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The City of Ember An alternate cover edition can be found hereMany hundreds of years ago the city of Ember was created by the Builders to contain everything needed for human survival It workedbut now the storerooms are almost out of food crops are blighted corruption is spreading through the city and worst of all—the lights are failing Soon Ember could be engulfed by darknessBut when two children Lina and Doon discover fragments of an ancient parchment they begin to wonder if there could be a way out of Ember Can they decipher the words from long ago and find a new future for everyone Will the people of Ember listen to them This book was a huge thing when I was in the fifth grade The film was coming out and it was one of the pioneers of the YA dystopian genre My sister told me I should read this one despite my adamant hatred of the similar The Hunger Games I'm glad I gave The City of Ember a chance because it's an inspiring spectacular tale of friendship shady politics horrid underground conditions and the story of how humanity rises again Maybe 18 months ago I came out of my office to find my 5 year old son laying in the hallway reading a bookHe wasn't just flipping through a picture book either He was actually reading it A book with all words and no picturesThis was that book He'd read it with his mom a over a month's worth of bedtimes Then of his own volition while walking through the hallway he'd pulled it off the shelf sat down and started to read it againThat's a recommendation beyond anything I can give it About a week ago I went on a car trip with Oot and we listened to this book together I see why he liked it It's very tightly written Good setting Good mystery Two POV characters one boy and one girl They each have their own plots and their own character arcs Their own problems they struggle to resolve The boy gets angry sometimes and his father talks to him about it and the boy tries throughout the book to get a grip on his anger with varying success What's they both make mistakes And they're obviously mistakes If only the boy would have told his father about X things would have gone better It's kinda the opposite of Harry Potter It's nice to have that in a kid's bookAnyway Yeah Good book Good Audio Two thumbs up One from me and one from Oot The City of Ember is a young adult novel that is a fantastic allegory for spiritual awakening though I have no idea if it was intended as such The story is of a girl who lives in an underground and completely self contained city created by the “Builders” The population of the city knows of nothing outside the city in fact though they speak English many of the words in it like “sky” are not understood in any terms but metaphorically The problem is that the city is falling apart the lights are going out the vast stores of supplies of light bulbs canned food and vitamins are running out The reader is in on a worse calamity namely that a secret message in a timed lock box that was left by the Builders which was meant to be handed down from mayor to mayor and that would open just in time to explain to the city dwellers how to get out of the city was lost many generations back Well being a young adult novel it’s pretty predictable in that the box is in our hero’s closet but a nice turn of events it is found by our hero’s baby sister who chews on it for a while before our hero gets her hands on it leaving the message is only partially legible So the bulk of the story is the deciphering of the message followed by the experience of trying to communicate its contents to the adults who of course don’t accept the message where else is there but here which is the euivalent of all prophets experiences of rejection by the status uo And finally there is the adventure of eventual escapeThis book reworks the universal theme of Plato’s cave and of all mysticism What we think of as the whole universe is but shadow and further that to enter that “kingdom of heaven” you must be like a child The insight that this version of that universal story led me to is part of the answer to why childishness is a necessary component of the transformation Children haven’t yet become someone Which means who they are is not yet at stake For some reason our culture has this uestion “what are you going to be when you grow up” Think about the hidden structures and assumptions in that uestion Who are you Have you figured it out yet Is what you do who you are Is what you believe who you are Is who you associate with who you are I write these uestions myself in shadow not in the condition of childishness and with all of this as uaker’s say “a notion” ie not something that I have experienced but rather something I think But this thing that is mostly a notion for me that the distinction between notional and experiential living is key to awakening I am begining in small ways to actually experience DuPrau makes a typical first time novelist mistake throughout this book she doesn’t trust her reader to infer In other words she often over explains following up dialogue and action seuences with redundant descriptions of a character’s take on what just happened Another disappointment is that the mystery of Ember unfolds in an entirely predictable manner There are no great surprises DuPrau's characterization of Doon is one dimensional His spurts of rage create the only complexity in an otherwise flat character Lina on the other hand rings true as a 12 year old throughout the book with one exception when her grandmother dies Lina’s grieving process is so brief it feels like the author has ignored something very important The book’s strongest element was the setting Ember Throughout reading the book I could see the dark amber lights and the anxious people throughout the city I hope DuPrau will learn from some of her mistakes and produce a stronger seuel—Ember is rich with possibilities for a greater story

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