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For Finlay AN ANGSTest TO GOODNESS FUN READI have two weaknesses A love a man in uniform and a man who plays and achieves at a high level in sports This man happens to wear a college football uniform Add to the mix he is a conceited jerk and needs to be knocked down a peg or two by a strong willed woman who refuses to take what he is shoveling out made this one a lively readI devoured this in nearly one sitting as it was filled with angst simmering hostility lust secrets humor a pushpull relationship and an intriguing storyline The connection I had with the main characters was immediate and heartfelt This was my first J Nathan read and it won't be my lastCaden Brooks is the epitome of the egotistical jock who has no difficulty hooking up with the opposite sex He has the looks the body and the confidence to know they will melt at his feet by just giving them his sexy wink and nod Well that is until he meets Finlay Thatcher a woman who loathes him for reasons he cannot for the life of him understand He doesn't like it and really wants to change her mind about him It's a tricky proposition considering he is in a relationship and never has nor ever will become a guy who cheatsFinlay Thatcher is trying her best to honor the memory of her twin brother It was Cole's dream to play football at the college level and hopefully make it to the pros Unfortunately that dream was never realized as his life was taken way too soonTwo years later the shame and anguish over her last conversation with Cole still haunts Finlay and continues to gnaw at her soul When the coach of the Alabama football team offers her the opportunity to be on the sidelines of every practice and every game she jumps at the chance hoping to put the pieces of her heart and life back together again But there is the matter of Caden Brooks He is the team's super star and she hates him This was an enjoyable NA read It was heart rendering witty angsty and fast paced This would have been like a five star rating for me if Finlay wouldn't have fallen under Caden's spell uite so soon I think this book would need to be longer length in order for that to happen but it would have given me satisfaction And once they did get together I didn't want this story to endThe characters are nearly twenty one years old for those who may be wondering and aren't hip to reading about the sex lives of teenagers ;I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 35 StarsFinlay Thatcher was used to living in her twin brothers shadow since he was the big football star that everyone wanted to know She used to hate it and started to resent him for all his fame in their town but after his death she's lost without him Two years later she's finally ready to move on even if it's to live her brothers dream of football Working for the Alabama college football team was never where she saw her future going but it brings her closer to her brothers spirit so she's not going to give up Even if it means being around Caden Brooks a man she hates with a passion Or she thought she did because now that hateful passion is turning into a much sexual passion for the star uarterback I actually almost passed on this book because I haven't been in the mood for NA recently but after a few of my books didn't go too well for me I decided I needed a change I'm really happy that I finally picked this one up because I ended up enjoying the hell out of these characters I can't say that the plot was very uniue but there were certain things that the author handled in ways I haven't seen in NA before and it kept this book interesting Both Finlay and Caden were good characters and I liked reading about them putting their differences aside to be with one another Finlay has a long standing hatred of Caden for reasons she found inexcusable But watching her get to know him and realize he wasn't the bad guy she made him out to be was fun and I loved seeing them grow from enemies to The ending was a little tough for me and there seemed to be too much drama thrown into the mix all at one time Up until the last end of the story there wasn't much angsty drama and I would have been fine with some but what it all seemed like one dimensional angst that wasn't explained well so I didn't understand the significance of some of the scenes thrown into the book Overall if you're a fan of NA sports or just want to read a fun story of two people discovering the good in each other then read this book This is my first read from J Nathan but it won't be my last and I hope there will be to come from the secondary characters featured in this book ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Fierce funny and gorgeously written J Nathan expertly balances this sweet and sexy story about loss love and finding happiness with the perfect amount of touching and heartfelt emotion Two years ago Finlay Thatcher lost her other half her best friend her twin brother Having Cole die thinking she hated him when in reality she was so proud and loved him has left her absolutely sorrowful until Alabama’s football coach practically drags her to work for her brother’s team giving her the opportunity to forge ahead Getting past the guilt should be Finlay’s biggest difficulty but then she meets Bama’s star uarterback who took her brother’s position Caden Brooks’ is living the college dream He has droves of fans