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A Cold Day in Hell The City may be calm but is the Hunter about to become the huntedFor the first time in months the City is peaceful so peaceful that Gabi’s suspension from the Societas Malus Venatori doesn’t feel like a punishment Her relationship with Julius is stronger than ever and Kyle has finally found his soul mate even if he seems to need some convincing Gabi thinks boredom is her most serious problem She couldn’t be wrong The visitor Julius has been both expecting and dreading arrives bringing with him dire news An old enemy out to destroy them has revealed to the Masters of the Vampire race that Gabi is a Dhampir The visitor’s presence also answers the uestion that’s been simmering in Gabi’s head for years; the truth of her origins This truth brings with it a deeper understanding of the implications of her very existence and she doesn’t like what she discovers But it’s too late to change what’s been done and Julius must now answer to the Princeps’ Court As Gabi makes plans to leave the City drawing danger away from friends and family a dark prophesy by the Magi Oracles forces her to change course She will not be leaving the City alone and she will not be running from the threat She Julius and a handful of others will be heading straight into the mouth of the beast They must present themselves at Court before the Princeps travel to the City and inadvertently uncover one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Magi world While the Princeps wear a face of impartiality and civility what boils beneath the surface is a storm of selfishness greed lust and perversion Danger lurks in every corner and it soon becomes clear that someone is determined to ensure that Gabi will never get the chance of a fair hearingOld friends and old enemies do what they have always done best while new friends and new enemies emerge at every turn Only one thing is sure; it’ll be a cold day in Hell before Hellcat goes down without a fightPut the coffee on and warm up your page turning finger it’s going to be a long night

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    I first read this series a year ago but I've read so much since then that I don't really remember anything Which makes it all the enjoyable to reread Because I KNOW I'll like it and don't have to worry about whether or not I'm wasting my time and will eventually DNF it

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    A Cold Day in Hell is one hell of a ride that you just want to get right back on to experience all over againIn book two Sharon left us with one heck of a cliffhanger and she opens with Gabi and Julius still falling right off of that cliff into a pit of nonstop action and some serious challenges Gabi’s secret is out she is a Damphir a

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    Third book in the Hellcat series comes through with just as much excitement and action as the first two Gabi is on break from the SMV but with The City mostly uiet since they took down Jason King and his budding werewolf mercenary army but there is something simmering under the lid Trish is working on something for Julius and Julius himself h

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    Reviewer BexRating 45 out of 5 FairiesGabi is still a kick ass character In many ways I prefer her even in book three She really embraces her talents What I especially like is the fact that she's not infallible; it's this human like aspect of her character that makes the reader able to empathise with her character I love that world that Sharon Ha

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    To read reviews in this series and others check out keikii eats books89 points100 4 ½ stars5Warning Cliffhanger status I never want to see this type of cliffhanger again already Someone has tried to assassinate Gabrielle and they don't know who The Princeps' Court has found out about Gabrielle and now they're demanding that she be brought before them T

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    WOWI think this might be Ms Hannaford's best one yet I loved every moment of it and genuinely thought not everyone was going to make it to the endGabi was once again a kickass heroine Razor was awesome and Julius was his usual dark selfHighly recommend you won't go wrong with this one

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    This is the 3rd book in the Hellcat series I really enjoyed this next installment as it brought about a new set of characters and developed the relationship between Gabi and Julius I also really enjoyed how Gabi is her own character and does not bow to anyone Awesome series

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    Of all the books in the Hellcat's series A Cold Day in Hello is definitely my favorite Once again Sharon Hannaford has written an action pack edge of your seat filled story that leaves the reader wanting The pick begins right after the ending of book two Julius is on guard after receiving a disturbing phone call from a Vampire named Caspian Caspian it seems is Gabi's sire

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    What another amazing installment Ms Sharon gave us everything and in this installment This picked up right where “All Hell Breaks Loose left” off If you haven’t read that installment I suggest you read that one before you start on this installment This by far was the best one in the installment Sharon has written an on the edge of your seat story and it is filled with ac

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    I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest reviewAs with the first two books in the Hellcat series I loved this installment I think the author strikes a nice balance between each character's perspective I actually found myself enjoying Julius' views a little than Gabi's this time around We see a vulnerable side of her in this book and it added another depth to the character

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