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Girls Made of Snow and Glass Frozen meets The Bloody Chamber in this feminist fantasy reimagining of the Snow White fairytaleSixteen year old Mina is motherless her magician father is vicious and her silent heart has never beat with love for anyone—has never beat at all in fact but she’d always thought that fact normal She never guessed that her father cut out her heart and replaced it with one of glass When she moves to Whitespring Castle and sees its king for the first time Mina forms a plan win the king’s heart with her beauty become ueen and finally know love The only catch is that she’ll have to become a stepmotherFifteen year old Lynet looks just like her late mother and one day she discovers why a magician created her out of snow in the dead ueen’s image at her father’s order But despite being the dead ueen made flesh Lynet would rather be like her fierce and regal stepmother Mina She gets her wish when her father makes Lynet ueen of the southern territories displacing Mina Now Mina is starting to look at Lynet with something like hatred and Lynet must decide what to do—and who to be—to win back the only mother she’s ever knownor else defeat her once and for allEntwining the stories of both Lynet and Mina in the past and present Girls Made of Snow and Glass traces the relationship of two young women doomed to be rivals from the start Only one can win all while the other must lose everything—unless both can find a way to reshape themselves and their story Spoiler free review “Weak or strong she didn’t know what they meant any Maybe they didn’t mean the same thing for everyone”First you have to know that this book literally is being marketed as and I uote a fantasy feminist fairy tale and if you think that wasn't enough to sell me on it you are DEAD WRONG✘ PLOTIn the wintery wonderland Whitespring Princess Lynet is nearing her sixteenth birthday and her father expects her to come into her own as ueen Unfortunately Lynet has never wanted to be a ueen she just wants to climb trees and towers and learn about the mysterious new surgeon a girl named Nadia who makes her cheek flush every time she smilesMeanwhile Lynet's stepmother Mina has only ever wanted to be ueen; with a heart made of glass and an upbringing that told her she was unworthy of love she has decided that power is the next best thing What will she do when the King decides to crown Lynet ueen earlier than expected and takes that power away from Mina leaving her with nothing?✘ WRITINGI always try to go into debut novels with optimism and this book was no different Unfortunately the biggest drawback for me of this entire book was the writing itself It felt a bit young as though it would be suited for MG writing than YA Many incidents that should have been earth shaking if not entirely traumatic were simply breezed past by the characters within a few short sentences leaving the entire plot to feel very rushed I didn't think passage of time went very realistically in the storyThat said the writing is very whimsical and paints a beautiful setting I loved the descriptions of Whitesping as well as the Southern lands and I thought the characters were sculpted magnificently I will absolutely be first in line for Melissa's next book because I think she shows uncanny amounts of potentialAlso the chapters switch perspectives between Lynet and Mina and for the bulk of the book those perspective changes also include changes in time with most of Mina's chapters being set several years in the past Those transitions were flawless and I never struggled to keep the perspectives separate as they felt like distinctly different narratives✘ LYNETLynet is really the primary main character in this story and she is a fun narrator She has grown up constantly being compared to her late mother the former ueen but all she wants is to be recognized as her own person She would rather spend her days climbing trees than learning how to become the next ueen and she wants nothing to do with politics until she learns that she can help people instead of only ruling them Her blossoming relationship with Nadia is sweet but very slow moving and unacknowledged for the bulk of the story✘ MINADespite being cast as the evil stepmother of this fairytale Mina was probably my favorite character if only because my heart ached so much for her She was raised with no mother and a loveless father who constantly told her she was not only unworthy of receiving love but also incapable of giving it She carries a heavy burden of self loathing and shame but is a profoundly kindhearted character at times She makes some awful choices but I felt like she redeemed herself thoroughly by the end of it all✘ NADIAI really expected Nadia to be a huge aspect of the story being Lynet's love interest but I was stunned to see how little screen time she actually got We learned very little about her and her character underwent minimal development so I couldn't even formulate a solid opinion on herAnd then my single biggest problem with this book the relationship WHERE IS THE GAY?? I was told this was supposed to be an adorable lesbian love story but there is almost no romance whatsoever and I was just sorely disappointed in that aspect✘ FINAL VERDICTI love fairytale retellings for their whimsy and magic and this book didn't let me down in those avenues I was especially fond of the way the magic worked such as how Mina's glass heart gave her a way to manipulate glass into becoming other things and peopleUltimately I'm a sucker for stories where the villain is really just a misunderstood wounded soul and Girls supplied that in no small measure Almost every character in the story has undergone genuine traumas that explain the ways they behave for better or worseAll in all while it wasn't everything I hoped it would be it mostly fit what I wanted It was a fun read that I didn't really want to put down and I'm eager to see what else Melissa Bashardoust comes up with Thank you so much to Flatiron Books for the ARC