatural a handsome were cougar would be the best choice of all It started out good but reached a point that I just could not read on I absolutely loved Joshua Russell He was the best part of this book and an adorable hero Firstly I must give Sims credit I think this stands on its own fairly well While Must Love Fangs is connected to the first two books in the series I don't think you actually need to read them in order to 'get' Fangs Secondly I liked that the heroine was somewhat atypical She wasn't conventionally pretty a badass a genius a honeypot or extraordinary in anyway She was just a woman who was dying and looking for a way out while being fairly cranky all the time due to lack of sleep However the heroine's disease is somewhat responsible for me being unsatisfied with the book I was not aware until I googled it right now that fatal familial insomnia is a real disease that affects about a hundred people worldwide I thought it was a made up disease and I have been conditioned by paranormal romance to expect that if the heroine is suffering from a made up disease it is almost always her previously unknown paranormal genetic code battling it out with her human half So I really thought they were going to get around the whole transforming her thing because she was already part whatever This did not happen because as I said it's a real disease that afflicts real people I think I would have had an easier time with it if I'd known fatal familial insomnia was real going in The other problem that I had is that while I think Sims did a great job of developing the relationship between the hero and heroine we never get to see view spoilerthe moment when the hero realizes she's his mate There were times when I would've loved to see what he was thinking I felt it was contradictory that he's telling her it's killing him to let her date these guys but he understands she's trying to save her life and then towards the end he's all 'You're my mate I was never going to let the vampires have you' Okaaayy So tell me why did I waste all that time feeling sorry for you? hide spoiler Is this book the most cliche book I have EVER read??uite possibly Did I still enjoy it? Of course This book revolves around Josh and Marie The first being the a man with the personality of an elementary school boy who likes to tug on your pigtails to indicate that he likes youand every other girl on the playground and the latter the iciest ice ueen to have ever ruled Icelandia all to hide the fact that she is sick and dying Can they ever overcome their differences and learn to love one another? Will he thaw her icy heart and will she be able to tame his playboy ways and make him experience just a single moment of seriousness in his carefree life? Well DUH OF COURSE Don't get me wrong I did not go into this book expecting a lot of depth or drama but considering the first 2 books were a bit original emotion wise this one underwhelmed me with its total cliche ness So much so I was rolling my eyes repeatedly while reading REPEATEDLY Still did I enjoy it? Yeah Yeah I did But come on Ms Simsfatal familial insomnia? What a totally freaking random disease I get why you did it She needed a disease that would cause her death but still allow her to date It needed to be something that could allow her to still be cute Ie No thinning hear sallow skin and popping off toenails And she needed something that didn't have a cure so that her totally bat shit insane idea of being turned by a vamp would be understandable But come on Even after Josh tells her all about vamps like the fact that once turned you become their blood partner Ie LIFE LONG PARTNER' she continued to think wing turned into one was a good idea and that afterwards they could have a fling on the side Hello STUPID is this thing on??? Are you even listening??? Cause this is kinda important All in all I loved the first 2 books and loved those characters cameos in this book but this one definitely fell flat for me Although the set up for Ryder's novel was great and I am excited to read that one The heroine's got a fatal disease and she's so desperate to live longer that she decides to start dating vampires in the hope that one of them will fall in love with her and turn her so she can get betterJosh the incorrigible flirt can't seem to stay away from her He decides to help her win a vampire by giving her dating tips and acting as her body guard As expected the two realise their attraction to each other and through twists and turns finally end up together Nothing new except for the type of disease the female lead has And it is not cancerI do have to say though the disease which the author talk about is something I wouldn't curse on my worst enemy The author manages to paint a very terrible image of the disease and when I read it up it is even worse in real life It definitely made me ache for the heroine's plight at times Even her pathetic desperation seemed understandable because of it This story has an interesting plot where Marie a human is dying from a very rare disease and is intent on being changed to save her life The plot development is executed well and her mate is very good match for her dower personality Very enjoyable read and series LOVED IT AS USUAL Josh was just so STARS IN EYES ALPHA YUMMY ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS SERIES I thought I would really enjoy this one as I was curious to know what was going on with Marie and Joshua was such a fun flirty ladies man is previous book appearances If anyone could bring her out of her shell it would be him But I wasn't a fun of this one While I understood the reasoning for Marie's actions I still couldn't get past the fact that she view spoilerwas letting a vampire drink from her in the hopes that he would turn her especially after she started her affair with Joshua It almost felt like cheating hide spoiler

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