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Feminism for the 99% A Manifesto This is a short manifesto about how liberal feminism and capitalism are destroying democracies the lives of people and the planet They outline why feminism must fight against capitalism and neo liberalism if it is to have any positive impact on the lives of 99% of the world's population especially women who bear the brunt of poverty violence and oppression I agree with all of their points but my criticism is that it reads like a manifesto for the already converted They assume that readers will understand complex political theory with little explanations or illustrations I understand that a manifesto is not a textbook but if its purpose is to influence people who do not already agree with them they needed to make their points accessible to the reader From three of the organisers of the International Women's Strike US a manifesto for when 'leaning in' is not enoughRecent years have seen the emergence of massive feminist mobilizations around the world offering an alternative to the liberal feminism that has become the handmaiden of capitalism and of Islamophobia These new movements have taken aim at neoliberalism's economic violence the violence of xenophobic migratory policies as well as the violence of imperialist military interventions and of environmental disastersIn this short book three of the organisers of the international women's strike in the US lay out a manifesto for an alternative Looking to women mobilizing in Argentina Brazil Mexico Poland Italy Spain Turkey and other countries who have recast feminist anti racist environmentalist struggles in creative ways the authors lay out a compelling set of demands It is a manifesto that seeks to retrieve a radical and subversive feminism for the emergence of an international anticapitalist feminist networkAgainst the 'Lean In' corporate feminism of Hilary Clinton and Sheryl Sandberg a feminism that is useful only for the women of the 1% this manifesto outlines a feminism for the rest of us a feminism for the 99% Lucid and broad in scope Feminism for the 99% offers a clear vision of a just world The manifesto consists of eleven concise theses which diagnose social ills across the globe and outline how they might be dispelled by an international anti capitalist feminist movement As the co authors argue for everything from eco socialism to anti imperialism they describe recent instances of women’s resistance to the oppressive status uo drawing attention to how the movement they envision is already taking shape The book succinctly details how capitalist exploitation is all pervasive and extends far beyond the workplace and convincingly makes the case for a new form of leftist politics that focuses as much on unpaid social reproduction as industrial wage labor 35 starsI wholeheartedly agree with the premise of this manifesto that we need a feminist system that is intersectional But I find this book somewhat lacking First it listed a lot of aspects of the current society that Feminism for the 99% rejects but the authors sadly failed to explain how exactly they want to establish this change It's all nice and all if you know that the status uo is failing and that it needs to be replaced but it's kind of naive to assume that you can change it just by simply pointing out its flaws You need an approach how to change that and how to realisticly implement that change The book never adressed that problem We're talking about a change that would affect the whole globe So there are definitely factors like diffrent governmentjudicial systems differnt cultural mentalities etc to considerSecond the book read like the authors saw in capitalism the root of every problem While I wholeheartedly agree that capitalism causes a lot of problems it's not the only system to do so Racism and sexism are systematic problems of societies Hartred and mistreatment are generated in people's minds and exist outside of capitalism just fine as well Capitalism is the big bad here yes agreed But it most definitely didn't invent racism or sexism Those issue can thrive just fine outside of capitalism maybe just in different shapes and forms as we know it nowThis book was a good and interesting read but could have been longer and elaborated on some issues Everyone who is interested in a critiue of the current neo liberal system and feminist movement should definitely give this book a try It's really not a manifesto if it only contains one single sentiment rephrased dozens of times Also there's no chance in hell of it attracting anyone except those who already identify as socialist feminists In Feminism for the 99% three leading Marxist Feminist thinkers and activists—Arruzza Bhattacharya and Fraser—lay out a politics to serve the current international wave of mass women's protest that includes a direct critiue of capitalism The book is exceedingly accessible lively and dynamically engaged in a major social movement They effectively introduce for all audiences many emerging and significant currents of Marxist Feminist thought today social reproduction theory that integrates waged and unwaged household labor as part of a common logic of capitalism the idea we are living through a care crisis motiving a gendered class rebellion and the value of putting anti capitalism at the center of multi issue feminism This is a crucial movement and a crucial book and well worth the readAs a partisan of the movement and a comrade of the authors I have various critiues but none of them are