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Sex Lies and Designer Shoes ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Harleuin Guarding her body CoCo Abelli is the last woman Rian Dalton wants to protect A spoiled heiress to a designer shoe empire with a reputation for hard partying and getting into trouble Nope Rian wants nothing to do with CoCo's kind of trouble Especially when she has a body designed to make grown men fall to their knees Rian is rude and hostile and CoCo can't resist baiting him—especially with her uh assets When their sparring suddenly erupts into one naughtily hot night CoCo wonders if maybe this bodyguard thing might be okay after all Until someone tries to kill her Now Rian has compromised himself and there's only one way to put distance between CoCo and her killersby putting himself in the most dangerous position of all Coco is a party girl Rian is charged with being her bodyguard by her father She doesn't think she needs one but Rian steps in anywaythey butt heads big time He doesn't like her partying ways and how haughty he thinks she isOnce her dad tells he she has to have Rian around she agreeshe takes her to a hole in the wall hotel where she tempts and teases himThey go out as she wants to partybut while doing that Coco's friend doses Rianhe can't hold backhe needs herThe next morning someone is after Coco so Rian whisks her off to Kentuck While there they become closer but thanks to his brother Kane he breaks up with Rian but something bad happens to her that brings Rian and Coco close Such a good book WIll have to find by this author Death threats drove them together bullets flying changed their livesOh CoCo is not the easiest of a person to like at first She is typical entitled hothead rich party girl who doesn't care about much than a great partyRian grew up in a rural Kentucky with dirt poor childhood leaving a bad taste in his mouth for anyone who takes their wealth for grantedYou can see these two together could be a disaster just waiting to happen The bickering fighting struggle for the power it all creates rather hostile environment between those two The typical hatelust combination at its bestWhen CoCo manages to manipulate the situation so that Rian makes a colossal mistake and they go clubbing all is just downhill from there since Rian gets drugged by CoCo's best friend And of course the men hunting for her would expect to find her at her favorite clubBoth of them had a lot of growing up to do and after the bullets start to fly and Rian takes CoCo to his childhood home she has the time and space to ponder on her life future and goals and take a deep inventory of herself at the ranchI liked how the characters grew and developed through the story That was clear and evident CoCo had a true Aha moment and was able to turn her life around Rian also had time for reflection and seemed to make a peace within himself about his childhood and the memories The story was entertaining it was uick to read and the surprise elements of suspense gave extra spice to it Four Spoons See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The MorningMy ThoughtsWhen you first meet CoCo there's a strong chance you're going to dislike her I had my frustrations with her in the beginning especially with the way she treated the situation she's in Rian came to her for a reason to protect her at the reuest of her father Once she finds out how real this situation is when somebody finds them then she starts to realize what's at stake While CoCo and Rian are hiding out at his brother's house they find out about each other things they never expected Even though Rian knows they shouldn't the desire between them is too high It becomes necessary to follow through on that with one steamy moment after the next What happens when he no longer needs to protect her?Sex Lies and Designer Shoes was full of passion and had just the right amount of intrigue The threat hanging in the background had the perfect level of intensity you knew it was there but it didn't take away from the romance of the story It was amazing how CoCo grew and how Rian helped her along just by being there and caring I was also excited to see Laci and Kane from the first book in the series again It was great watching them all interact with each other While I did love Laci and Kane lots I found that I loved CoCo and Rian a little bit Such a great pair of books from Kimberly Van MeterMy Rating Very Good DNF Heroine is annoying privileged immature self centered etc etcGot through a couple of chapters and then just scanned through rest of book to get highlights Hero is clearly not a great bodyguard since Heroine gets shot point blank while she was walking out of a barn in their safe haven??Not interested in immaturity of either character or the plot Not my cup of tea ticked off that I paid for this book 1 Star I liked this one Spoilt party girl no nonsense security guy Bit of mystery some sexy scenes and lots of sweet character building A superb read that tells the story of Rian and CoCo who when first meet have sparks flying between them this has everything you want in Blaze story

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