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Fisted By My Doctor OMG What is my doctor doing to me A Hard Exam in So Many Ways But My Doctor Has a Dirty Little Secret that only he and I know about “A stranger's hands all over her and in her and all the while there’s something so familiar about him something she can’t uite grasp ” Her doctor has her tied to the exam table before she realizes that he's someone she should know Kara is reminded of her boyfriend in college who wanted her to allow him to do a full exam on her but she’s not sure why She answers an ad for a new clinic that offers a spa like experience rather than the usual routine exam That sounds wonderful to Kara and all is going well until the doctor begins her exam and she realizes there's something familiar about him She's sure she knows him but she can't remember who he is or where they met Who is her doctor And why is he so good at what he does best Kara experiences toys to fisting and plus a secret about the doctor she slowly realizes as he keeps exam going and going Note Also published as My Doctor’s Dirty Little Secret Includes a hard medical exam intercourse fisting toys

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