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No Hard Feelings The modern workplace can be an emotional minefield filled with confusing power structures and unwritten rules We're expected to be authentic but not too authentic Professional but not stiff Friendly but not an oversharerAs organizational consultants and regular people we know what it's like to experience uncomfortable emotions at work everything from mild jealousy and insecurity to panic and rage Ignoring or suppressing what you feel hurts your health and productivity but so does letting your emotions run wildIn this book we'll help you figure out which emotions to toss which to keep to yourself and which to express in order to be both happier and effective We'll share the latest research and helpful tips and reveal the surprising reason why you'll actually be healthier and focused if you're less passionate about your jobDrawing on what we've learned from behavioural economics psychology and our own experiences at countless organizations we'll show you how to bring your best self and your whole self to work every day

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    Not a review just some notes I would like to keep handyemotional dynamics affect our motivation health communication decision making and yet most of us ignore these emotions Why is it that when we think of professionalism we immediately jump to the idea that we should suppress everything we feel? p4Emotional fluencythe capacity to productively sense emotion and to

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    I've been reading this book off and on at work which I think I heard about on the Get Booked podcast Helpful advice for dealing with emotions of others using your own emotions as a tool for decision making and The first idea I want to apply is user manuals where people get to share their perspective of how they thinkwork

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    There is a lot to unpack in this book I loved it both as a treatise giving people permission to have and express feelings at work and for providing a framework for people to do so in a positive healthy and productive way The chapters on leadership teams communication culture and the effect of emotions on these and that they have on emotions are all great

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    Terrific topic and well researched but too much ground to cover in a book this length It's basically a literature review of the entire field of emotions at work I'd have gotten value out of greater depth in a few key sub topicsExcerpts I'm stashing for laterDon’t extend the logic of the workplace into your time off Many people are overly enthusiastic about optimizi

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    Thought provoking book about how work culture influences your emotional wellbeing and how your emotional wellbeing might be used to influence work cultureAcknowledges emotional experiences of different genders races and speaks to how the modern American workplace was constructed around the white man's preference for comfort IlluminatingGood for everyone great for intro

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    Spotted this as a new release and thought it would be an interesting read I had a performance review and training not long ago and so that was still fresh in my mind as I thought this would be a good read and was curious to know what the authors had a sayThe book is a good overview on what emotions we might encounter at work or around work what might be the causes and h

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    I really loved this book It's succinct and doesn't labour every point but covers some very important points The old advice of no emotion at work is just unrealistic and this book provides some excellent ways of handling thingsIf you want each point covered in depth then I suggest you read the books referenced in the text For me this provided a great resource I can return

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    Excellent resource for workplace communication Balances hard science with a firm but gentle tone Includes lots of illustrations to enhance the message and brighten the mood The book is definitely focused on intra office communication centered almost entirely on corporate workspaces at the exclusion of customer facing enterprises Many of the strategies inside are YMMV if y

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    Nothing necessarily groundbreaking but good tips to keep in mindI'm new to the workforce so the concept of how to handle emotions at work was totally new to me In my previous role as a student I expressed my emotions however I felt like it since most of my time was mine Now that it's not that mindset has shown itself to be infeasible This book has some good info in it for

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    Nice book to read to try to make the best of your attitude at work Some tips on how to make the most of your emotions I especially to apply it to work culture

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