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Mistaken Twin Wow, there aren t just twists in this plot there are hairpin turns guaranteed to give you whiplash And the author stymied me twice Had me so sure of my sleuthing skills that I was gobsmacked when I discovered how wrong I was Sigh, that was kinda fun but it was kinda embarrassing too Guess I won t change in my armchair sleuth PI license for a real one any time soon This is one intense story and that includes the romance Jenna and Wyatt are adversarial from the start, both so guarded and not willing to trust the other until everything comes crumbling down and they pretty much have to in order to survive But even then there s so many gut wrenching reasons why a relationship can t work that it really messed with my sensitive readerly emotions I was in a constant state of yearning for the point when they could finally clear away all the obstacles and just be together Sob An incredible rush of a read Drawn out of hiding and marked for deathWhen someone attacks her at her shop, Jenna Clark knows her secret identity has been compromised The killer she s been hiding from has found her or has he Police officer Wyatt Stephens vows to protect her, but he doesn t trust that she s telling him the whole truth Is the killer after Jenna, or has he mistaken her for her dead twin ➱ [Read] ➬ Poltergeist (Greywalker, By Kat Richardson ➼ – Lavons.co.uk Jenna Clark knows her secret identity has been compromised The killer she s been hiding from has found her or has he Police officer Wyatt Stephens vows to protect her [Read] ➵ OBaby ➲ Geoffrey Johnson – Lavons.co.uk but he doesn t trust that she s telling him the whole truth Is the killer after Jenna [EPUB] ✰ Defiant (MacKinnons Rangers, Author Pamela Clare – Lavons.co.uk or has he mistaken her for her dead twin Jenna breathed in a peace, an assurance she d never known before Life wasn t perfect Men weren t perfect But her value didn t come from them It came from Christ Jodie Bailey did it for me again, kidnapped me and took me on a thrill ride Knowing who was behind threatening Jenna s life or at least I think I did just added a deeper layer to the suspense filled feeling of the creepy crawlies She s had to look over her shoulders for three years, changing her name and moving far away to the small town of Mountain Springs to start her life over But can she really outrun the person after her, or rather, her deceased twin sister Wyatt s assigned to protection detail and he s none too happy about it Standing between her and danger time after time melts the layers around his heart Can he keep his hero mentality in check in order to keep her safe He needed her Needed the way she made him feel twenty feet tall, like the hero of her story Even , he needed to be the hero of her story Definitely has enough action to keep you on your toes turning pages I think it really picked up on the last half of the book for me, trying to figure out how things were going to play out I liked both characters and how they had to deal with deep feelings and painful pasts to find their worth in Christ I love the strong spiritual theme in this one and the journey to happily ever after for Wyatt Jenna I ll end my review with the author s note in the back and say she did remind me over over how much God loves little ol me Truly, my prayer is that this book and others like it will not only entertain you, but will also lead you to the truth of how fully you are loved I received a complimentary copy from the author and was under no obligation to leave a positive review All opinions are my own. Mistaken Twin Love Inspired Suspense By Jodie BaileyMistaken Twin is a Love Inspired Suspense filled with action, Suspense, mystery, trust, and riveting Inspirational romance The author knows how to draw you in at the start and you do not want to put it down I was not disappointed A page turner that has you trying to read faster to see what is going to happen next I loved the story and the characters, bot were well written and well developed This is Wyatt and Jenna s story Someone has attacked Jenna, do they think she is her dead sister Police officer Wyatt comes to Jenna s rescue Can he help her What is she holding back from him I loved the Spiritual theme running through the story The author does a good job of keeps you guessing till the end.I was given a complimentary copy off this book , but was not told that I had to give a positive review All opinions are my own. Talk about a neat book Jodie did a excellent job writing this It gives you a look into the world of identical twins Jenna Clark was on the run The book gives you a look into the world of people on the run for whatever reason Then we meet Wyatt Stephens a police officer who has been hurt in the past This story gives you a look into a world that can be very complicated Its about second chances at love Its also about trust Jodie does a excellent job at developing this story It will have you turning the page to see what is happening next For there is alot of action going on in this story But there is no easy answer Well done Jodie This issue in the story isn t easy for me I ve been in a similar situation myself but not to this extreme. My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Mistaken Twin Jodie is one of my favorite authors so I m always glad to get one of her books in the mail I really liked this book It s well written, action packed, and full of faith I know you are going to love this one.Jenna Clark is in hiding When her ex beat her and almost killed her, her mother s ex boyfriend helped her escape with a new identity and a new life Now Logan has found her or at least it looks that way Or could someone have mistaken her for her dead twin sister One thing is certain, someone is trying to kill her She is rescued by her best friend s cousin She has never been able to trust the good looking police officer How can she trust him now Police officer Wyatt Stephens has never really been comfortable with his cousin s best friend She always seemed to be aloof He feels like she is hiding something Now she s a target how can he keep her safe when he knows she s not telling him everything Could she have something to do with the human trafficking case they are investigating A terrorizing journey as men from her past try to kill her They must learn to trust one another and trust God God has a plan for them, a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too a good plan and not for evil You may not have a man trying to kill you but you do have an enemy that s out to steal, kill, and destroy but Jesus came to give you life and that abundantly Give Him your heart and watch Him straighten out your life. Jenna Clark has been hiding from her past Her life is in danger, and she fears she may end up just like her twin sister She fights to escape this deadly fate, aided by Police Officer Wyatt Stephens In the past, she d felt rather antagonistic toward him and thought it was mutual Being thrown together so much as he tries to protect her may change their relationship dynamics Could they actually be attracted to each other The characters seem realistic and they face plenty of action in this fast paced story I found I could identify better with Wyatt than with Jenna she didn t evoke the emotion in me I d expect from the dramatic tale There are surprising twists and heart stopping action as we race to the conclusion I received a copy from the author All opinions are my own. What a great read Jodie Bailey did a good job with this one.Jenna Clark has been hiding from her past life with a new name and look Then suddenly someone attacks her tries to kidnap her and to top it off the bad guys have mistaken her for her twin sister, whom Jenna thought was dead Thankfully Wyatt Stephens a police officer in Mountain Springs comes to her rescue and vows to keep her safe, which comes off at odds with how she and Wyatt have usually gotten along While Wyatt tries to protect Jenna he has to face the fact that their relationship has changed and that there is much at stake Can Jenna and Wyatt figure out what s going on with the attacks Because the FBI hasn t been upfront about what s actually going on. WOWZA Oh mylanta, this book was fantastic One of the best if not the absolute best LIS I have read Compelling storyline with multiple surprises along the way, wonderful characters and setting up at least one future book make this a story not to be missed I have been waiting for this book to release for months and I am thrilled that it lived up to my expectations I will be looking for a copy for my keeper shelf for sure I read a library copy..and I will be buying the next book on release day Mistaken TwinJodie Bailey Nail biting suspenseful story that has you on the edge of your seat.Jenna feels she is safe from her former life until she is attacked in her shop How had she been found Having to trust Wyatt to protect her she struggles with her trust issues Will he be able to save her when it seems every time she turns around she is being attacked by different people Definitely can t put it down until the end.

About the Author: Jodie Bailey

Jodie Bailey is the author of Quilted by Christmas, as well as two suspense novels, Freefall and Crossfire and a novella in Holiday Defenders Her devotions have appeared in Fighting Fear Winning the War at Home and Sweet Freedom with a Slice of Peach Cobbler She is also a contributor to PWOC International s e100 Bible study for military wives Her memberships include American Christian Fiction

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