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I get why this book is highly praised as its highly original use of physics and unusual storyline is gripping But I didn't actually enjoy the book which is why I've only given it 3 stars Two reasons 1 It has a very upsetting part of the plot which I can't talk about without giving too much away and 2 I was really really bugged by a small scene where one of the characters faces sexual harassment and is forced to give in to it Post #metoo it's time we started rewriting the old narratives around sexual harassment If you're going to write a story that borrows heavily from theoretical physics and aims to push the boundaries why not do the same for social norms like sexual harassment? I'd love to see the author show the characters finding a way to stand up to the bullying they face or perhaps have other characters who interfere to show this is no longer acceptable Let's show a new kind of story especially when we're writing for childrenFor most people this scene won't even register but I had to write about it because how will our stories ever change if we don't ask that they do? Maisie wakes up to find that everyone is gone and the world is falling apartBut she also wakes up to her 10th birthday and everything is wonderful and she is going to have a wonderful partySo there are two timelines going on and Maisie has to work out what is going on and how to fix it And while I agree with some of the other reviewers that using math and physics to solve the problems of this book and to have Maise be 10 years old and female and smart are all good points the book never clicked for me I never felt that involved win both versions of her life I completely agree with her sister who felt as though she could never match up to her sisterThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review Intellectual Compelling Amusingtldr Logic is for girls and everyone elseMaisie Day is a smart very smart girl She out of step with her older sister who gifts lay elsewhere but she's pretty okay with that This is a great middle grade book that combines science with literature without feeling mass produced or forced I don't want to say much about the storyline as I loved going into the book with only the reputation of the author in my head But think adventurous nerdy a la Doctor Who and well written like Holes But I want to say a few other remarks that only touch on the storyline First the protagonist is unapologetically smart Girls need that Second the book doesn't assume the reader is dumb This is the hardest thing about middle grade mathscience related fiction Writers need to honor their readers and this book does that well Totally enjoyable read that does justice to the science and coding without sacrificing readability Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children's for the ARC in exchange for an honest review This middle grade book combines familiar love sci fi and an ambiguous ending I could elaborate a little on the plot characters writing and my feelings towards this book but I feel I can't do it without spoiling it And that's something I don't want to do because in case you decide to read it I want the plot and the twist to hit you right in the feelsAlso my feelings can pretty much be summed up by this That bastard made me cry How do you know you really existIt's Maisie's birthday and she can't wait to open her presents She's hoping for the things she needs to build her own nuclear reactor But she wakes to an empty house and outside the front door is nothing but a terrifying all consuming blackness Trapped in an ever shifting reality Maisie knows that she will have to use the laws of the universe and the love of her family to survive And even that might not be enoughA mind bending mystery for anyone who's ever asked uestions From the author of The Many Worlds of Albie Bright and The Jamie Drake Euation I did not expect to be so captivated by this especially when considering its length This book was wonderfully strange but also highly emotional I expected the mind bending sci fi elements and I have to say these aspects did not disappoint I loved reading about a child genius I thought that idea was really fun and fascinating to read about However this book was so much than a thought provoking sci fi it had heavy focus on family and sisterhood This was unprecedented for me but I loved it and it really elevated my appreciation and connection to this story Clever logic bending maths heavy children's sci fi you don't say that very oftenI didn't know what I was in for and even for much of this I still didn't appreciate the astuteness of this This really is a very intelligent sciencemaths story for children and one bright children will relishThose who aren't keen on maths may lose interest early on but if it hits a nerve they are in for a cerebral treat with Maisie the birthday girl in for a rough dayMaisie is a very uncommon girl adroit at mathematics and building a nuclear reactor she is hoping for parts as birthday gifts In one plotline we follow the progress of her day In another Maisie wakes up also on her birthday but is alone in her house and outside of it is literally nothing blacknessI was puzzled intrigued And not at all disappointed as the plotlines continued towards a great ending The sciencemaths of the book is not overly tricky but even if a reader didn't follow it the main ideas are within reach The narrator is a mature female actor but the voice sounded spot on for a pre adolescent girl she was well suited to the character of Maisie The only time the audiobook grated on me was in the 'nowhere' storyline as Maisie panics and the shrillness of the voice was a little annoyingIt's very short only 3 hours to listen to but like nothing I've read before and certainly uniue amongst children's books There is juvenile fiction with similar protagonists but not a story like this one I'll look forward to listening to it with my son aged 7 when he's olderI would say ages 9 14 are the ideal age range for thisWith thanks to Nudge Books for providing a sample Audible copy Some people say everything began with a Big Bang but for me that's the last thing I really remember I'm not really sure how I feel about this book truth be told Endings like that always conflict me and at the beginning I wasn't feeling it too much But this story is so different from anything I've personally read before and it did keep me guessing as to what had happenedMaisie wakes up on her 10th birthday to find her house empty and a gaping black void outside but also Maisie wakes up on her 10th birthday and everything is like it always was The two contrasting days play out side by side often interwoven as the book marches on to provide you with the answersThere are bits I liked and bits I really didn't But overall it was a story I wanted to know the ending to and grew on me and as I read on This was one of most anticipated books this month and it did not let me down This was cute and surprisingly hard hitting in a way that I was not uite ready for Easy enough to follow that I think my 5 year old would like it as a read aloud but not monotonous or boring to read as an adult It was compared to A Wrinkle in Time which I adored as a kid and tried to reread recently and had trouble getting into because I found Meg so darn annoying Maisie was precocious like Meg but I didn't find her as obnoxious and this was small and easy to read in one sitting I got an arc in exchange for an honest reviewMy full review will go up nearer to publication I just need to tell everyone how wonderful Maisie Day is I know i’m not the target audience I had so much fun reading it though I laughed cried and learnt a lot about science along the way It’s brilliantly written and I can’t recommend it enough The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day

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