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Dragonsong I missed my reading window of opportunity for this one I should've read it when I was a prepubescent girl Clearly young girls are the target audience for Dragonsong The less than thrilling story revolves around a girl musician Will she or won't she become the community's head musician Eee gads the tension Now she's lost but a dragon rider comes to the rescue The drama Oh aren't dragons ever so beautiful I'm so excited I couldfall asleepThe description is lackluster as well The lack of details in McCaffrey's settings reminded me of A Wrinkle in Time I felt forever floating in a limbo world with a couple of other mildly interesting characters The foreword to Dragonsong was uite informative and set up the framework of the fantasy world in a way that I could readily grasp the basic laws However development never progressed beyond thatI only got so far and decided to put this down I didn't want to force myself yet again to read a book I wasn't enjoying It's not that Dragonsong is bad it's just not for me This felt like and I was looking for For me this book transcends the plane of existing merely as a book It is a dear memory wrapped so closely to my self identification for when it was introduced to me and by whom my fatherFor a preteen growing up on a small island Menolly's fate was so easy to identify with and I wished for my own dragonets The story is magical And I love it still I fell in love with the dragons of Pern and with Anne McCaffrey's writing uite a while back But I never got to read the Harper Hall trilogy because my silly old self thought it wouldn't be that good as it's about harpers and firelizards than dragonsMy smarter new self now gloats and wants to diligently kick my old silly self's butt preach about assumptions and how we're not really supposed to make them because they'll probably end up punching us in the face DThis book about harpers and firelizards was STUNNING I loved Menolly and her trials made me get spitting mad at times and laugh out loud at others Menolly | Pern Wiki | FANDOMI could practically picture an old pot flying at a big grumpy dragon's head who fortunatelly knows to get out of the way on cleaning days Or a little baby firelizard being grabbed by the tail and unceremoniously dropped in a corner with a juicy piece of meat to stay there and eat Anne McCaffrey has such a way with words that you can really see her stories unfold before your eyesIn plain and simple words she'll walk you through a tale of courage and determination of a young girl whose only fault is that of wanting to make musicIn a world where music is only made by men because women are not worthy of the honour; in a hold where women need to know their place and do only what they're told; in a family where a daughter is not loved if she doesn't carry her weight according to precepts and tradition Menolly dares to rebel and follow a dreamIntricatelly woven into a culture and lifestyle so different than ours and yet so alike Menolly's tale will point out both the best and worst in human nature It will make you both rage and sigh and will soften your heart with the gentle touch of the little dragon cousins not one but lots of pesky perky firelizards And how I wish I had a little one of thoseA song full of feeling strength and determination Dragonsong is one to listen toI highly recommend itMay it lift your spirits the way it did mineHappy reading I've read Dragonsong several times over the years and it continues to be one of my favourite Young Adult novels of all time Menolly is neither bad ass warrior nor shrinking violet but rather someone whose passion for music in all its forms combines with a strong sense of decency to carry her through the trials of living in a place where she's not wanted and having to make a place for herself outside her familiar homeDragonsong neither fits the contemporary notion of Young Adult nor Middle Grade but is instead a kind of timeless story that appealed to me both as a teenager and as an adult While it does sit within the massive canon of Pern novels it works perfectly well as a standalone book for those who've never read any of the Dragonriders books The first Anne McCaffrey I ever read and still a favorite Menolly is a great character and her adventures are timeless and instantly engaging Just reread this for the first time in yearsA bit heavy on the Menolly is a girl oh no and things don't really pick up until the fire lizards show up but even so good stuff And still the comfort read it was 20 years ago The Dragon books were part of the network of books that introduced me in my teen years to fantasy and sci fi and on re reading them years later it is encouraging to find them still as well written as I remember them The plots still as riveting the world building still as thrilling and the characters still as good well maybe just a tiny bit teen angst than I look for these days but otherwise just as goodIn Dragonsong we follow the adventures of Menolly the youngest daughter in a sea hold where everyone works brutally hard and which has no appreciation for