My Two Moms and Me Epub Ý Moms and PDF/EPUB ¾

My Two Moms and Me Loved this book It's uick and simple but does a good job delivering the story in a way children will understand Short and aimed at beginner readers but cute nonetheless Lots of lesbian couples featured and I really appreciated that many were also interracial An adorable board book for the babies and toddlers of lesbian mothers featuring a variety of diverse loving families with two momsFamilies with same sex parents are celebrated in this board book that follows busy moms and their kids throughout their day eating breakfast going on a playdate heading to the pool for a swim and settling back in at night with a bedtime story and a good night lullaby LGBT parents and their friends and families will welcome this diverse and cheerful book that reflects their own lives and family makeup It's an ideal baby shower and first birthday gift in a children's book market where gay parents are still greatly underrepresentedWith artwork by acclaimed and much followed fashion illustrator Izak Zenou this is a stylish smart humorous family focused book that will have babies and their two moms giggling as they enjoy it togetherAnd look for its companion board book My Two Dads and Me All these moms are super hot Also I really liked all the different lesbian couples and babies and races and it was lovely This is a cute book and I am happy it exists to represent all the families out there that have two moms in them I'm sure as I write this there is probably some jerk trying to get this book banned As much as I like the concept this story is not without its issues In its efforts to provide representation there are different babies and moms on every other page yet the story goes about baby's day in a linear fashion It's an interesting idea to show that all families are the same even when they are different in that way and I liked the rainbow variety of two mom couples it depicted but it was confusing to me as an adult reading this book I got near the end and had to flip back through because I thought it was due to the lack of coffee rather than an intentional choice On the other hand I don't think many toddlers pay that close attention to stories yet so they probably won't mind Another annoying thing is phrases like one day I bet my mom's crayon pictures will look just as good as mine do and we keep an eye on our moms from the sandbox Ugh Too precious I know there are not a lot of books out there that depict non cis families for toddlers so I guess you take what you can get As two moms to a new baby boy we received multiple copies of My Two Moms and Me We're grateful for the gifts and like the idea but depicting two moms is all this has that's original All the moms look the same fashionable thin femme with a short haircut here and there and the images don't go with the story So while I appreciate a two mom book exists we need to raise the bar higher Books like this need to be inclusive and you know have a narrative that make sense with the pictures I loved that there was so much diversity in the mamas and the babies I'm always looking for that in LGBT books However I agree with the other reviews that it was a bit confusing at first that the mamas kept changing but at least in the first two families the babies seemed so similar that I thought perhaps the moms just changed their hairstyles It would have been nice for it to have been obvious right off that on each page it was going to be a different family The text itself was just ok Still I'll probably try it for a story time Same sentiment here as for My Two Dads and Me Not sure if I'm a fan of the moms child changing from page to page as it might be confusing The representation is awesome and I am always looking for of these Yes Although I was kind of thrown off by the single narrative voice with changing families on each page Yay diversity but maybe don't make it all sound like one family in the words then? Or maybe they're just a family of shape shifters? One voice telling the story of them and their moms However via the images there are different moms and babies Straight forward story about all the things these babies do with their moms Or in other words the normal routine of any baby regardless of their family dynamic

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