a devoted girlfriend and a starting position in the team’s football team nothing could possible trouble him except for the team’s spitfire water girl who inexplicably hated him on sight but who he can’t seem to stay away from Especially since they see each other at practice share a class and bus rides and they keep bumping into each other in the middle of the night due to their insomnia Loving a challenge Canden sets out to break down her walls but will he like the secret she has hidden behind them?I read this in one sitting I couldn’t put it this book down The pace and flow felt effortless Caden and Finlay’s pushpull lovehate relationship kept me hooked from start to finish They had great banter and chemistry and a shared past that brought tears to my eyes I felt so much for Finlay First living under her brother’s shadow and then living with so much guilt over her attitude towards him Yet she’s also strong and determined to pick up the pieces of her life I was so happy she had an awesome roommate who had her back and that Canden sparked her witty personality I was also delighted with her atypical water girl job Initially Canden may seem like the epitome of the American college uarterback hot cocky with pro football prospects and a gorgeous girl hanging from his arm Even without the heart breaking filter Finlay saw him through I could probably hate him too But once you take off the hate glasses and start to get to know the man there’s so much to him He’s not just charming to a fault he loves his mother is loyal and thoughtful And for those of you keeping track he hates dishonesty so there’s no cheating Canden and Finlay get off to a rocky start but their relationship is hooking and develops in a sweet sassy and heartfelt way that made me laugh smile and wipe away tears For Finlay is a standalone New Adult Romance Told from both points of view with a happy endingPinterest Board I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via Give Me Books Promotions The excerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers If there's one trope that I'm a huge sucker for it's enemies to lovers And my biggest weakness in story matter is the book of a college football player So throw these two this together and what do you get? For Finlay Also known as the kryptonite of Shannon Moore 3 And man oh man did this ever bring me to my knees He kissed me hard then pulled back just gazing down at me with the same soft look I was getting used to from him The one that held possibilities The one that made me feel special The one I’d never imagined would ever be directed at me “Stay tonight And the next night And the night after that” Immediately the reader is graced with some heavy disdain between the two main characters Caden and Finlay Caden is a junior and the starting uarterback for Alabama State and Finlay is the water girl on the team I like that it's not just given away immediately as to why these two don't get along I loved their bickering but even when they didn't like each other you could still feel a pull If love was a strong emotion hate was stronger And I was good at hating I’d hated Caden for two years It came easily Interestingly enough as well Finlay is like a walking talking football encyclopedia; a fanatic For her entire life she has run plays watched practices and games helped Cole to train and become better so you can bet that she knows what she's talking about I loved how she wasn't afraid to tell Caden what she was really thinking especially if it was about football These moments did nothing but add to my own curiosity of whatwhen things would happen between these two Now speaking of Cole My heart absolutely broke for Finlay For the amount of guilt that she was carrying around and couldn't let go of For her other half who was no longer there I can't imagine what it would feel like other than pure devastation Cole actually still plays a big part in this novel which I enjoyed Between flashbacks and characters speaking of their memories you could tell he was still a part of their lives not just forgotten “You’re still a kid” I teased “Says the eighteen year old” My eyes stayed on the screen as I clicked on the term Conditioned Response The virtual card flipped to reveal the definition “I’m not eighteen” “Oh sorry” he mocked “Nineteen” I shook my head unprepared for where the conversation could take us “I’ll be twenty one in January” “Aren’t you a freshman?” I nodded glancing over at him “I took a couple years off” His eyes widened in amusement “To find yourself?” Hmph “Guess so” “Did you find her?” A rush of sadness flooded my body “I’m not sure yet” These two were excellent at challenging each other between pranks uick uips and playful banter I always not only felt but believed the chemistry between them and from the first few interactions felt the pull Caden and Finlay were like magnets always seeking out the other even when they tried to stay away It was not only a lot of fun to read about but I liked the sweeter moments too The little early morning run ins for example were perfect with both the sweet and saucy moments At times even throw in a dash of angst and I was a happy happy camper “I promise you This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do But I think I should probably just hold you tonight” I watched the disbelief coast over her face “Hold me?” I bit down on my bottom lip to stop myself from