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The Long Journey to Jake Palmer What if there was a place where everything wrong in your life could be fixedCorporate trainer Jake Palmer coaches people to see deeper into themselves—yet he barely knows himself any Recently divorced and weary of the business life Jake reluctantly agrees to a lake house vacation with friends hoping to escape for ten daysWhen he arrives Jake hears the legend of Willow Lake—about a lost corridor that leads to a place where one’s deepest longings will be fulfilledJake scoffs at the idea but can’t shake a sliver of hope that the corridor is real And when he meets a man who mutters cryptic speculations about the corridor Jake is determined to find the path find himself and fix his crumbling lifeBut the journey will become treacherous with each step Jake takes Jake Palmer is a management trainer who helps people discover the labels they're hiding behind and the lies they've allowed themselves to believe He involves himself in a situation late one night which has dire conseuences for Jake's life He's impacted physically emotionally and relationally and retreats into a shellEighteen months later he returns to work In one of his first sessions he's challenged by a particular man Coincidentally on the flight home he sits next to this same man who we come to know as Leonard Leonard shares a story of a mystical place on a lake and encourages Jake to rent a house nearby so he can explore itFortunately he has four supportive friends who after much coaxing get Jake to join them on their annual vacation But Jake reuests rather than going to their usual destination they try the place Leonard proposed Jake begrudgingly attends and it's not long before he's on a kayak heading down river to find Leonard's mystical placeIt's in the uest and what happens afterward where the story really takes offThis is Rubart at his excellent best The writing the depth of insight in his characters and his ability to weave the mystical spiritual and natural together is simply outstanding I loved this novel You can't not read this novel and not be impacted by the themes of healing discovery of identify where we place our significance and the absolute desire our Creator has for us to know HimBest novel I've read in 2016 and very highly recommended Just read it That is all Jake Palmer is a life coach and corporate trainer who was involved in an horrific attack which left extensive burns to the lower half of his body His wife has left him and his rehabilitation was long and arduous Jake used to believe all the success principles he'd taught so many others but since his traumatic injury he found it all a bit cliched and struggled to go through the motions While staying with friends at a secluded retreat he hears local rumors of a secret corridor where the deepest longings of a seeker's heart will be fulfilled Although he scoffs he makes it his mission to look into it just in caseThis isn't my favourite novel by James L Rubart I felt there was sort of a contrived feeling in the holiday house with many conversations between the couples introduced specifically instead of evolving naturally Does anybody as consistently good natured and goofy as Peter really exist? Most of all I found it difficult to warm up to the main character That may sound a bit harsh considering all he'd been through I didn't dislike Jake It's just that over the long term I grew depressed by his company and his headspaceJake is a mopey life coach which seems to be a bit of a contradiction He forever focuses on the negatives of his situation while there are also many positives He can still walk row kayaks ride dirt bikes swim water ski resume his job and the upper half of his body is completely burn free but he never once seems to express thankfulness for all that I was hoping for somebody to remind him that the outcome of his attack could have been far worse It never happens to the extent that I thought he deserved When he isn't snapping at Peter to stop trying to set him up with women he seems to be wallowing in self pity that he's all alone I wondered why so many women seemed interested to get to know him anyway since he behaved so morose and rude to themI usually enjoy a good romantic thread but reading all the ways in which Jake tries to fob off Ari even though he's attracted to her got a bit old The story is written in such a way that it's easy to predict they'll get it together eventually Seeing him keep up his insecure teenage boy act just detracts from the interesting parts of the storyI didn't think it started to rev up until about the sixty percent point when Ryan the supernatural guide introduces himself I did enjoy the way Jake's story becomes a parable and he represents us all His main issue turns out to be something we can surely almost all relate to his response to guilt trips and false and unnecessary grief about the ways he feels he's fallen short Portals can be uite fascinating and there are some intriguing thoughts about where fictional characters really exist between the pages of books or in the individual imagination? So a tiny bit of Rubart's usual trademark magic did come through It's just this book seemed to have to wade us through a fair bit waffle to get thereI guess every author is entitled to a few misses and I've had several hits with Rubart's novels so far that I'll look forward to the next one I liked the reference to Black Fedora coffee which featured strongly in his last novel The Five Times I met MyselfThanks to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for my review copyFor reviews visit my blog This was definitely an interesting read A motivational speaker who had spoken at hundreds of conventions companies and events had his life totally changed all in one night All because he tried to be a hero and help a woman who was being harassed by her pimp It was really sad what happened to him that night but he let the scars overcome what he was He had been a hiker a mountain bike rider a marathon runner even an Ironman He was not even close to any of those things any As a matter of fact his wife who he truly loved and thought she truly loved him for what he was left him She couldn't bear the scars and his weaknesses any longer That one sentence tells you what kind of woman she was a witch with a capital B He felt no longer himself nor a man and was majorly embarrassed of his scarsOn an annual summer outing with his friends in which this was their decade anniversary he had decided he was not going He had went the year before and felt like a fifth wheel especially when he had to visibly show his scars However he met a man on a plane who talked him into changing