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Sight Unseen A real page turner that features everything that I love about Star Trek novels There are a lot of stories out there in the wider Trek universe but it is books like these that keep me buying Trek lit I realize this has become a familiar refrain of late but in my opinion this is the best of the Star Trek novels released so far this year They just keep getting betterIf you are at all a fan of Titan or are a new fan looking for a good place to pick up the story Sight Unseen should not be missed Ushering in a new and promising chapter for Titan this story has everything you could want in a Trek novelFull review This is a really enjoyable “seuel” to a memorable TNG episode My principle criticism of the post Nemesis Trek novels is that there’s too much interpersonal strife between Starfleet crewmates The Titan novels get away with it by having mostly non human characters but it still stands out to meIt was nice to see Vale evolve a bit in this book I’ve never really had much faith in her as a leader but she makes some strides here This was an excellent follow up to a Next generation episode and played very well off of what new Admiral Will Riker's reflex response to discovering that the individuals that the Titan was dealing with were the same species that had kidnapped and tortured him and several other Enterprise crewmembers many years before while newly minted Captain Vale insists on living up to Starfleet ideals and refusing to pre emptively attack It made for an interesting if not too surprising dynamic the characters were handled well and the basic plotline was interesting Not the best Star Trek story I've ever read by a long shot but well above the midpoint I finally got around to reading this book this past week and loved it Nice pace and character interactions Vale getting accommodated to the captain's chair and the tough calls that come with it has really expanded her character And how cool that she stood up to Riker who also is adjusting to the rank of Admiral I hope James Swallow gives us a new Titan tale that picks up from where things left off with Sarai It's a decent Star Trek Titan novel but with Riker's and Vale's promotions neither one of them know how to handle their new situations and neither does the reader as characters you know and love are placed in situations both in and out of their character Throw in several new characters to boot and all of this hampers what could have been a truly great story Solid exciting storytelling that sends the crew of the USS Titan off into space with a new mission and a new sense of purpose It's a great jumping on point for newcomers to Admiral Riker's world It's also a thrilling adventure in its own right but with the right amount of Star Trek optimism permeating the story Very satisfying Excellent Schisms was one of my favorite episodes of TNG so I was glad to see that episode's mystery finally revealed I always wondered who they were what exactly it was they were doing i think James Swallow did a fine job of showing us that Highly recommend Sight Unseen kicks off after the previous book with the crew of the Titan being ordered to aid in the relations between the Federation and a race known as the Dinac D Things are complicated by the reappearance of the alien race known as the Solanae who first appeared in the STTNG episode schisms and have since popped up in Star Trek Online etc DAt the same time Riker is busily having to adjust to his newish rank of Admiral and is placed in Sector command D this has the effect of reshuffling the Titan's crew including a new First Officer Sariel Rager who has a bit of a history in regards to the Bacco assassination D At the same time this happens with Riker promoting Vale to the captaincy of the Titan D We get to see throughout the book how Vale and Riker adjust to their new roles D To put it mildly this is than a mite bumpy but the character moments along with the action you really sink your teeth into DThe conflicts in the book come thick and fast D Both Riker's instinctual urge to destroy a colony of Solanae exiles they find out there true nature in the nick of time D to Vale keeping him in line and having to invite him to the Ready Room in a neat little role reversal which work brilliantly in the story D You can actually feel the conflict as the two friends really have to adjust there way that they work together D Indeed there is a cool scene where Riker has to pitch in as Vale's First Officer Rager is off ship and Riker's points out he is a little rusty which really breaks up a lot of the tension with Vale DWe also get to see Rager and Troi working together independently of the ship that really gives them both the space to develop as characters and put them at the forefront of the action D Indeed the discovery of the Ciari also gets to show the Federation putting its best foot forward again in spite of the what there species has done they are the Light Side version of the Solanae D in the past D This doesn't come easy for some of the crew but as Sight Unseen progresses you really get to see them gelling together D Indeed the alliance that forms between the Ciari and the Federation and Dinac is brilliantly done and you get to see the plotlines being set up and laid down D It also shows the Federation