taking back my words She blinked “You’re serious?” I nodded feeling my resolve waning “Can I do that? Can I just hold you tonight?” Her eyes held a mix of amazement and disappointment And after a long torturous pause she nodded “Yeah I’d like that” Yes this book has a conflict that does deal with a misunderstanding I know a lot of people hate that but I'm actually a big fan of how it was handled There was a lot of tension and anger for one but it wasn't one sided Each character had their reasons for their emotions and actions I could understand Caden's side but I loved how Finlay handled it My first thought when encountering the conflict was that the characters were jumping to conclusions and it was kind of ridiculous but then when I stepped back I understood I get why Caden thought what he did and I get why Finlay reacted how she did I appreciated both of their stances but love how Finlay stayed strong throughout And when the misunderstanding is found out? When the character figured out what they thought was wrong? Lord heavens You could feel everything The guilt anguish need for forgiveness all of it The sad look in his eyes and the emptiness I felt keeping him at arm’s length tugged at my heartstrings waning my resolve But a girl had to protect her heart And Caden Brooks had the ability to break it twice There's one special little moment when Finlay is on the football field by herself and all I'm going to say about it is that I was in tears This scene got really emotional and felt really special not only for Finlay and her potential relationship with Caden but for her guilt ridden regrets about how her relationship was left with Cole This was the first stage of healing for her Secondary characters can always help make or break a read for me so I loved the friendships of Sabrina and Forester They were loyal and helpful when needed but could also add a comedic element at other times I can't wait to read Forester's book next “She lied” His pretty boy face twisted in disbelief “So what? I lie to you all the time” My head reeled back “You do?” He nodded “When you ask me where I’ve been” “Why?” “Because I can The only reason why I rated this as 45 stars instead of 5 is because I wish some of the scenes could've been extended had a little detail pulled a little dialogue I really liked these two characters together but then wanted to be sure the reader is always getting the full essence of their relationship and feelings Can I also uickly mention that ending? Because oh my GOSH that was so sweet I maybe sort of kind of had a tear or two Maybe But it could've also been a dust bunny so I guess we'll never know I loved Finlay I loved Caden I love Sabrina and Coach and the entire team Even Grady was okay for a few moments “I didn’t do it for Cole I did it for you I did it for Finlay” The writing and flow just felt so easy It was easy to read and so easy to just become immersed in this book I read it in one sitting Completely addictive I've since checked our Goodreads and decided that I need to read this author's other books so I'll be getting on that right about Now ; Ultimately I think For Finlay carries a heavier theme which is pretty important to remember Time is a precious commodity that we take for granted You need to grasp it and hold on to those fleeting moments Those memories moments and people that you don't want to let go of People will come and go from our lives and while there's not always a reason for it sometimes there can be a silver lining An unexpected good that can come out of the bad So keep your chin up and keep going because tomorrow is another day that you get to live so hold on tight and don't let go “I’ve hated you and loved you both just as strongly Loving you has definitely been easier” Would I recommend this book? AbsolutelyWould I buy a copy for myself? Oh I don't know sarcasm but there's one sitting in my cart do I should probably just press order really uick 3 An ARC was received in exchange for an honest reviewJOIN THE SISTERHOOD FIND US ON FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOG Genre New Adult Sports RomanceSensuality RHo meter H manho h dunnoI wasn't expecting much from this selfpub so I was pleasantly surprised Likable and strong Hh Good mix of NA style angst and banter so it wasn't relentless sturm n drangI liked it enough that I am interested in reading the author's other bks and I didnt even deduct a half star for the lack of editing as I normally wouldTags Needs copy editing OW College football AlabamaRating 35 3 i think so starsEh okay I'm going to get straight up brutally honest on this oneFor starters very weirdly the thought of a twin brother dying kind of disturbed me No I don't have a twin brother so I was really freaked out when it unsettled me And no he does not die gruesomely he has a heart attack while on field And also no death does not disturb me I like reading that shit So if you know me you know that me getting unsettled by a book is a good thing for the book it means that the writer has done something right Kudos to Nathan for thatSo now you are wondering why I rated this book a 3 star That's not a bad thing people It just wasn't a 4 star book for me and that is the sole reason This book wasn't a bad one but it wasn't a great one either It was just a good oneSo let's talk about the book Finlay had a lot of guilt over the fact that she could never mend her