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Run Away Simon s eyes stayed locked on the panhandling girl mangling John Lennon s legacy Her hair was matted clumps Her cheekbones were sunken The girl was rail thin, raggedy, dirty, damaged, homeless, lost She was also Simon s daughter Paige Over the years, I ve found myself moved on a deeply emotional level when I read stories about parents trying to save their wayward children This is likely due to the fact I m now a parent myself, and even though my kids are still young and dependent upon me for most everything, I still find myself getting lost in the what ifs that come with having another person s life being your responsibility As children grow and become young adults themselves, at what age is the line drawn where they become dependent on themselves and cut out the middle man And at what point, as a parent, are we supposed to step back and let our kids make their own mistakes vs roaming the ends of the earth to save them from life altering mishaps These are some of the debates that Coben tackles in his latest thriller.Don t get me wrong when I use the term emotional I do not belittle the fact that Run Away is simultaneously a compulsive page turner and a rip roaring adventure that delves deep in the underbelly of every form of seedy activity you can imagine going on in New York City Due to Simon and his loved ones being a privileged white family living a than comfortable life, it was interesting to see how the author picked apart the details of their privilege and how, at the end of the day, it did nothing to protect them from the nightmare they endured Simon works as a financial advisor on Wall Street and his wife is a pediatrician in NYC as well, and their children grew up sheltered within that cocoon of wealth and providence.As an avid reader of thrillers and mysteries, we all know it grows and difficult to find novels that keep us guessing and entertained for roughly 300 500 pages The beauty of Coben s books, and what I think a significant number of debuts lack, is the simple aspect of writing characters who come alive off the page and matter to the reader Once again, Run Away focuses on drawing the reader in by becoming the conduit to connect reader to cast which results in a memorable read, much memorable than putting all the proverbial eggs into the wild, unimaginable twist Don t get me wrong, there were a few good twists here, and one that I was so blindsided by that I had to reread a certain page THREE TIMES to make sure I was understanding correctly, but the details that have kept me picking up Harlan Coben novels for over a decade now are the deeply personal characters And this, my friends, is why Harlan Coben remains KING of the thriller I received a review copy via the publisher. Simon Greene and his wife Ingrid live a somewhat privileged middle class life, together with their 3 children Sam, Anya and Paige The kids have had everything that wealth could throw at them, but while mum and dad were busy living their perfect lives, Paige has taken a wrong turning on life s journey, and has fallen into a world of drugs, dealers, criminals and an abusive boyfriend It s a dark and dangerous world hidden from the circles which the Greene s inhabit, but Simon and Ingrid are about to clash head on with a particularly vicious cast of characters, when Paige disappears, and it s clear that she doesn t want to be found.This is Harlan Coben at his best the master at work The slick and entertaining narrative exposes family secrets of enormous proportions, and makes one question how much we really know those closest to us Right from page one the action begins, with New York s Central Park setting the scene And it s here that Simon discovers Paige busking, but she s not in a good place, frail to the point of skeletal, she s just a shadow of her former self A fight ensues between Simon and Paige s drug dealer boyfriend, after which Paige disappears again Shortly afterward her boyfriend is found dead in what appears to be a particularly frenzied and bloody attack, but with both Simon and Paige under suspicion who really did it In addition to the main storyline, there s a sub plot that not only adds enormous interest, fear and tension, but produces a shocking conclusion.The situation regarding Paige s addiction mimic reality, with scenarios that will be played out in many ordinary homes across the world the sheer desperation of parents who will do anything to get their child back from the clutches of drug addiction and the deviant world that comes with the territory, but for Simon and Ingrid it takes them head on into that territory into a terrifying world they ve only ever seen in the movies.Harlan Coben is renowned for his twisty plots, and it s what contributes to his reputation as a master of his trade So not unnaturally there were twists galore as we ve come to expect, but just when I thought I was all twisted out, Coben does it again and pulls the mother of all twists Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange The fathomless love of a parent is a mysterious tunnel, and nobody really knows where it leads It is this sort of intimacy that Harlan Coben so searchingly explores in this novel.Coben s Runaway grips The author has sculpted a humbling monument to the boundless power and the sorrow of parenthood His novel bleeds unspeakable tenderness, indescribable warmth, and a hard won hope There is a tightness in my chest still, as if all the shock and horror of the last few chapters of this book had strained my heart Days later, I can still feel the tail end of that sweep of a parent s love, radiant and enchanting and than a little troubling.There were many hellish torments that could take death s place, and Simon Green is familiar with most of them.What little color Simon normally sees leeched