at its best again as they manage to turn a potential enemy into a ally and potential Federation member again DOn the flip side again the Solanae themselves come across as the uintessential bad guys again D They really have the creep factor going for them again in every way and the restraint the crew of the Titan and the USS Whitetree and the Dirac crew shows is remarkable D When Riker Vale and Troi extend their olive branch to the the race of Xenophobes they do not respond positively D Riker sums up their eventual fate though with 'When you sky go dark you were offered a chance' or similar but it sums up the differences between the two sides the works succinctly D The description of the subspace realm as as Impressionists painting is hilarious especially as it comes from Tuvok D At the same time though the events and what what happens does a brilliant job of not only warning the Federation Dinac and their allies it also establishes the threat of that the Solanae represent and set things up for later adventures DSight Unseen works brilliantly in every level with characters being developed left right and centre Melora and Ra Haveii putting a nail in it and the introduction of newreturning characters such as Rager and Akaar In addition Rager comes across as character with issues but the scene in her uarters really has the smell of Section 31 all over it you get the impression Riker is not so unaware of it D so that remains hanging out there that is sure to have an impact DSight Unseen flies at a terrific pace with plot twists creepy stuff adventure and moral choices left right and centre D Sight Unseen has heart and courage from start to finish putting both the Lower Decks and Senior Staff upfront and doing what they do back best in a tale the action packed throughout D Brilliant highly recommended crisp high five D Make sure you have the next one D An original spin off novel set in the popular Star Trek The Next Generation universe from New York Times bestselling author James SwallowIn the wake of political upheaval across the United Federation of Planets Admiral William Riker and the crew of the USS Titan find themselves in uncertain waters as roles aboard the ship change to reflect a new mandate and a new mission On orders from Starfleet Titan sets out toward the edge of Federation space to tackle its latest assignment to work with an alien species known as the Dinac who are taking their first steps into the galaxy at large as a newly warp capable civilization But when disaster befalls the Dinac the Titan crew discovers they have unknowingly drawn the attention of a deadly merciless enemy—a nightmare from Riker’s past lurking in the darkness Friendships will be tested to the limit as familiar faces and new allies must risk everything in a fight against an unstoppable invader—or a horrific threat will be unleashed on the galaxy ™ ® © 2015 CBS Studios Inc STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc All Rights Reserved This is only my second book of the Titan series; the first strangely enough is the next installment So yes I've been reading these books backwards but both of these books were fantastic and they've also followed up on very memorable TNG episodes Sight Unseen picks up with Riker new to the admiralty and some changes to the ship and crew are underwayOverall the story was uite exciting barely giving you a moment to breathe and kept me interested in what happened next story wise It was difficult for me to get into several of the characters and sub plots likely due to my backward reading strategy in this series but continuing the story line from the episode Schisms really hit me in the right places as a TrekkerWhat I didn't care for in the book were minor but worth pointing out I believe I mentioned connecting with very few of the characters but I felt there were way too many in the first place This series touts how diverse the USS Titan is which is all well and good in universe but does very little for those trying to read through the complex names and unfamiliar species slowing the experience On a few occasions I had Memory Beta open while I was reading so I could get a better picture of who was talking Another character specific criticism I had was throwing in a Skagaran; a forgettable species from Enterprise filling the 'fish out of water' uota I suppose What would've been a interesting addition to this era of Trek IMO is a Xindi who was featured in far episodes than just one Having said all that Ethan Kyzak was probably my favorite character this time aroundAnother point that seemed somewhat blatant to me which is odd considering I was only just introduced to the character was how nobody considered asking the local AI White Blue for help with a massive computer issue onboard If he was consulted and it turned out he couldn't help that's one thing but all he got was an off hand mention as being a free loader and not a super advanced technological being who could probably help the ship in significant ways than as a pilot boatThere were others but Sight Unseen was a near perfect balance of original ideas and familiar plot lines with a few twists and turns throughout Even if you haven't read any of the other books and you're a ST fan of course I'd highly recommend picking this one up

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