relationship with the twin brother she loved so much before he died and basically hates Caden because he had taken Cole her twin's place as the uarterback Also because he had laughed in Cole's funeralYeah that would make me hate someone tooNow to Caden some might say that he was good but I just found him kind of childish for a lack of better word His attraction to Finlay comes completely out of left field for me It was like they spent some time together and he STILL kept saying that girls would do anything to get him and then they were kissing and were in love and shitMind you he just dumps his girlfriend because Finlay is THE oneOkay I'm making this sound really badCaden wasn't that bad but he was just not swoon worthy Does that make sense?I wasn't really impressed by him until the end Plus the whole misunderstanding kind of killed my entire mood I like stories with adult characters who act adult in situations that reuire an adult behaviorIf only the entire conversation went like this—Caden Who was Cole Thatcher to you lovely girl o' mine?Finlay Why do you ask monsieur?Caden I found his jersey and your pics in your room senoritaFinlay Oh my He was my twin brother who died two years ago I have those because I loved him and I miss him very much throws herself on the bed and cries loudly and like an 80's divaCaden Oh ma belle I'm so sorry Come 'ere Come 'ere Let me make it all better with my extremely manly arms and my magical dick kisskisskiss BTW they are not French Spanish and whatever the fuck language I used to depict them hereDo you SEE how uncomplicated that one uestion could've made the entire situation? Ugh I hate such stupid misunderstandings Me thinks Finlay ought to kick Caden where the sun don't shine for being a righteous assholeBut that aside I really liked Cole than the living characters at least He was a perfect brother sweet caring and understanding That letter was very heart touchingThis book was saved by the ending because that was really good So good that it redeemed all the earlier faults Finlay Thatcher is a lost soul guilt ridden after the death of her twin brother When Alabama's football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him she knows it's her chance to move on even if it means living her brother's dream Caden Brooks is Alabama's star uarterback He's got it all The attention of adoring fans A girlfriend who'd do anything to hold on to him And a future in the pros He's getting along just fine until Finlay steps into his life despising him at first sight and pushing his buttons like no other Unfortunately for Finlay and her attempt to keep Caden at arm's length there's nothing Caden loves than a challenge The problem with this challenge is she comes with a secret that has the power to destroy everything New Adult Sports Romance 45 Fabulous stars‘But living in the shadow of someone else was the worst kind of fate And for my own sanity I put an end to it’We were in the mood for a sports romance and they don’t come much better than For Finlay This felt like a classic old school NA romance with a well written football theme J Nathan is a new to us Author and we fell in love with her story and characters A fabulous frenemies to lovers’ story that’ll burrow deep in your heart Whilst incredibly sad at times it’s also very sweet passionate and funny “Never be afraid to tell people what you’re really thinking It’s one of the most refreshing things about you” The flow of this story felt so natural and believable We really got to know the characters their stumbling blocks insecurities and inner fights There were times we had tears in our eyes and others were our hearts melted Such a beautiful story that for some reason sparked a sentimentality in our hearts A fabulous sports romance that did exactly what it set out to be Click here for full review at TBB Available to purchase below US UKCome visit and follow us at✲ TotallybookedBlog✲ TB on Facebook✲ TB on Twitter✲ TB on Pinterest 💝FREE on on iBooks today 6222018💝BlurbA STANDALONE New Adult Romance in the For You series Each book follows a new coupleFinlay Thatcher is a lost soul guilt ridden after the death of her twin brother When Alabama's football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him she knows it's her chance to move on even if it means living her brother's dream Caden Brooks is Alabama's star uarterback He's got it all The attention of adoring fans A girlfriend who'd do anything to hold on to him And a future in the pros He's getting along just fine until Finlay steps into his life despising him at first sight and pushing his buttons like no other Unfortunately for Finlay and her attempt to keep Caden at arm's length there's nothing Caden loves than a challenge The problem with this challenge is she comes with a secret that has the power to destroy everything Loved this book 45 stars Loved Finlay and Caden I am addicted to college sport romance and this book ended a series of DNF books I loved Caden cockiness and being so human he fails big time with her and does everything in his chords to recover Finlay had a big loss and tries to recover hardly day by day The Half starsSincerely I have mixed feelings regarding her role in team I do not see as and healthy choice as a mother and a sister that has felt big loss I wouldn’t let her do it too painful and not her role to inherit

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