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Claiming His Family great book SECRET BABY Alyson Fitzroy had a secret A precious baby she struggled to protect until the harrowing day her child was stolen Now the only man she could turn to was Dex Harrington The powerful DA who could put her baby's kidnapper behind bars forever The lover who had fathered her childDETERMINED DADDY Dex Harrington was shocked to discover he had a son and determined to keep his baby safe Even if that meant taking matters into his own hands Even if that meant allowing Alyson Fitzroy into his heart Because as soon as he joined forces with the beauty he believed had betrayed him he realized so much was at stake For he hungered to claim this woman and child as his own once and for all Alyson and Dex were lovers until her father committed a crime and she stood by him Feeling betrayed Dex refused to allow Alyson to remain in his life and conseuently never found out that she was pregnant with his childNow that child has been kidnapped and Alyson needs Dex's help to find their sonI've read other Ann Voss Peterson books that I've uite enjoyed but I found this one very poor Alyson is a reasonable heroine but Dex is so rigid and unbending that he's impossible for me to like In addition the plot is totally screwy The idea that someone could be pardoned for a crime because the governor believed he had a DNA clone just blows my mind and the level of incompetency in the legal system defies belief Yes I know that the US legal system is up the creek sometimes but this book takes it to a farcical levelNot a keeper 2 stars Picked up in the ERa uick read Compelling enough for me to finish reading but too may character problems and logic errors for me to thoroughly enjoy The hero is the DA His son is kidnapped Instead of doing what a lawman would do call the FBI for help cause kidnapping is a Federal not a local offense he listens to the heroine who insists they follow the kidnappers demands no police I don't believe a man who has committed his life to the law would refuse to involve the federal authorities Yeah maybe some of the local authorities were dirty But the hero and heroine had enough evidence of the kidnapping and the identity of the kidnapper to the partial recording of the first phone call plus the heroine's testimony of being attached when her kid was taken to have the bad guy arrested All this by the end of chapter 2The hero allows the rapistmurderultra wealthy bad guy to isolate him from the resources he needs such a stupid move I wondered how the hero managed to become the DA I mean he has power and connections and resources at this disposalCome on they didn't even have or ask for any proof that the baby was still alive They knew what this guy was capable of but decided to trust the bad guy's word that the baby was alive and wellAnd the bad guy phoned the heroine on a regular basis The hero makes some type of statement that it wasn't possible to trace or record the calls Ever heard of a cloned phone? What about GPS on cell phones that can be activated by authorities to help them pin down a 911 call? Yeah it's possible to trace a cell phone to it's location and it's possible to clone a cell phone with the clone attached to a voice recorderThere were other things that bugged me but those were out of character for a DAI don't know the original publication date for the print version of this ebook But the writer obviously didn't watch TV crime dramas or research what the authorities can do with technologyAll that aside I appreciated that the author let me know the baby was safe and that the bad guy did not intend the kid harm I would not have continued reading otherwise When I read some of these older books I sometimes wish they could be rewritten today I believe the original copyright for this was 2003 so not an '80s thriller it has good bones and could be a much better book Part of the problem of course is the length No Harleuin is allowed to get too long but this book could have used a lot depth We should have learned uite a bit about Dex's background and what happened with Alyson's father His angst is real but without details he comes across as a just a judgemental ass instead of the tortured hero he should be The actions of the villain and his accomplices would be even scarier if Dex as the DA would have called in the right policeFBI resources All of the crimes and coverups would happen just as they did but we would also get to see the police work As it is you know he'll be caught in the end but the intervening crimes seem like random things happening since we basically see no reaction The end is anticlimactic I would have liked the big police reaction and then a real kiss and make up from our main couple Can we petition Harleuin for a rewrite? Ms Voss Peterson is a good writer and she deserves another 100 pages or so

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