out of the world when his daughter succumbed to a drug addiction that s wasting her away, as though she s taken the rest of it with her on her way out the door.When Simon sees Paige, months later, panhandling in Central Park, he could no will himself into indifference than he could will himself to stop breathing Where his daughter has been there was naught but a dim shadow of herself, and Simon s yearning to get her back and away from the gnarled raptor clutches of Aaron Corval, her boyfriend and dealer was a hunger so vast it could have swallowed the world The anger knifes through Simon s new found hope when Paige runs away, and Simon ends up punching Aaron Someone might have seen a father s anguish and forgiven Simon s violence, but when a video of the incident goes viral, Simon is scathingly labeled as the rich white guy victimizing a homeless man.Three months later, Detective Isaac Fagbenle turns up at Simon s workplace, carrying the news of Aaron s murder and Paige s disappearance This time, the hopelessness doesn t come back to Simon, but the reasons for it do And one thought is carving through Simon s mind, driving out all else He must find his daughter no matter the cost But Simon soon realizes that his understanding of the situation could barely scratch the surface When his desperate path collides with that of Chicago PI Elena Ramirez who is probing the mysterious disappearance of another young man, thoughts run rampant in Simon s mind Hitmen, cults, shootings, murders and at the center of it all his daughter, Paige.Simon is willing the puzzle to come together in his head and not quite succeeding The truth was like a stray helium filled balloon floating on a high ceiling, and Simon couldn t grasp it no matter how hard he tried But one thing is for sure Whatever secrets will come tumbling out of the closet would draw blood There are threads here, he said, the words sounding weird coming from his mouth even to him Connections I don t know what they are, but I feel like I m missing something So I m asking questions and plowing ahead and hoping The cover is perfect for the story underneath it Runaway s plot is a confounding maze of paths, eddying round and round, supplying explanations that fit only one half of the facts, or a where but not a why, a what but not a how, feeling at the same time tantalizingly close to a breakthrough and no further forward then it had been at the beginning Yet throughout, the novel impressively maintains a steady, nervy rhythm, which is undoubtedly due to Coben s enormous ability to pace and pattern his book and the compelling voices his gives his main characters all ensuring that the story s hold on the reader s interest is robust.When the flashes finally sort themselves into a picture, a terrible sick dread welled up in me The feeling of weightlessness, that simple mending of the world, that I usually experience when I finish a thriller never arrives Instead, I was left with a deep, impenetrable mystery and an ending naked, jolting, indelible in its horror that is simply too terrible to ever really grasp I was surprised to find myself conflicted vacillating between relief and discontent I wonder, after all, if it wouldn t have been better to float through that liminal space that came before the truth came to the fore.The nature of parenthood is, of course, Runaway s overriding theme, and it s where the novel gleams the brightest Coben ponders parenthood with a soul baring poignancy The questions he asks land hard enough to leave a bruise, but they re spun with tender patience Runaway is, ultimately, the story of two parents who loved their child with the sort of bright, single focus love that could consume the world if they let it, and who endured the torments of hell to bring her back his mother had warned him, Kids don t come with instruction manuals, and you quickly learn that your child comes to you hardwired, that in the battle of nature vs nurture, nature kicks complete and total ass still, when things go wrong, when something this dark invades your child s soul, you can only wonder where the hell you went wrong I felt Simon s emotions, deeper than the grave Reading his chapters felt almost as intrusive as spying on him through his living room window It snagged at me the heartbreaking anguish of parents who couldn t protect their daughters, the horror of girls returned with blank faces and violated bodies, and the small, tremulous bird of hope struggling to catch flight I read, with the awful sensation that my heart was in a vise, as Simon becomes transfixed by a bright knife of realization a vicious attack of deep weariness and self reproach magnified to the power of ten that maybe he had some culpability here, maybe he d dismissed the signs, maybe he was complicit in creating a fundamental weakness in his daughter s foundations The what ifs pounded through his mind like blood But there s a point where blaming himself had to end, and Simon eventually reaches it All he and his wife could do is throw their daughter a rope Paige would have to be the one to seize it.When I finished this book, a wild desire to hear my parents voice gripped me Maybe it was the realization that our parents are just as much flesh and blood, and that flesh and blood are frail and weak and there comes a time when we have to transcend our pasts Love your parents while we are busy growing up, they are growing old Highly recommended BLOG TWITTER INSTAGRAM TUMBLR 4.5 stars Wow Wow Wow Harlan Coben, where have you been all of my life Murder was simple if you kept it simple Run Away has all of the elements that I look for in a thriller action, intrigue, danger, secrets and lies, twists and turns It s well written, intricately plotted and kept me on my toes Further, there s a creepy cult, quirky characters, and commentary on popular culture Yes, it