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uintessentiallyMonsters in the Dark #2 “All my life I battled with the knowledge I was twisted screwed up to want something so deliciously dark—wrong on so many levels But then slave fifty eight entered my world Hissing fighting with a core of iron she showed me an existence where two wrongs do make a rightTess is ’s completely is Tess’s irrevocably But now they must learn the boundaries of their unconventional relationship while Tess seeks vengeance on the men who sold her made a blood oath to deliver their corpses at Tess’s feet and that’s just what he’ll do He may be a monster but he’s Tess’s monster This is a story of eroticism horror and sweet tragedy It contains graphic scenes but there’s always light in the darkness

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    5 Stars You’re my obsession I’m your possession You own the deepest part of me If you are in the mood for a deliciously dark book thats passionate sexy gripping and emotional this is the one for you Tess is back She has come back to the man she is falling for The man she can’t see her life without is so happy yet very co

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    Very darkI almost didn't finish thisnot because it isn't FANTASTIC I almost didn't finish because I was so invested in Tess and so emotionally wrecked by a turn in the story Of course that lasted about twelve hours I couldn't take it I HAD to know what happened And OMGI'm SO glad I did I love the characters that Pepper Winters create

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    6 SPELLBINDING TITILLATING SENSUAL STARSSigns you’re reading a phenomenal book1 You highlight the shit out of everything Like on every page With rainbow colors2 You bite off your nails without realizing it3 You hang up on your concerned mother who is asking after your welfare 4 You feel the urge to fangirl all over the author and spam

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    “I can’t stop you leaving but I won’t stay to see you go” “The moment Tess walked into my life she owned me I would never be free again I never wanted to be free again If Tess thought she'd leave me by killing herself she'd hate me for eternity when I kept her alive”

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    6 StarsSpoiler Free ReviewPepper Winters has accomplished what a lot of writers fail to domeaning she wrote a seuel that is not only just as good as the first book but maybe better GASPI loved from start to finish to the cover to the characters EVERYTHINGIt was the PERFECT READ TO METhe thing with me I don’t read blurbs to seuels if I like the f

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    5 sparrow stars “Fly away esclave if that is what you want I won’t stop you” ^^Me while reading this bookWell it's clear that Pepper Winters is a fan of ripping hearts out and stomping all over them There were so many goddamn feels packed into this book I may need a Xanax uintessentially takes place four days after Tess has returned to uincy in

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    Oh my GODWhat an incredible ride I think this book just about ripped my heart out I know it’s a well worn reviewer’s cliché to claim that a ‘book owned me’ but never was it truer than when i was reading uintessentially It’s heart breaking Let me tell you if you thought Tears of Tess was darkly compelling and you couldn’t put it down YOU AIN’T

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    OMFG My mind is spinning For me reading this book was totally mind blowing I freaking loved it Mark my words this is the best book I ever read BEST Yeaaaah I absolutely loved that sick bastard and his dark soul too 's mind was full of surprises If you curious about him if you have a courage to get to know him then you must read it WARNING Some parts of the book w

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    4 BRILLIANT STARS “Because you’re my monster in the dark and I’m yours” Wow this book was amazingDarkemotionalcrazyheartbreakingMy heart ached for Tess and in this crazy journeyThis book is much better than the first bookIt was completely unpredictable and this is what make me loved it so muchAnd also the difference with first book is that finally I connected

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    6 Utterly Gut Wrenching StarsNo real review here Nothing I can even remotely articulate into words will ever do this book justice NOTHINGWhat I can tell you is that if you liked Tears of Tess this book completely blows it out of the water This book will gut you It will break your heart into a million tortured little pieces and then weave it together peace by painful peace

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