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Having the Bachelor's Baby Having the Bachelor s Baby by Victoria Pade released on Dec ,is available now for purchase I ve had this paperback book for ages and carried it with me on my travels for those emergencies when my droid s battery is too low and I d have a panic attack if I didn t have something to read I finally finished it and confess to have enjoyed it just a formulaic romance but fun.

About the Author: Victoria Pade

Victoria Pade is the bestselling author of numerous contemporary romances, six historical romances and two mystery novels She began her writing career after leaving college to have her first daughter That daughter was seven years old and there was a second daughter, before Victoria had her first book accepted for publication That novel and the three that followed it were historical romances But the exit of her husband and the urge to docontemporary writing that explored the kinds of problems she was facing inspired a switch.

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