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Sophie's Choice Three stories are told a young Southerner wants to become a writer a turbulent love hate affair between a brilliant Jew and a beautiful Polish woman and of an awful wound in that woman s past one that impels both Sophie and Nathan toward destruction

About the Author: William Styron

William Styron 1925 2006 , born in Newport News, Virginia, was one of the greatest American writers of his generation Styron published his first book, Lie Down in Darkness, at age twenty six and went on to write such influential works as the controversial and Pulitzer Prize winning The Confessions of Nat Turner and the international bestseller Sophie s Choice.

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    Mercifully, I was at the age when reading was still a passion and thus, save for a happy marriage, the best state possible in which to keep absolute loneliness at bay I could not have made it through those evenings otherwise But I was an abandoned reader and, besides, outlandishly eclectic, with an affinity for the written word almost any written word that was so excitable that

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    We are like lutes once held by God.Being away from His warm bodyfully explains our constant yearning HafizI started Sophie s Choice in a busy hotel lobby, awaiting my visiting sister s arrival, having no idea I was going to be immediately introduced to a 22 year old Southerner named Stingo and the first of his many erections.His erections What I went into this read almost blind, knowi

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    It seems a lot of people have a problem with the prose being pretentious and overwritten However, I had a big problem with the unfolding of the plot This was a strange book for me because I really wanted to like it and even thought I liked it after I was finished It took me about a week to think back and realize, Wait That was a crappy book Problem number 1 I personally found Sophie to be a

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    William Styron s Sophie s Choice has to stand as one of the 20th century s great American novels Based very loosely on his own experiences in the late 1940s in New York, Styron makes himself into a writer called Stingo who moves into a boarding house in Brooklyn, where he meets a Polish emigr named Sophie and her dangerously unpredictable lover, Nathan With great delicacy and restraint, Styron tr

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    Because I could not stop for Death,He kindly stopped for me The carriage held but just ourselvesAnd Immortality Emily DickinsonStyron brings the Brooklyn of the forties and its flourishing intellectualism back to life through the eyes of three characters, whose irreconcilable pasts find a common ground in the sweeping vision of optimistic America, distancing the narrative from stereotyped clich s and w

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    Sophie s Choice William Styron s Novel of Choices, Hobson s and Otherwise This novel was chosen by members of On the Southern Literary Trail as a group read for September, 2014. Sophie s Choice, First Ed., First Prtg., William Styron, Random House, New York, New York, 1979 The gate to Auschwitz, where those in charge choose who lives and who dies Life is but a series of choices, is it not Some easy, quickly

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    There is truth and there are lies and in between we walk tortuous paths of our lives.Perhaps I should say she indulged in certain evasions which at the time were necessary in order for her to retain her composure Or maybe her sanity I certainly don t accuse her, for from the point of view of hindsight her untruths seem fathomable beyond need of apology.So it is with Sophie s Choice there is truth and there are lie

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    I stuck with it out of curiosity, not so much to find out what her choice was, but because this is supposedly an important American novel and I kept waiting for the Aha moment when it would finally get good Unfortunately it was just way too long I now know what it s like to suffer from too much foreshadowing It was so tiresome reading hint after ominous hint about what was going to happen The narration was clumsy and ov

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    The term Sophie s Choice, which derives from a critical plot point in William Styron s eponymous novel, has become a prominent American idiom You ve probably heard it in your daily life It was the subject of a relatively well received movie starring Meryl Streep Certainly, you ve come across it if you re a fan of The Simpsons A Sophie s Choice joke is the kicker to Season 10, Episode 5 s When You Dish Upon a Star Despite its

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    I should probably begin by stating that my copy of

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