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This biography is gripping from start to finish and gives a glimpse into some of the forgotten casualties of WWII The family in focus remains faithful and the power of God is seen in their undaunted joy through trials Incredible biography of the Jakob Kovac family and all God took them through I was never so aware of how easy it is to live the Christian life in America without the persecution that this family endured on account of Christ I was challenged I first read this book when I was 16 The story haunted me so I asked my mother to send me her book and I read it again when I was in my early 20s After several moves the book was lost and I thought I'd never find it again since it is out of print The story continued to haunt the back of my brain and finally with the Internet I was able to find it in a small obscure online bookstore I ordered it and read it again in my late 30s The story continues to amaze and humble me although the writing has grown increasingly simple and childlike with each read When a friend suggested this book to me I was completely unprepared for what I read Shockingly realistic about the horrors of World War II describing situations I’d never even heard about in all my studies of WWII in college I was not prepared to be surrealistically jealous of the survivors Clearly that makes no sense because who wouldn’t be terrified to endure what they did but the faith they possessed was the rarest most pure faith I’ve seen and I long to have that kind of faith The love and forgiveness these individuals poured out on their enemies is simply staggering I read this book about 15 years ago and it still haunts me today in a beautiful way We must believe with all our hearts and souls that He is with us He is a God of love So shouted Jakob the evangelist as the German tanks roared across Yugoslavian soil and machine guns motorcycles and Messerschmitts screamed in the hillsOut of the sky came the Stukas They nosed over dropped their bombs and veered off into the cold blue The wagon in front of them was hit The donkey was dead and the driver lay mutilated in the brush at the side of the roadThis is war said the gray clad officer The only place you will be safe is in the graveWeak and divided the Yugoslavians fought back Their ill euipped guerrillas chewed on the German army like vermin on the flanks of a stallion They cut phone lines laid mines dynamited bridges and blew up ard cars Their stubborn war cry was Better grave than slave But for every German they killed a hundred Yugoslavs were shot in retaliationIn the midst of this living hell Jakob Jozeca and other believers clung to God and prayed for both friend and foe The enemies of their beloved homeland could burn their cities and towns but they could not destroy their souls or uench their indomitable spiritsMarie Chapian went to Yugoslavia and interviewed peasants gypsies factory workers doctors laborers and officials of the Communist party She wanted to know how the Christians' faith was sustained through those terrible years of war famine and cold She learned that they had simply clung to God with an almost incredible fait A truly inspiring book of people who really know how to love their enemies and face suffering with unflinching hope and faith Truly these were people of whom the world is not worthy Sobering and joyful recounts of a Christian Family in Yugoslavia during and after World War Two This is one of my favorite books of all time This is a story about faith prayer and God's faithfulness in times of trouble Mostly set in northern Jugoslavia during World War II the book follows the trials and tribulations of the Slovenian Kovac family Protestant Christians in a primarily Catholic region Because Christianity was still outlawed in Jugoslavia when this book was published the real names of the family are not used to protect their safetyThe faith of Jakob and Jozeca Kovac is awe inspiring Jakob had been an itinerant preacher in Slovenia and Croatia during the interwar years when he met and married Jozeca and their three children were born during the rigors of the war and the partisan insurgency There were so many things that could have wrecked their faith but they remained faithful to their Lord and Savior1 Jakob was considerably older than Jozeca and many considered their marriage sinful telling Jozeca to her face that God would judge her for marrying an older man2 For a period of time Jozeca was imprisoned by the Germans while Jakob was with the partisans All through her imprisonment she had no idea if anyone was taking care of her young son3 Sometime after her imprisonment Jozeca joined the partisans She was pregnant with number two a daughter and had to give birth under less than ideal circumstances4 Apparently one of Jakob's and Jozeca's acuaintances had been a German spy and after the war they were accused of being enemies of the people Jakob was imprisoned for several years for a crime he did not commit and Jozeca pregnant with number three a son was ordered to report to prison after she gave birth After several delays of her imprisonment her sentence was commuted Yet for several years she was supporting her family on her own with her own potential imprisonment and inability to take care of her children hanging over her head5 As he got older Jakob's and Jozeca's oldest child became very worldly and was turning away from God and bringing shame on them by his conduct They were convinced that he was a gift from God who would go on to serve God Ultimately both he and his younger brother went to seminary and became pastors but Jakob and Jozeca had to live on faith and not by sight for a while6 After Jakob died a new pastor came to lead the church Jozeca attended the one Jakob had previously pastored Some of his teachings were obviously heretical and she confronted him He talked down to her insinuating that he knew than she did and that she should just sit down and shut up In addition he made advances on her When she refused to budge and turned down his advances he excommunicated her Of course half the church left and started meeting in her flat until a new pastor could be foundSometimes the prayers of American Christians degenerate into platitudes I did not see any of that here Both Jakob and Jozeca prayed fervently often praying all night In times of desperation they often prayed continuously refusing to stop until they had received a sign that God had heard them and would answer their prayers In conjunction with their prayers things happened If they happened as written in this book I can only call them miracles regardless of what cessationist Christians and materialists may think or say Some of them are1 During an artillery bombardment two partisans one of them a Christian were taking cover at a certain location The Christian heard a voice telling him to move elsewhere Moments after they moved the location where they had been took a direct hit2 Jozeca assured a badly wounded partisan that if he trusted Jesus Jesus would take care of him As a sign she told him that he would eat polenta which they did not have the next day The very next day the RAF in their first act of support for Tito not expected at the time did a supply drop That man had polenta the next day3 Jozeca encountered a woman who had had a psychotic break Her sons had been murdered by the Ustasi who handed her a basket filled with their eyeballs and then arrested her As they took her away to be shot they themselves were ambushed by partisans and killed She danced in the pools of their blood and was very messed up in the head After fervent prayer not counseling not medication by Jozeca the woman became normal again4 As a child Jakob and Jozeca's oldest son was tormented by seizures At one point a preacher prayed fervently over him and there was a sudden wind in the flat The boy never suffered a seizure againNeedless to say I was very impressed by the faith of this family as they endured trials and tribulations Given the rising government and cultural hostility to Christians in America I believe our day of trial is coming May we be as faithful as the Kovac's were LOVED LOVED LOVED this book It's my favorite of all books I've ever read It's about a couple who are Baptist missionaries in Yugoslavia during the Communist War Without giving all the details the thing I loved the most was their unwavering faith in God no matter what happened to them and some pretty horrible things happened to them This is not a feel good book but if you need inspiration and influence from people who praise God through EVERYTHING these are the people Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy

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