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Im Trying to Love Math Children's Choice Award winner Bethany Barton applies her signature humor to the scariest subject of all mathDo multiplication tables give you hives Do you break out in a sweat when you see than a few numbers hanging out together Then I'm Trying to Love Math is for you In her signature hilarious style Bethany Barton introduces readers to the things and people that use math in amazing ways like music and spacecraft and even baking cookies This isn't a how to math book it's a way to think differently about math as a necessary and cool part of our lives

About the Author: Bethany Barton

artistauthorillustrator superpowers include freckles & a loud laugh

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    Math is all around us In the cookies we bake to the cars we travel in to the launching of a spacecraft to the circumference of a pizza Math is part of life In a humorous manner Barton introduces the many ways we use math every day The illustrations are busy filled with speech bubbles and numbers This is a nice method to strike up curiosity about a subject only 60% of people like I rec

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    Who knew a little purple ET could teach so much about math? Not only does he float down in his saucer to help the narrator understand its importance but explains its history and how math is all around us even in nature The things we do from baking to traveling to well anything all has math involved somehow Even if you aren't the best with numbers you will be charmed by this informative book

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    This book would be great for a classroom teacher to use as a fun way to prepare students for a difficult new math lesson I think that picture books are great for all ages so the possibilities here are endless For my own sake I wish there was also a title called I'm Trying to Love Science

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    Age 1st 3rd gradeSTEM MathNip that arithmophobia in the bud with this nerve soothing primer on our math filled world Spoiler alert it's everywhere even in your cookiesI love that Barton has created a series of books that seek to decriminalize things that our culture may collectively dislike include spiders bees and now math

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    I loved this book even though I really don't love math

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    This friendly illustrated guide to a scary subject shows that even though many people don't like studying math in school we could not live orderly or fulfilling lives without it Math helps us bake It's a universal language We experience its beauty through music and through nature I have learned to love math after years of frustration and I hope that this will help lots of kids see its beauty sooner than I did

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    My daughter 10 hates math It's been a real struggle for her probably because much of the rote learning in elementary school clashes with her free spirited nature However she wants to be either an ecologist or a zoologist so I keep telling her she needs to learn math to do it Then I found this book It's got cute pictures silly but clever dialogue and it points out the benefits of math and how we use it everyday life apparently way better

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    Love Bethany Barton's picture books they have great humor tied into the learning and fun illustrations I was not expecting math to be the next topic after spiders and bees but it was an interesting twist to what I expect from her books Will definitely add to the library collection

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    Super cute picture book showing all of the important roles math plays in our every day life For grades K up

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    The story of my life

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