All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my ownYou can also find this review on my blog It was kind of boring There was nothing terrible about this book but like the snow and ice imagery so prevalent throughout the book it left me cold This book portrays itself as a feminist fantasy modeled after Frozen and The Bloody Chamber I have not watched Frozen and I don't know what The Bloody Chamber is What it did remind me of was Snow White and the Huntsman with a magical twist We get to see things from the not so evil stepmotherueen Mina and the princess Lynet Both are beautiful in their own way both defined by their beauty by the world If they love you for anything it will be for your beauty Both portrayed as sympathetic women defined by the fact that neither are truly human not uite alive Mina lacks a heart and Lynet is made from snow and searching for loveWhen I say searching for love I do not mean to imply that this book is very romantic It is not At times I wish there were romance in it actually particularly between the king Nicholas and ueen Mina Mina is 32 in the book rather unusual of an YA novel Lynet 16 but we get to see how Mina grew up from her flashbacks of her youthThere is a hint of a lesbian romance and the characters are described to have olive golden light brown skin I appreciate the nod towards diversity I can't pinpoint anything outrightly wrong with this book except for the fact that it just didn't draw my attention and it didn't make me feel for the characters The writing is adeuate but emotionless Perhaps that's what it was meant to convey given the tone of the book Like no fairytale retelling I have read beforeSnow White is my least favourite fairytale Where other people see beauty and purity I see simplicity and oppressiveness So it’s a good thing Melissa Bashardoust has written this feminist retelling of it in which powerful women are not solely represented as villainous characters and where choices truly can be madeI hope you’ve noticed how many original fairy tales there are that illustrate young girls needing to be calm pure beautiful and available to be loved by a stronger self assured man because it’s problematic In GIRLS MADE OF SNOW AND GLASS Mina the stepmother and Lydia the princess are both women made out of thin air metaphorically speaking with the purpose of being controlled by men they trust However they slowly discover their powers within and use them to keep control of their lives They may have been made of a single element—meant to be simple and bendable—but Mina and Lydia will discover being underestimated might just work in their favour this time This truly is a splendid lush tale The writing is absolutely spellbinding It definitely felt like a fairytale retelling—not too close and not too far from the version we all know Just the perfect amount of twists and surprises My only complaint is regarding the ultra slow pacing Not much action lies in the chapters Conversation and thought are at the heart of this novel Fortunately the author’s thoughts are deep and the dialog powerful Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ This was an entirely magical book of 1 glass 2 snow 3 epic women and 4 extremely bad hair days Which is relatable honestly because I put my foot down when these fairy tales can just have wonderful ueens smiting galaxies and never getting so angry at their hair they just want to cut it all off 1010 for hair relatability BUT ACTUALLY this book is about than hair In fact it's not about hair shut up Cait why do you even do this It's a Snow White retelling that has some amazingly original plot twists to the old and it was GOOD I was a bit lulled to sleep with the lack of plot but I was soooo impressed with all the epic #girlpower and how it really really zoned in on family loveFAMILY LOVE IS GREAT I love my family too I did not sell them online last week so I could buy books I did notSMOL LIST OF EXCITING THINGS ABOUT THIS BOOK• it is a ueer retelling so #yas for ff romance• the stepmother and princess do not mindlessly loathe each other their relationship is complex and ends up falling into direness but it's actually about a motherdaughter relationship that's rocky but still full of love • the way the old Snow White story was incorporated was great• features fun magic like people with hearts made out of glass and girls created from snow• gorgeous map• basically full cast of grand women not all white tooSMOL LIST OF DISAPPOINTMENTS• there's very little world buildingactually none• there is like no food no one eats around here i'm hungry• the king was hugely creepy and ughgughg• it was a seriously slowIt's also VERY character driven so don't expect a wild frolic in blood and steel with dwarves There are actually now dwarves Or apples IDK either mate but I'm glad it deviated a lot from Snow White 01 because this made it so much engaging I actually did struggle a lot with how plotless it was for the first 50% All that seemed to be happening was the king was fluttering over his daughter Lynet and telling her how much like her mother she looked and how much he loved her for itwhich is SUPER CREEPY MATE BACK OFF It didn't go into dubious territory however I just hated the king And Lynet was Too Precious Too Fragile™ to do anything so she was a bit of a passive character to read about She wanted to She just was like protected with 54 rolls of bubblewrap If bubblewrap had been inventedBut the themes of friendship and family were bestttt And I loved Lynet's growing relationship with the local surgeon girl Nadia They were super sweetI also found the book really just downright magical It felt inspiring to read like all the magical things happening just made me super glad fairy tales exist 3ALL IN ALL Definitely a lovely retelling with admirable women and great magical catastrophes Don't do drugs kids don't do magic don't eat bad fruit It was a little too slow paced and rambly for me?? And I wished there was world building But I still liked it

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