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The Off-Islanders This is the delightful story that became the film The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming [Reading] ➿ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas ➶ Paul W. Zitzewitz – The Russians are Coming

About the Author: Nathaniel Benchley

Born in Newton, Massachusetts to a literary family, he was the son of Gertrude Darling and Robert Benchley 1889 1945 , the noted American writer, humorist, critic, actor, and one of the founders of the Algonquin Round Table in New York City.Nathaniel Benchley was the highly respected author of many children s juvenile books that provided learning for the youthful readers with stories of various animals or through the book s historical settings Benchley dealt with diverse locales and topics such as Bright Candles , which recounts the experiences of a 16 year old Danish boy during the German occupation of his country in World War II and Small Wolf , a story about a Native American boy who meets white men on the island of Manhattan and learns that their ideas about land are different from those of his own peoples.Film director producer, Norman Jewison made Benchley s 1961 novel The Off Islanders into a motion picture titled The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming for which he received the nomination for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay He was a close friend of actor Humphrey Bogart and wrote his biography in 1975.Benchley s novel Welcome to Xanadu was made into the 1975 motion picture Sweet Hostage.His elder son, Peter Benchley 1940 2006 , was a writer best known for writing the novel Jaws and the screenplay of the 1975 Steven Spielberg film made from it His younger son, Nat Benchley, is a writer and actor who has portrayed his grandfather, Robert Benchley, in a one man, semi biographical stage show, Benchley Despite Himself The show was a compilation of Robert Benchley s best monologues, short films, radio rantings and pithy pieces as recalled, edited, and acted by his grandson Nat, and combined with family reminiscences and friends perspectives Nathaniel Benchley died in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts and was interred in the family plot at Prospect Hill Cemetery in Nantucket.

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    The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming Based on the novel by Nathaniel BenchleyThere are many good, amusing moments in the comedy The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming , counterintuitively, if we consider the scare included in the title, the film has won the Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, Best Actor categories for which it was nominated for the Oscars and also Best Writing

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    The 1966 movie The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming was based on this book I loved the movie, and bought the movie tie in edition of the book immediately well, as immediately is possible for a 14 year old with a fifty cent a week allowance The book and movie are really different, but both are wonderful My original mass market copy which I paid the grand sum of 1.50 for eventually disappeared, or disintergrated

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    If you enjoyed the 1966 film, you ll want to read the humorous novel that it was based on by Nathaniel Benchley But if you re looking for similarities between the two, prepare to be surprised While the book and the film start off with the same premise of a Russian submarine running aground along the coast of a fictional Cape Cod island, the plots of the film and the novel largely deviate from there The film replaces some of the

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    Libes book the book the movie The russians are coming, The russians are coming was based on ok story Movie might have been better

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    12 10 11 My across the street neighbor frequently vacations at Nantucket Island I borrowed this book from him after he told me that the movie THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, was based on this book I thought the movie was pretty funny and am looking forward to reading the book.1 22 12 I ve just finished THE OFF ISLANDERS It was an OK read, somewhat funny, in a slap stick sort of way I wouldn t give it a very high recommenda

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    Benchley s classic tale of humorous antics involving a Russian sub crew, stranded on the sandbars of Nantucket, off season These off Islanders are certainly not welcome, though not less welcome than the new school teacher The islanders pull together in a hilarious way to defend their territory from invasion A nice, light hearted story of alliances, new and old, made and broken and re made again Highly recommended An easy read.

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    I gave this to my mother as a gift probably at Christmas back in the 60 s I figure I must have read it at some point but I have no memory of it The movie The Russians Are Coming was only so so The original island in question was Nantucket I think but the movie was shot up around Mendocino Date read is a guess The title should include The

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    Most folks will remember this from the movie The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming Although the name Nantucket Island is never mentioned in the book anyone living here will recognize places within the pages.

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    Read this in grade 12 when I was supposed to be doing Geography back in i967 I m going to try re reading it to see if it is still funny.It is a Cold War spoof so I wonder if it is still relevant It wasn t as funny the second time around.

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    Worth reading if only to become familiar with the wonderful Benchley family Nathaniel Benchley writer of this fun tale is the father of Peter Benchley Jaws and Nathaniel himself was the son of Robert Benchley, famous Manhattan Hollywood wit and Algonquin Round Table founder Quite a dynasty.

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