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Hydra It was sick and hungry and a long long way from homeSomething is causing mysterious circles to appear in the cornfields of Cansfield Farm And someone or some thing has obviously terrified Barry Cansfield the farmer's bullying son But when friends Ben and Midge sneak out to the farm to investigate they discover a secret terrifying than they could possible have imagined a truly monstrous horror that simply must be stopped

About the Author: Robert Swindells

Robert Swindells was born in Bradford in 1939 the eldest of five children He left the local Secondary Modern School at fifteen to work as a copy holder on the local newspaper At seventeen he enlisted in the RAF and served for three years two in Germany On being discharged he worked as a clerk engineer and printer until 1969 when he entered college to train as a teacher having obtained five '

6 thoughts on “Hydra

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    This is another book that could give you insomnia it's just so exciting you can't get your hands off it Hydra is such a weird monster but I like it

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    A great action bookI really like the book as it has kept me busy every Monday or Tuesday night in stead or going on my Facebook

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    I didn’t really like it I didn’t like how the author made the characters speak

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    This book garnered excellent reviews when it first came out in the early 1990s Today it reads rather tame compared to the likes of Darren Shan Still the children's characters are sharply drawn even if the mad scientist is a bit of a cliche

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    Two children uncover a scientific secret and get themselves into danger Well written and very exciting without being too scary although not really my kind of book Almost believable at times

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    Really grasping Can't put the book down once you start it Suspenseful Good read for those who love to think up stories about aliens Really nice

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