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Loving Chance Hello My name is Livie Olivia and I am addicted to Chance It started out innocently enough in elementary school but through the years the addiction has sabotaged all of my hopes for a healthy relationship with someone who loves me the way I love Chance He is my drug of choice and I know it's time to uit cold turkeyBut I want just one hit even if it breaks my heartLOVING CHANCE is a 12000 word short story with plenty of heat to make you want of Chance and Olivia

About the Author: A.C. Warneke

Like most writers I spend most of my time telling myself stories and occasionally writing them down when they get too loud to remain in my head The characters are also very demanding wanting to go out into the world to be discovered by millions of adoring readers though they are most satisfied with having only a few readers that truly love them From the gargoyles that sit on top of the roofs

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    Lustful dirty deliciously glorious this little story had my heart pounding so hard both with the steamy sex and the sweet at points sorrowful romantic plotThe story is well known girl falls in love with her best friend and she can't take it any Liv and Chance are best friends for 15 years that's how long Liv is also in love with Chance After some relationships that ended

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    This was a beautiful novella with so much emotion than some novels I have read Livvie and chance are such great characters and acwarneke gives them such depth in a short amount of time I teared up smiled and laughed through the whole story One of the best best friends to lovers story I have read in a long time

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