s a little over the top, but who cares, because it works This is a must read for thriller fans Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 5, it s taken me forever to write this review but welcome to my favorites shelf stars Review featured on my blog Recipe a Read Simon Greene knows the worst thing that can happen to a parent is being unable to save their child from personal demons He knows this on a visceral, personal and heart breakingly painful level His first child, the girl who made him a father, Paige fell into an abusive relationship with an older man and is now addicted to drugs Simon and his wife worked tirelessly to help Paige, to save her, to fix her, to do anything to help her escape the crippling addiction that chipped away at her once vibrant, creative and bright future Despite their best efforts, despite moments that it seemed like she may really get better those moments were elusive and would quickly slip through their fingers as Paige slipped back into the waiting arms of heroine.And bad stays Bad doesn t go away You bury bad, it digs itself out You throw bad in the middle of the ocean, it comes back at you like a tidal wave.Anyone familiar with addiction on even a cursory level knows that at a certain point you have to draw lines Not light, penciled lines that can be erased but deep fissures in the foundation of your relationship with an addict Ultimatums have to be made or you run the risk of enabling them, making it worse not just for them but for you and your life This is just what Simon and his wife Ingrid realize with Paige They can no longer sit idly by and watch her wither away, threatening the livelihood and happiness of not just themselves but their other children Paige is an adult who doesn t want to be a part of their family and they must let her go in hopes that she will find her way back to them.When a friend tells Simon he s seen a girl in Central Park playing music who looks just like Paige he tries everything to hunt her down When he finally does see the daughter he s thought he lost he can t help but approach her As her face twists into a show of fear, she immediately runs away with Simon quickly approaching behind her As Simon and his wife grapple with the decision to let Paige go or to chase after her they both realize they can no longer wait as Paige destroys herself They must find her, they must attempt, yet again, to help her out of the grave she s dug for herself They will stop at nothing to save their daughter As they uncover the secrets of Paige s life they find that they re no longer standing outside of the hole Paige has dug, but they ve lowered themselves into it and their very lives are now in danger.Kids don t come with instruction manuals, and you quickly learn that your child comes to you hardwired, that in the battle of nature vs nurture, nature kicks complete and total ass still, when things go wrong, when something this dark invades your child s soul, you can only wonder where the hell you went wrong.This is my first book by Coben and the man did absolutely not disappoint I will be honest with you, I fell a bit into the judging a book by it s cover with this beauty The synopsis didn t necessarily blow me away because domestic drama s aren t generally my vibe However, I m so stinkin happy that I picked this baby up because it completely blew my socks off I ve said it before and I m sure I ll say it again but part of reading is the suspension of reality I love Fantasy so that s never been particularly difficult for me However, with Run Away Coben beings with a believable premise, crafts a believable story with believable characters but doesn t lose any suspense, thrill or entertainment value in doing so This is a master class in writing a grounded, realistic depiction of a parents worst nightmare making it all the thrilling for it s realism.Run Away is so much than what meets the eye What starts off as feeling fairly predictable quickly turns into a twisty thrill ride that left me breathless throughout most of the read I honestly had no idea what I was getting into with this and it quickly made itself the newest addition to my favorites shelf The character and story development is rich and layered with Coben not sacrificing any detail throughout I found myself hurdling towards the end, biting my nails with a deep need to understand how the Greene s story would end.Truth is truth By definition Anything else is a lie.While on it s surface this is the story of a family fighting for each other Parents fighting for their daughter, a husband and wife fighting to find their way back to one another and a daughter fighting to stay alive it s so much I found myself consistently surprised throughout this heart pounding, heart aching thrill ride of a novel The intricacy and delicacy that Coben showed throughout the novel left me in awe of his skill and ability to craft a story so emotional it felt tangible Immediately after finishing this book my library had a huge sale and I picked up all the Coben novels available They re on my short list of upcoming reads and if his other novels are even half as good as this I m feeling that I ve found a new favorite author. 