lethal I don't think we are living in a care crisis Unlike the mid 1800s for example working class people in most of the world are not dying at such rates that they cannot generationally replace themselves I would lean towards calling this a care sueeze but unlike crisis that suggests resistance and rebellion are not inevitable but still have to be explained This has important implications for how we imagine the care sueeze may effect capitalist accumulation—I suspect it will have little effect without major political struggle I'm suspicious that social reproduction theory may not sufficiently account for the political struggles of those excluded from chains of reproduction of labor power such as those in communities where both mothers and their children are unlikely to ever find much work an increasing reality for racialized surplus populations that are an important part of Marx's original predictions for capitalist development Most importantly I think the title is poorly chosen and dated from a now lost moment of Occupy We have since seen the growth of mass fascist misogyny among sections of small property owners constituting a not insignificant part of the population capable of electing fascists in political office We have to actually understand explain and make sense of the class structure we are facing and 99% just confuses that But compared to the brilliance value and helpfulness of this book these are minor critiues It's an excellent read It's just I think this is unlikely to be readable to people who aren't at home in critical theory literature on gender race and class which is ironic for a book about feminism for the 99% while at the same time if you are at home in that literature I'm unsure how much of this is new There is also a difference between issues being intertwined and causation and sometimes I feel like those two get mixed up here Anyway there is definitely truth in here and it was at times very effective at formulating specific arguments but just not as great as I had hoped A short but strong manifesto written by three Marxist Feminists calling for an intersection between feminism environmentalism anti racism and anti capitalism etc It shows us the potential these philosophies have if we were to connect them showing that they're best when they are combined It's short yet detailed and definitely packs a punch I do feel however that it being a manifesto for the 99% it was not always as accessible as I had hoped Nevertheless it has important food for thought and ideas to act upon Definitely an interesting read that you should pick up if you're interested in short feminist manifesto's and ideas on how we could rebuild our society Gender could be seen and debated on its own when it comes to abstract grounds In reality we live in a world where there's a lot of compromise between individualism and collectivism filled with many systematic organizations for we are after all social beings in natureThis manifesto comes with eleven theses about how liberal feminism and capitalism aren't really favouring for democracies living conditions of people in general and of the planetWith citing recent woman's resistance movements across the globe in response the oppressive living conditions the book calls for the feminists to work together with eco socialists anti imperialists immigrant toiling workers for better living conditions for all in the gender spectrum and also makes the case for paving a new form of leftist politics that provide better conditions not just for the top 1% I started missing Bernie already Cinzia Arruzza had parsed the fraught relations between feminism and socialism both historically and theoretically Tithi Bhattacharya had theorized the implications of social reproduction for the concepts of class and class struggle Nancy Fraser had developed enlarged conceptions of capitalism and capitalist crisis of which the crisis of social reproduction forms one strandBoth Cinzia and Nancy are professors of philosophy at The New School of NYC Tithi is a professor of South Asian Studies at Purdue university and a Marxist feministMarx says that 'The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways The point however is to change it' Many of us in the 20th century if not the recent times have tried to change the world too often without understanding it much in the first place causing a lot of mess in its wake Systems that rationalize structural functionalism has got to make sure the rationalization has fair amount of validity at the least before coming up with compromises over the majority of the population Most of the problems stem from the historical colonialism to modern day imperialism racism under capitalist frameworksDefinitely worth reading I’ve been talking about some of the premises mentioned in the manifesto not as coherently but received resistance from others even from feminists especially about sexual exploitation I’m with the Feminism for 99 percent count me in NOW“For the reason that a feminism for the 99 percent incarnates and fosters the struggle for bread and roses”

About the Author: Cinzia Arruzza

Cinzia Arruzza is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research She received her PhD from the University of Rome Tor Vergata and subseuently studied at the universities of Fribourg Switzerland and Bonn Germany where she was the recipient of an Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship Her research interests include ancient metaphysics and political thought

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