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The Broken Best Friends Tell You Everything About Their Kitchen Renovation About Their Little Girl S Schooling How One Of Them Is Leaving The Other For A Younger ModelBest Friends Don T Tell Lies They Don T Take Up Residence On Your Couch For Weeks They Don T Call Lawyers They Don T Make You Choose SidesBest Friends Don T Keep Secrets About Their Past They Don T Put You In DangerBest Friends Don T Always Stay Best Friends

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    Fan freaking tastic I ve loved all of Tamar Cohen s books who now writes as Tammy Cohen with loads of great books under her belt Here is her other author page for you to check out her other great books With The Br

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    The Broken by Tamar Cohen audio book 3.5 stars rounded up Josh and Hannah live a quiet, unexceptional life in suburban London with their four year old daughter Lily Josh is a teacher and Hannah a self employed journal

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    After reading Dying for Christmas and loving it, I was so pleased when I won a paperback copy of The Broken from the author, via THE book Club last month The Broken is a great psychological thriller about marriage and fri

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    I wanted to enjoy this onethan I did Honestly, I tried really hard, but I could not bring myself to give itthan three stars.Okay, let me make things clear, I was expecting a bitof a thriller than I was given It is my mistake

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    As soon as I spotted Tamar Cohen s new book on Netgalley, I knew I wanted to read it Tamar is a very popular author, who writes Chick Lit Noir I think that s what they re calling it these days , but her books could also probably

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    This is Tamar Cohen s first foray into the world of psychological suspense with the story of two couples who became friends since they met when their daughters were newborns They were ideal best friends with Dan Josh watching footbal

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    Firstly, thank you to the publisher and author for the copy via Netgalley Much appreciated.The Broken is a psychological thriller that had me feeling uncomfortable at the best of times Two couples, supposedly best friends the girls swapp

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    Publication Date 22nd May 2014 from Doubleday Transworld.Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy.Best friends tell you everything about their kitchen renovation about their little girl s schooling How one of them is leaving

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    wishing i just DNF ed this in the beginning and didn t suffer for nothingThis is an exact example of books I don t like married couples, drama, annoying characters that think they have the right to act the way they act towards others, things men

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    All I can say is that I m so glad that book is done It took me forever to read, and I didn t really like it at all All four of the main characters are so awful that the only psychological thrills that one could ever wish upon any of them is to have

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About the Author: Tamar Cohen

Tamar Cohen is a freelance journalist who lives in London with her partner and three teenage children.