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Dungeon Madness The Divine Dungeon #2 An alternate cover edition for ASIN B01N4UA28Both Cal and Dale have become stronger each in spite of the other The dungeon Cal knows exactly how much their strength has increased and is working hard to become exponentially powerful His schemes are becoming complex and his dungeon his body deadly Dale has a nasty surprise waiting for him as he works to thwart the plans of the devious dungeon You see he is hearing a voice in his head that tries to distract him in critical moments and so must fight his mind as he fights deadly creatures Unbeknownst to both they are in for the fight of their lives as madness threatens the land

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    I couldn't put it down I absolutely loved this book truly I purchased the first one on a whim and I couldn't be happier Then I got this one and it was even better than the last

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    Enjoyable book but I wasn't as drawn in as with the first It may be that I'm reaching a saturation point with some of lit rpg books and need to take a breakSo fun book sentient dungeon which explains how dungeons respawn their monsters and

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    Binge read this sucker the day after listening to the first book on audible After reading this book I think I prefer reading the series to listeningOverall a pretty legit book It wasn't completely predictable which was great Cal was amusing Dan

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    I gave book 1 one star because it wasn't a story just a 13 of a story If anything book 2 is worse SPOILERS Book 2 ends with the main character dungeon going crazy and who reads fantasy books for a large dose of mental health issues? Apparently the

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    I liked this one than the last one because we get to see of what's going on in the world and there's a bit depth to the bookThe adventurer main character is struggling how to hold on to his authority in the dungeon raiding camp dealing with elves ro

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    35Still silly Still enjoyable Still too many punsBook 2 continues the adventure expanding the world and characters I didn't enjoy it as much as Book 1 for a couple reasons First the in depth mechanics of the RPG leveling system began dragging it down at pa

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    What a great conceptThe concept of a story from the perspective of a sentient dungeon was enthralling for me Better the cast of characters were fantastic as is the overarching story line The author did a commendable job of writing an entertaining and novel sto

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    Better than the FirstDisclaimer In the interest of full disclosure I personally know the author and I received access to a temporary pre release copy in exchange for editing services A review was never discussed but I enjoyed the book and feel it is deserving of a

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    FINALLYSo it's been months since I finished Dungeon Born and since then I've been binging on LitRPGs Now that I'm much versed on the genre I appreciate the way this series is constructed even Everything just feels very cohesive organic and fluid I'm never left skept

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    I highly recommend this novel and the Audible version voiced by Vikas Adam Adam's voice acting is superb and captures the characters and settings brilliantly A must read for fantasy or video game fans

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