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The Marriage of Inconvenience This was one of my favourite tropes The married reunion It reminded me a little of Catherine Spencer's The Millionaire's Marriage An estranged couple forced to live together to appear happily married in front of someone important in their livesIn this case Angeline Scott needs to expand her business TeaLC cute name and the answer is a fabulous herbal tea grown in central Europe or further east Only trouble is the owners of the tea plantation want to deal with a stable family firm The only family Angeline has is her estranged husband RJ Davet who walked away from their youthful marriage three years agoRJ has come a long way from his rough and tumble roots but he knows he will never be good enough for Angelina in the eyes of her father and the friends she grew up with The only hope of Angelina being reinstated in her father's good graces is if RJ stays awaySo the two of them just need to pretend for one night Except things get out of hand and they have to travel together to the tea plantation and gasp share a bedroomThis is basically a nice story about nice people They married young and for various reasons they broke up kind of when it looked like life was taking them in different directions It was complicated than that and it was good to see them work things throughEnding was satisfactory Her lawfully wedded husbandagain When Angeline Scott's business is in trouble she turns to the one man who can help—RJ Davet She needs him to pose as her husband to secure a vital deal Surely that shouldn't be too difficult seeing as RJ played that role spectacularly well until their marriage fell apart Opening the door to RJ again makes Angel realize something immediately she's never gotten over him But can she convince him of that before this deal is struck and he walks out of her life once Well this one is a lovely story of second chance romance and the first book I have read of MS Singh’s and I look forward to many she has a beautiful writing voice that brings out the emotions and feeling that two people can keep hidden for a long time Sit back and enjoy this trip to the lovely tea plantation and the blooms that help make tea and bring Angel and RJ back togetherAngeline Scott comes from a rich Boston family and has been used to the best of everything but in college she meets a boy RJ Davet from the other side of the tracks but for Angel that is not a problem because she has fallen for him deeply and uickly they marry and she is disowned by her father but for a time they are very happy and Angel starts up her own business TeaLC and RJ has his own company but this pulls them apart and they separate Years later Angel needs RJ’s help to get a new contract will he help?RJ has never felt good enough for the beautiful Angel who is a true Angel in his eyes but guilt about pulling her away from her father the only family she has has built a wedge between them he has now built up his company and is doing really well so when she gets in contact with him to ask him to pretend to be her loving husband seeing as how they have never divorced for a few days to help her get a contract he tries other ways to help unsuccessfully he is not sure that he can be that close to her you see he has never stopped loving herThis trip together is the best for both RJ has such a hard time believing that he can be good enough for Angel and Angel has never felt that way she has always been very proud of how RJ has built himself up and for the honest and caring person he is and she does everything to convince him Really this is a beautiful sensual and moving story that had me turning the pages this is one that I highly recommend and I sense another story involving both RJ and Angel’s off siders here’s hoping Thank you MS Singh for a fabulous story The marriage of inconvenience is true romance at its best  its when Angelina Scott and RJ Davet separated but not yet divorced find themselves pretending to still be married to procure a business deal for Angelina  Why is this true romance because while on the course of making believe they are still happily married they discover all that caused them to separate to begin with  RJ Davet comes from a poor background and Angelina is from wealth and is estranged from her society father because of her marriage to RJ  RJ hates feeling responsible for this so he ends their marriage after her father offers him money to leave  There are so many misunderstanding and they were young so doubts of each others feelings were part of their ending  However Ms Singh is able to bring all things to the surface and write an amazing romance putting two people together playing pretend until it becomes real and you get to see the blossoming of their love all over again  A wonderfully enjoyable story and an author to watch The Marriage of Inconvenience Nina Singh’s second Harleuin Romance novel is a witty sensually captivating read—a perfect chillaxing treat for this summer heat I fell in love with RJ and Angeline the moment I met them Their personalities and their uiet presence jump out at you Through detailed picturesue prose and an expressive writing style—that is flawless by the way—I connected with the hero and heroine on so many levels The dialogue which is realistic and casual draws you further into the romance engaging you and before you know it you’re hooked I loved every word of this book and look forward to reading Ms Singh’s future booksRecommended4 Stars The Marriage of Inconvenience by Nina Singh is a feel good classic romance Angelina Scott is estranged from her wealthy family because she chose to marry RJ Davet who comes from a poor background Their marriage was in a separation but they were not yet divorced when they find themselves pretending to still be married so that Angelina could get a business deal They learn to rediscover what brought them together and learn to give love a chance The Marriage of Inconvenience by Nina Singh is a gripping tale of two people from different backgrounds who fell in love and got married but who let outside forces tear them apart When Angeline Scott needs her estranged husband’s help RJ Davet doesn’t hesitate to come to her rescue Being thrown together again Angel and RJ rediscover why they fell in love and what tore them apart They come to realise some difficult truths in the process but one thing that never changed is their love for each otherIt was a fabulous story that caught and held my interest throughout the book I highly recommend this book to all readers it makes you realise that you have to work at your relationships and not take anything for granted An unexpected reunion story Keeping secrets in the past only led to them falling apart but can being forced together again work in their favor? The plot is interesting but I found it hard to connect totally with the characters Not a disappointing outcome though so overall a solid readAngeline Scott finds herself in need of a husband and since she has an estranged one she decides to cash in on that and ask him for a huge favorRJ Davet never got over Angel and tries his best to turn down her reuest but he just can’t make himself hurt her He never thought he was good enough for her but if something he can provide will help her business he will risk the heartbreak he knows he’ll be going through when they part again THE MARRIAGE OF INCONVENIENCE by Nina SinghThis was an excellent read Loved from page 1 to the end Angeline Scott needed help from the one man that could help Her business was in trouble and she sent an email to RJ Davet her ex husband She was working with a company that she needed to make this vital deal Well problem was that they only wanted to deal with married couples Angeline and RJ had that kind of marriage up until their marriage fell apart Now she realizes she never got over RJ Angeline’s dad thought that RJ was not properly suited for his daughter and so he offered him money to leave Angeline and RJ were young and had doubts that their the other was really in love with each other Nina Singh is an amazing author and the story was well written It really felt like I was right there with the couple and I highly recommend this book to others This is a fun read Singh's cheeky references to love are playful and the storyline is sweet The characters' banter is highly enjoyable and readers will uickly flip through the pages to discover exactly what Angel will decide in the end Some may root for her to go with her heart but it's almost satisfying to wish she would choose with her head instead 4 stars RT Book Reviews

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