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Aunt Minnie and the Twister From warm hearted storyteller Mary Skillings Prigger and award winning illustrator Betsy Lewin comes another affectionate humorous tale about the indomitable spinster Aunt Minnie and her nine adopted nieces and nephews Minnie keeps her growing kids busy—they plant in the spring harvest in the summer and can in the fall But when a wild twister sweeps through the farm one spring day everything turns topsy turvy Luckily Aunt Minnie knows just what to do Evocative rhythmic text and joyful watercolors depict the passing of seasons on a small farm and paint an affectionate portrait of a true problem solver and her spirited and loving family

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    9212018 I chose this to read to my 2nd graders this week because we were practicing for tornadoes at school My favorite moment while reading aloud Those cows look just like the ones in Click Clack Moo Why thank you for noticing child That's because it's the same illustrator My 2nd favorite moment When the children realized what a johnny house is

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    This is the seuel to Aunt Minnie McGranahan a book that always makes me cry in a good wayLike the first book this book includes several interesting pages of description of Aunt Minnie's system and the routines of li

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    Aunt Minnie is taking care of her 9 orphaned nieces and nephews Space is scarce in their house but chores are a plenty One day their routine is interrupted by a tornado that flips their house around But as long as th

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