music Menolly is all about the music and when the old hold Harper dies she is slowly pushed to her limits until she leaves the hold completely to live outside during thread fall a thing no one believes is possible She impresses fire lizards small wild relatives of the massive dragons and then she teaches them to singStill as good as when I read it years ago as good as when it was written in the 1970's I wonder a little if it could be as amazing to a young girl reading it today as it was to us all back then We has so few strong women in fiction to enchant us Well there is out there these days but this one is as good as ever It was not Threadfall that made Menolly unhappy It was her father who betrayed her ambition to be a Harper who thwarted her love of music Menolly had no choice but to run away She came upon a group of fire lizards wild relatives of the fire breathing dragons Her music swirled about them; she taught nine to sing suddenly Menolly was no longer alone I almost named my daughter Menolly because I loved this book so much And it would have been a completely appropriate name for her she is currently in college pursuing a degree in vocal performance and has many musical talents and abilitiesI read this book when I was an adolescent and it struck such a chord with me that I read it and re read it once or twice a year until I was an adult with children myself Menolly is the daughter of a strict practical sea holder on Pern Her father has little time or patience for such frivolous activities as music and is very conscience of propriety and everyone's proper place in the social structure of his sea hold When the sea hold's harper and Menolly's musical mentor and friend dies a replacement is not expected for many months Menolly's father has a duty to fulfill in the education of the sea hold's children so he reluctantly agrees to let Menolly assume that responsibility temporarily until the new Harper arrives Menolly instructs the children carefully as her parents expect her to But her music calls to her incessantly and she can't contain herself completely She composes and writes a song one afternoon in the classroom after the children have left to do their chores Unfortunately her father happens to be passing by in the hall doesn't recognize the tune and proceeds to beat Menolly for the audacity of breaking his commandment of no tuning Menolly is so devastated by this event she decides to run away from home She gathers up some food and clothes and escapes through the front door of the sea hold leaving it unlocked and open during a Fall something she had forgot about in her haste to leave A Fall is the deadly rain from the sky actually space that contains a virulent organism that east all things organic in seconds Only stone metal or water can protect you from it The Dragonriders of Pern fly to fight the menace before it can reach the ground but if the terrain is rocky or watery they will let it fall Menolly is trapped on the beach and suirms her way into a small cave where a fire lizard ueen and her eggs are hatching As they hatch the hungry fire lizards leave the cave only to be destroyed by the Fall outside Menolly is desparate to save them so starts feeding them from her supplies In the end she saves nine fire lizards and soon discovers that like Dragons they now look to her Menolly survives for a time on her own but again is caught out in a Fall and tries to outrun the leading edge A Dragonrider spots her thinking she's a boy because she is very tall and lanky scoops her up and takes her back to the Weir From that point forward Menolly's life changes for the better Menolly still struggles and is very unsure of herself Eventually those around her that care and befriend her draw her out from her harden shell and she eventually finds herself a student in the Harper Hall This is a great coming of age tale There is nothing like snuggling under the covers with one of your favorite books on a rainy day I love this book unconditionally so don't expect a fair review from me This is the book that led to my discovery of both sci fi and fantasy as genres it opened up the world to me at the time I was eleven but a decade later I still enjoy itThe book was written for an arguably younger audience than any other set of books in McCaffrey's Pern series There is no sex minimal violence the reading level is definitly geared toward middleschoolers not in a condescending way though and the main characters are in their teens Still its a necessary part of the Pernverse for any enthusiastThe characters are enjoyable Harper Hall is a favorite location of mine everyone wants a firelizard after reading this story and its a uick but excellent read I think it says something that I have read this book over a dozen times but still find myself longing to relive the events thereinDo yourself a favor if its raining out curl up with any of your favorite books but I do hope you'll give this one a tryRead as #100 book of 2012 in celebration of being able to read at all after a few trying years of little time for literature

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