4.25 Stars rounded down.A Fast Paced Thrill Ride with Lots of Heart Harlan Coben knows how to to get my attention in order to bring me into a story He uses heart and humor and he writes with real human emotion In addition, he always makes the characters authentic and makes me feel as if I am right there with him The best part for me is that he includes recurring characters in each of his stories, and that make my heart sing and yeah, it makes my eyes fill with these little things called tears Just call me a sap why don t you What can I say, I just love these guys and gals I ve now read every novel Harlan Coben has ever written, and while the Myron Bolitar series is my favorite, some of his standalones rank pretty high with his last one Don t Let Go being my favorite so far perhaps because Detective Nap Dumas reminds me of Myron lol In his latest Run Away we discover Simon searching for his daughter Paige He and Paige were always so close she was the perfect daughter and then well, you know drugs, crime, the whole gamut Simon is beside himself, he searches for her everywhere and then finds her in Central Park and when he chases after her, she disappears into thin air Simon becomes a desperate man, stopping at nothing to save his child and his family and the cost is higher than he ever imagined Run Away begs the question What would you do if your child or your loved one was lost to you How far would you go Saving yourself sure Harming others There s no telling, right Raw human emotion is felt throughout this novel Harlan Coben always brings it out in his characters and here is no different You can t help but want to tear your hair out one minute and cry your darn eyes out the next Parts of this novel was crazy, thrilling and completely insane Insert heart in throat, kind of insane There was a part this novel that reminded me of Stephen King s Doctor Sleep if you ve read that, you know what I m talking about Chilling On a surprising note, for the first time in my life while reading a Harlan Coben, I guessed almost the entire ending insert shock and awe Kaceey would call that being an Armchair Detective Note she guessed some good stuff too it wasn t just me Though I got it, it was still full of lots of twists and turns and I loved every darn minute Now, I ll be eagerly awaiting his next novel fingers crossed it s a Myron and Win novel, I need my Win fix desperately This was a buddy read with Kaceey of course Kaceey, I love our buddy reads, I think you know that So glad we both love Harlan Coben so much Can t wait for our next one Thank you Harlan Coben for continuing to keep me entertained and thank you to for my copy I know, I know I shouldn t be thanking you you re thanking me for being a loyal customer, LOLOL Published on Goodreads, and Twitter on 3.24.19.Excerpt published on Insta. A perfect family is shattered in RUN AWAY, the new thriller from the master of domestic suspense, Harlan Coben.You ve lost your daughter.She s addicted to drugs and to an abusive boyfriend And she s made it clear that she doesn t want to be found.Then, by chance, you see her playing guitar in Central Park But she s not the girl you remember This woman is living on the edge, frightened, and clearly in trouble.You don t stop to think You approach her, beg her to come home.She runs And you do the only thing a parent can do you follow her into a dark and dangerous world you never knew existed Before you know it, both your family and your life are on the line And in order to protect your daughter from the evils of that world, you must face them head on. [Reading] ➿ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas ➶ Paul W. Zitzewitz – the new thriller from the master of domestic suspense ❁ [EPUB] ✹ The Beautiful Disruption By G.G. Renee Hill ➚ – Harlan Coben.You ve lost your daughter.She s addicted to drugs and to an abusive boyfriend And she s made it clear that she doesn t want to be found.Then [Read] ➱ Games Rednecks Play By Jeff Foxworthy – by chance [PDF / Epub] ✑ The Magic Cottage ☄ James Herbert – you see her playing guitar in Central Park But she s not the girl you remember This woman is living on the edge [KINDLE] ❀ Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) 1, Sandi Metz, eBook - Auteur Sandi Metz – frightened [Ebook] ➠ Eski Yunanca - Türkçe Sözlük Author Güler Çelgin – and clearly in trouble.You don t stop to think You approach her ✭ [PDF] ✪ Dont Leave Me Alone By GG ✺ – beg her to come home.She runs And you do the only thing a parent can do you follow her into a dark and dangerous world you never knew existed Before you know it ❮PDF❯ ✭ I Won a Spaceship ✩ Author Harrison Park – both your family and your life are on the line And in order to protect your daughter from the evils of that world ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Black Mask Boys By William F. Nolan ✩ – you must face them head on. 4.5 stars.In recent years, Harlan Coben has written some of my favorite thrillers He s one of those authors who skillfully combines rich character development with heart pounding suspense Even his signature Myron Bolitar series meshed humor and sarcasm with suspense.I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Run Away , Coben s latest thriller for several months, and was excited to get my hands on an advance copy a few days before its release While this won t surpass Home as my favorite of his books, Coben has another terrific book on his hands.One of the worst things a parent must face is when they re unable to save their children from their problems Simon Greene knows this all too well his oldest daughter, Paige, always so studious and creative, fell into a relationship with an older man who got her addicted to drugs Simon and his wife have tried to help Paige free herself from this man and get clean, but they never can fully succeed she always seem to slip right back into his clutches and back in the throes of addiction.It has been a while since Simon has seen his daughter and he worries what the ramifications of that fact may mean But when a friend mentions that he saw Paige playing music in Central Park, Simon tries everything to track her down And when he finally does, he has a split connection with Paige before her face contorts in fear and she flees When Paige s boyfriend tries to keep Simon from running after her, Simon does the only thing he can he punches the man in the nose But when bystanders intervene, Simon is arrested and Paige and her boyfriend escape.Even though his wife tells