the locale and told him that would make him feel better Little did he know that new locale would give his life new meaning Not exactly what he expected but healing powers just the sameI myself thought the corridor part a little strange but that's because I'm not a usual sci fi reader nor a fantasy reader However I went on with the flow it kept me interested I didn't really understand some of it until the final visit and then I got that knock you in the head aha feelingThis was really a good read I sometimes got a little tired of Jake's woe is me actions but who's to know how I would be To be able to do all of those things and then wham It's a good day when I'm able to climb stairs So apparently I needed a little empathy while reading this book Still I kept reading even thinking the corridor would do what he really wanted not what he really needed See I was thinking fairy tale duhAnyway I did thoroughly enjoy the book for the most part and did end up loving it at the end It was definitely entertaining and held my interest I would most definitely recommend this to my friendsThanks to Thomas Zondervan for surprising me with this book in a huge box of books I loved the opportunity to be able to read and review this book Jake Palmer is a management trainer who makes a living encouraging others to read what’s on their label rather than believing lies about themselves But following a horrific incident he finds himself on a journey to read his own label—to believe the truth about himself instead of the lies he’s been fed by the people he loved most to the point he’s forgotten who he wasThe Long Journey to Jake Palmer is excellent Excellent writing excellent characters excellent plot and an excellent message about learning and believing the truth about ourselves not the lie It’s a novel of spiritual and emotional healing subtly making the excellent point that the physical healing so many people search for is secondary to spiritual healing The metaphor and I truly can’t believe I’m writing that in a book review of forgetting who we are is apt I read an article yesterday which said most five year olds have creativity at near genius levels But we lose that as we get older until we become merely average It’s the same message as Rubart shares with Jake Palmer’s story we forget who we are and we need to rediscover ourselvesThis is easily one of the best books I’ve read this year Recommended—although at over 10 for the ebook you might want to treat yourself to the paperbackThanks to NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review The Long Journey to Jake Palmer is indeed a journey to behold Readers will be enticed from the first page to the last I found myself lost within James L Rubart's words The character's journey is a realistic one that we all can relate to at one point in time We have all felt like we have failed or lost something that we couldn't imagine going on withoutyet life forces us to keep moving or to be stumbled uponJames L Rubart surprised me with his stunning novel The tale instantly hooked me His words were captivating The struggles were believable I could feels sense and understand the main character's emotions and thoughts I felt like I was inside his shoes The main character Jake Palmer is a hero He stands up for what's morally right even if the danger is high He risked his life to help others Then later on he is still doing good things like motivating others A positive speaker to helps others move forward and accept themselves in a positive light I loved that I felt that the novel was also speaking out to me It was easy to connect with Jake Palmer and the other lesser characters within the story Very emotional and thought provoking A deeper meaning A purpose Life was described as wild and rough as the sea during a storm but we can't move forward until we accept defeat sometimes Maybe what we had wasn't meant to be Yes we all can still be hurt But we got to make that jump if we planned to move The writing was superb well written well developed characters A plot that moved me forward to the last page Overall I loved reading it I highly recommend The Long Journey to Jake Palmer to readers everywhere A brutal attack and a devastating divorce have left Jake struggling with his identity When he hears the legend of a hidden place at Willow Lake where his life can be restored or destroyed? he can’t resist finding out if the legend is true in The Long Journey to Jake Palmer by author James L RubartHaving read The Five Times I Met Myself by this author I was expecting a story that would include an element of fantasy and that’s what I got I wasn’t expecting a nod to Black Fedora but I got that too and it was fun Jake’s journey goes so far as to incorporate pieces of The Silver Chair from The Chronicles of Narnia my favorite fantasy series While this novel spends a good amount of time on Jake’s interaction with his friends on their lakeside vacation I found myself wanting to get back to the legend of the lakeside corridorHowever while I would’ve liked to feel that I was mainly learning along with Jake it felt as if I spent most of the book waiting for him to catch up to finally get past what seemed like the obvious surface of things On the whole I was a little surprised that the story didn’t surprise me muchStill the novel has an encouraging message of healing along with its adventure into a realm where the possible and the impossible meetBookLook Bloggers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review This is my second James L Rubart novel As with the other novel The Five Times I Met Myself the message is phenomenal I was very uickly pulled into this novel very uickly Somewhere along the way the super natural got a bit too much for my reading enjoyment I admit to not reading fantasy so other readers may very well thoroughly enjoy the super natural aspect to the novel Jake Palmer's character growth and the overall message were both excellent While I didn't enjoy this novel as much as The Five Times I Met Myself it was a good novel and one I'd recommend I look forward to reading other novels by this author Poignant funny creative redemptive and brimming with hope and life another excellent release from James Rubart Check it out this August

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James L Rubart is a 28 year old trapped in an older man's body who loves to water ski and dirt bike with his two grown sons He's the bestselling Christy Book of the Year Carol INSPY and RT Book Reviews award winning author of ten novels including his latest The Pages of Her Life He lives with his amazing wife on a small lake in eastern Washington

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