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The Death of Us A recovered friendship a dark secret and a love triangle with a deadly angleCallie is shocked when her friend Ivy reappears after an unexplained three year absence but the girls pick up where they left off and suddenly Callie's summer is full of parties boys and fun Beneath the surface things aren't what they seem however and when a handsome boy with a dark past gets tangled up with Ivy the girls' history threatens to destroy their future

About the Author: Alice Kuipers

Free Online Writing Course Sign up here eepurlcombA03lH I was born in London England and I moved to Canada in 2003 when I fell in love with a Canadian We live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan which took a while for me to learn how to spell I have four children a girl and three boysMy first novel Life on the Refrigerator Door was published in 29 countrie

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    A tragic romance? A suspense novel? An exploration of the complexities of family life? A book about mean girling gone desperately wrong? This tightly written novel is told from three different perspectives and Kuipers manages to balance their stories with excellent pacing and humour It's a relatively uick read and the twist at the end will make you want to re read it the minute you get to the shocking conclusion

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    I am usually not a fan of books written in multiple POVs I usually do not like books that start off with the end cliffhanger and then start from the beginning But in The Death of Us all of the above worked in such a way that made me love this book so muchPOVs or point of views are always important in a novel and as a reader I always tend to gravitate to one than another and that was no different in this novel Callie was my favourite I think because i was able to relate to her and what she was goi

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    Describe this book in one sentence A suspenseful young adult contemporary coming of age novel about being true to yourself Rating PG 13 Why this rating? LGBT references kissing drugs and alcohol useFor ages Okay so on the Harper Collins Canada Site they advise 14 and up but I'm going to advise this for readers 16 and older due to above listed contentRecommended to Fans of Amy Roger's Epic Detour and those who like not knowing what’s going onStars Two and a half out of five Why this number of stars The

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    Callie is living her too good to be true life her mom’s a successful writer and new mother to baby Cosmo; her father works at the university; Callie has great friends is successful at school including writing serious articles for the school newspaper But everything is not as it seems Ivy materializes after a three year absence poisoning Callie’s relationship with her good friend Kurt who is also editor of the newspaper When JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series came out years ago adult readers demanded and got

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    I read an advance reader copy of this and really enjoyed it The sparing poetic style is reminiscent of We Were Liars by E Lockhart as is the plotline which combined present day actions with those of a few weeks before The three narrators have distinct voices allowing you to really get to know Kurt Ivy and Callie All that said the action mystery and suspense will make this a good pick for teens who like me will likely be so anxious to figure out all of the mysteries that they'll rush through it in a single sitting Reco

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    This is not a long book very uick read but packs uite an impact It's a coming of age story of Callie a good girl whose estranged best friend Ivy comes back to town after a three year absence Despite her parents' wishes because of things from the past Callie finds herself unable to stay away from Ivy Callie spreads her wings a little has some normal teenage fun and discovers truths about herself A uick read but definitely intense spellbinding and worth reading

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    Was not a fan of the writing style The characters were interesting but not totally captivating I wasn't really invested in the story Review to come

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    Not at all what I was expecting Minor issues but overall very enjoyable

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    I love how Callie Callie from grey's anatomy have the same name and are both gay

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    25 starsThis kind of felt like one of the better free eBook novels Not terrible but still A free eBook novel

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