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Under the Persimmon Tree Northern Afghanistan 2001 When the Taliban takes her brother and father to be soldiers and the bombing of her tiny village kills her mother and baby brother Najmah makes a dangerous journey over the mountains to Pakistan Here she meets Elaine an American woman waiting for her doctor husband to return from the front

About the Author: Suzanne Fisher Staples

Suzanne Fisher Staples is the author of six books addressed to children and adolescents Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA she grew up in a small community around Northwestern Pennsylvania She had three siblings a sister and two brothers Suzanne went to Lakeland High School in Scott Township Pennsylvania Later she graduated from Cedar Crest College in Allentown Pennsylvania She

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    Draining The first person present tense was unbearable It was whiny and unamusing I did not connect with a character who tells me everything

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    Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples is a significant book to read to help promote a global society Due to the war in the Middle East and much of the media coverage done on it there has been a great misconception created about Islam and the majority of Muslims News and media has a tendency to focus only on the very worst Media can even exaggerate news in order to suit a specific agenda Due to this unfortunately many Muslims and middle easterners have been misrepresented U

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    I got to page 100 and stopped I just can't do it This godawful piece of garbage beat me I'm actually wondering how I got this far There are so many things wrong with this book that I'm not even sure I can list them allA large amount of the sentences have an absence of commas making them either extremly choppy and short or so long that my internal voice even has to take a breath Either way it is exceptionally annoying A great example of this would be in page 7 where it bares the sentence of A

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    This book starts out telling two separate stories one of a woman the other of a girl both living in the Middle East during Taliban seizure Najmah is the young daughter of a shepherd family living in a Northern Afghanistan village called Golestan Soldiers take Najmah’s father and brother leaving her her mother and baby brother Later bombs take the lives of Najmah’s mother and baby brother and destroy their family home Najmah heads to Pakistan in search for her father and brother Nusrat is an Am

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    I loved Staples book Shabanu but was disappointed in this one It is set in Afghanistan and Pakistan during 2001 2002 ? and is the story of a a girl and a young woman The woman converts to Islam marries an Afghan doctor and moves to Peshawar where she runs a refugee school and he goes off to run a clinic in northern Afghanistan The girl lives in rural Afghanistan and her family is killedconscripted and she ends up at the school in Peshawar So much of this story is unlikely and feels artificial The refuge

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    This was an excellent book One of those books that I think everyone should read A book that should be on every school's reading list The book takes place roughly 2001 2002 in Afghanistan and Pakistan following two people one a shepherd girl from a fictional North Afghanistan village and the other the American wife of an Afghan doctor who is living near a refugee camp for Afghans in Pakistan while her husband works at a clinic in war torn Northern Afghanistan A series of probable events brings these two people

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    Under the Persimmon Tree is about Najmah a girl of about eleven who watches the Talaban kidnap her father and brother and later her mother and baby brother are killed in an air raid At the same time the story of Nusrat originally named Elaine who is a blonde white girl from New York who met and married Faiz a doctor from Afghanistan Faiz hearing about the war in Afghanistan feels he must return home and help his people Nusrat returns with him and teaches school at a refugee camp in Peshawar Pakistan In alternating

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    Overall I really enjoyed the book At first I wasn’t too big of a fan but then once the family problems came into play I wanted to keep reading Every chapter switched between Najmah and Nusrat and that was a little confusing at the start because I didn’t know what was happening The book was very upbeat and it has a good story behind it It shows how important family really is to people and that parents would do anything for their children This may not be a true story but this stuff really happens People lose their home

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    When I was reading this book A long walk to Water popped up in my mind Their both so alike in so many ways two points of views and they both intercept child soldiers losing your family but finding them in the end and etc Under the Persimmon Tree really makes you look at things differently just like A Long Walk To Water Also I like how this book some insight on how people lives are in India or Pakistan This book didn't disappoint me whatsoever and I hope that you get a chance to read this amazing book

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    I hated this book If i could give it less than one star I wouldIt's plot line was the most confusing thing ever There were two stories happening at the same time and often switched between the two without warning I wouldn't really mind this if at least one of the stories was a good one but neither of them were There were both boring and didn't keep my attention at all If you are into confusing plot lines and boring stories then this book is for you otherwise find something else other than this waste of paper

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