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A Temporary Situation Temporary #1 Personal assistant Dominic is a consummate professional Funny then that he harbors such unprofessional feelings toward Tristan Maxwell the CEO of the company No not in that way The man may be the walking epitome of gorgeousness dressed up in a designer suit But Dominic's immune Unlike most of the workforce he can see through the pretty facade to the arrogant self entitled asshole below It's lucky then that the man's easy enough to avoidDisaster strikes when Dominic finds himself having to work in close proximity as Tristan's PA The man is infuriatingly unflappable infuriatingly good hud and infuriatingly unorthodox In short just infuriating A late night rescue leading to a drunken pass only complicates matters further especially with the discovery that Tristan is both straight and engagedHatred turns to tolerance tolerance to friendship and friendship to mutual passion One thing's for sure if Tristan sets his sights on Dominic there's no way Dominic has the necessary armor or willpower to keep a force of nature like Tristan at bay for long no matter how unprofessional a relationship with the boss might be He may just have to revise everything he previously thought and believed in for a chance at love

About the Author: H.L. Day

HL Day juggles teaching and writing As an avid reader she decided to give writing a go one day and the rest is History Her superpower is most definitely procrastination Every now and again she musters enough self discipline to actually get some words onto paper—sometimes they even make sense and are in the right order She enjoys writing far too many different sub genres to stick to one thin

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    Reread 71820 71920 I reread this because the author said she had read a review recently that called Tristan weird My reread confirms this He is weird But for me that’s a compliment I still adored him in all his weirdness Still wasn’t a fan of the 85% drama But my love of Tristan again took over and I powered through that part I do have two complaints about this book but I’m giving it

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    I really freaking loved this The only thing keeping it from being 5 stars was the cliched last uarter of the book Ok on thinking while trying to sleep I can see this book not being for everyone For one Tristan was wildly inappropriate as a boss For another there was the typically shrewish fiance and I never not even before Tristan seemed to have fallen for Dominic figured out WHY Tristan was

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    A Temporary Situation by HL Day is a book that I was attracted to simply by its cover I have not read anything by this author before so I really don't have anything to base a comparison When I read the blurb and noticed it was going to be an office romance between CEO and personal assistant I cringed a little because I feel like this setup has been done so much lately Still I went into this st

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    Update 932020Reread it and my initial opinion stands Amazing banter makes this unrealistic plot very enjoyable Dominic should have to grovel a bit in the end though and not let Tristan do all the work 45 starsA really sweet humorous witty story that might be a little farfetched but is also very entertaining I liked it very much and read it pretty fast considering my hectic schedule last week but

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    I loved the writing and the humour It just dragged a bit at the end but besides that it was super fun I'm looking forward to Paul's story

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    This didn't go uite as well for me as the second novel in this series It was entertaining at times and I really enjoyed Tristan's character and thought he was a real sweetheartMy main problem though was Dominic I didn't really like him And where Paul's stubbornness and idiocy was for the most part understandable for so long until near the end I never really understood Domonic's and he felt ridiculo

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    Snarky funOh this was just a delight I giggled so much while reading It wasn’t uite enemies to lovers; like one guy convinced he despises the other who has done nothing wrong and is eagerly trying to woo him There were so many funny and adorable moments This will definitely be a reread down the road

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    Writing this story as a rom com freshened the rather often used trope of the CEO and the PA The dialogue had an abundance of acerbic witty exchanges of banter with several well rounded characters apart from the cliched hateful fiancée Dominic had friends and family adding depth and humor to the narrative and the lack of any homophobia in Tristan’s family was a pleasant surprise However I wish that Do

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    This book is in a single word adorableHappy sigh eyes close in pleasant remembrance a d o r a b l e The main character is adorable The love interest is adorable The best friend is adorable The families are adorable It's almost four in the morning and I'm legitimately considering sending my best friends a text demanding they read this book That kind of adorableIt's cute funny and admittedly a fairly by the

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    What a wonderful surprise A full four humorous starsTristan was the CEO of an large corporation and his assistant just had a medical emergency so he needs a replacement Enter Dominic who is the very proficient personal assistance of another associate Dominic is not too happy about working for Mr Fucking Perfect especially after deliberately not holding the elevator for him that very same morning Dominic is

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