him they should let Paige go, Simon cannot let his daughter continue to destroy herself But as things get complicated, they both recognize that they need to stop at nothing to save their daughter Even if that means putting their own lives on the line, risking their family s safety and laying bare some secrets that are better left hidden.What would you do if your child was in danger How many signs might you have missed, how many things could you have done differently that might have helped sway your child toward a better path And what decisions to keep things secret might have changed everything Coben starts with a believable premise a father trying to save his daughter and creates a thriller with lots of twists and turns There are so many questions that come to light as Simon starts to dig deeper into the circumstances that brought Paige into her boyfriend s clutches, and what happened after he punched him I really couldn t put this book down, and flew through it.There were definitely some surprises to be had here, and there was some rich emotion and character development as well There was one storyline that didn t work for me at all, and while I like where Coben took things, the addition of two characters really frustrated me when they appeared periodically But other than that, this had my heart pounding, my brain scrambling to figure things out before the characters did, and might have even brought a tear to my eyes once or twice.If you ve never read any of Coben s thrillers, I d highly recommend Home and Don t Let Go in particular And definitely pick this one up, too If you like a well written thriller that offers than suspense and action, these are great books for you.This book will be published March 19, 2019.See all of my reviews at out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at Run Away by Haran Coben is a 2019 Grand Central Publication.Enjoyable, but not up to Coben s usual standards Simon Greene s daughter, Paige, is on the run She s addicted to drugs and under the influence of her abusive boyfriend, Aaron Her family has done everything humanly possible to help her, but they ve finally accepted that there is nothing they can do until Paige is ready to get clean But, on the sly, Simon, continues to search for his daughter Following up on a tip, Simon spots Paige, but gets into a physical altercation with Aaron Paige seizes the opportunity and runs away from Simon Not only that, the scuffle between Aaron and Simon is captured on video, leading to Simon s arrest He is then ostracized in the court of public opinion for picking on a homeless guy Shortly, thereafter, Aaron is murdered So, guess who becomes suspect number one Coben s novels, like those of Stephen King, or any other consistent NYT bestselling authors are pure pleasure reads for me I seldom request ARCs from authors of this caliber because they don t need the reviews or promotion in the same way other authors do So, I usually wait for his books to show up at the library and feel no real urgency about getting my hot little hands on it I just fit these in when and where I can, just for fun That said, Coben is still one of my favorite suspense writers, and reading his clever thrillers are always a big treat I could tell from the very high ratings, this book was another well received effort by this author, but unfortunately, for me, this one was an uncharacteristic misstep.Early in the novel the author employed a clever plot device which all but guaranteed my undivided attention and instantly forged my connection with Simon As usual Coben held me in the palm of his hand, luring me deeper into his mesmerizing trap until Suddenly the plot veered off track with the introduction of an entirely new thread that seemed to have no bearing on Simon s dilemma, which totally threw me As this very strange thread expands, things got super weird, and I completely lost focus Sadly, I never regained it One of the things that draws me to this author time and time again is his ability to challenge me But, on this occasion, I easily met that challenge, piecing together key developments in advance, despite what I thought were some rather weak and obvious red herrings The big twists were effective, and strange enough to make me squirm in my seat a little, not because I was shocked, but because of how twisted and bizarre the scenario was Overall, I suppose one can tell I m a bit disappointed in this one It didn t have to blow me away, but it at least needed to be up to par, which is wasn t However, it sufficed for a quick, pleasure read, and was entertaining enough to warrant a three star rating 3 stars Another engaging thriller from Harlan Coben, and, as usual in his books, not everything is as it seems Simon Greene is given a tipoff that his estranged, drug addicted daughter is busking in Central Park, so he goes to find her, has an altercation with her junkie boyfriend, and she runs off Simon and his wife try to find her, and so their lives spiral out of control as this leads them down a path that they, and the reader, would never have imagined I really don t want to say too much as I don t want to give anything away This is one rabbit hole that the reader has to experience for themselves, as it takes you far away from the promise of the blurb, it is so much than that Gripping and exciting, this is one I recommend for all lovers of crime fiction.

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With over 60 million books in print worldwide, Harlan Coben s last seven consecutive novels, MISSING YOU, SIX YEARS, STAY CLOSE, LIVE WIRE, CAUGHT, LONG LOST and HOLD TIGHT all debuted at 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and lists around the world His books are published in 43 languages around the globe.Coben is the winner of the Edgar Award, Shamus Award and Anthony Award the first aut