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Interrupted Lullaby SAFE BY THE LAWMAN'S SIDEMaggie Slade's been on the run since witnessing her husband's murder hiding from a killer who wants evidence he believes she has A killer who was dressed as a LaMar Pond policeman And she'd better run fast because it's not just her life on the line—Maggie now has year old twin babies But then she's attacked again and rescuedby a LaMar Pond cop Trusting Lieutenant Dan Willis is frightening Letting him take her back to LaMar Pond to find her husband's killer is terrifying But to protect her babies she'll risk anything Even her life And as she grows closer to Dan and learns to trust againshe may even risk her heart

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    I really enjoyed this fast paced thriller even than the first LaMar Pond book Presumed Guilty It builds on the acuaintances already made in the other book and this book is about two of those side characters Maggie and Dan I really enjoyed the relationship between these two And the babies were precious I also really appreciated the Christian message of Maggie learning to trust God again after pushing Him out of her life years beforeI liked to see some signs of manhood in Seth and wil

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    Very good book with enough action and suspense to keep me hooked to the end Maggie has been living under an assumed name to keep herself and twin children safe unable to trust anyone especially the police Her husband had been shot and killed by a policeman For eighteen months she has managed to keep hidden until the day she came home to find an attacker waiting for herDan has spent months looking for Maggie As one of the jurors in a case where they were being murdered see Presumed Guilty he

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    The girls and I didn't want to put it down I thought I'd just read the next chapter but each time I had to read just one page Keep up the good work

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    This is my first Love Inspired Suspense storyI think It's not a line I usually read as I'm a cosy girl than a thriller fanThis is the story of Maggie Slade who has been on the run for eighteen months after seeing her new husband murdered by a cop During that time she gave birth to twinsDan Willis is the cop who has been looking for missing person Maggie all that time Expecting her to turn up dead he did not expect her to turn up with twinsUnfortunately the moment he finds her someone else does and their

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    INTERRUPTED LULLABY is written by talented newcomer Dana R Lynn This is her second book with Love inspired Suspense and she definitely has the formula and story down Police officers have been hunting for Maggie Slade who went missing after a stint with jury duty Other jurors were found dead but Maggie fell off the radar But the police find her at the same time as the villain so immediately the police and Maggie and her twins are in danger I've said this before and I will say it again I would never survive as a

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    I won this book from goodreads in exchange for an honest review After starting the story I realized that it was actually the second book in a series but I felt that for the most part it stood on it's own and the references to the previous books events were enough to keep me going Maggie witnesses her husband's murder and goes on the run Unbeknownst to everyone she is pregnant with twins When she is discovered about two years later with the twins Dan the detective who assumed she had been killed will do anything to pro

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    You can read my review in the Feb 2016 issue of RT Bookreviews magazine

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    Maggie Slade and Lieutenant Dan Willis story is action packed and filled with tension lives being endangered and even lives lost that kept the pages turning Dana R Lynn sure knows the ins and outs of a great romantic suspense story Interrupted Lullaby is set in Lamar Pond where Maggie did not want to return with her distrust of officers after losing her husband by someone at least impersonating an office Maggie had a lot at risk in trying to keep hidden with her twins since that’s all she had in life The complicated ring of all h

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    WonderfulI read Seth and Jessica's story first I enjoyed it so much figured I would read Maggie and Dan's story Loved the twins Want to say this before I forget hope there is a story about Paul and I hope Irene find love again Dan is struggling with his time in Afghanistan and trying to be a cop Maggie and her twins are running for their lives The man she married is not who she thought he was she is angry at God her mother and the man that is her father With Dan by her side she learn to pray again and forgive No matter what happens in lif

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    The return to LaMar Pond in Interrupted Lullaby is well worth the trip Feisty widow and mother of twins Maggie Slade has been in hiding since the death of her husband She's worked hard to hide her identity and keep her children safe But someone has found herLieutenant Dan Willis has been looking for Maggie since she disappeared He arrives in the nick of time to thwart Maggie's attacker for now If he wants to keep her safe he'll have to keep her and her children close As danger mounts and the threat to Maggie grows so do their feelings for each o

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