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Campy Ballsy Boys #4 I seem to be in the minority here At least among my GR friends But this is my favorite of the series Hands down the best It hit every single buttonTexas Hill Country gay cowboy Jackson runs off to to Hollywood for his first big break in a TV seriesRoommate not gay? Cameron Ballsy Boys' Campy takes on a boarder to help make ends meetI fell in love with each of them in turn Jackson is such a wholesome good hearted man Sweet caring non judgemental I could just feel his light shining through the pagesI couldn't imagine anyone being good enough for him But Campy was Who knew? The way he worked so hard to take care of his sick mother Not entirely giving up his dreams but putting them on the back burner The only thing that bugged me was view spoiler why he didn't save money by living with her instead of spending extra to have his own place hide spoiler 25I've tried numerous times to get into Neuhold's work but her writing style just doesn't do it for me It's too chatty and breaks the fourth wallThis book has other things going against it like one of the MCs doing porn Yes yes I know The entire series features guys from the Ballsy Boys porn studio That's sort of the point That's why I skipped the first three books but the cowboy in this blurb called to me And wow was Jackson a nice guy He was so damn good he didn't feel realCameron on the other hand was a flawed character For one he was in denial about being bi to the point I was rolling my eyes because everyone knows you like to fuck guys Campy God For two this is a real transition; don't hate on me Campy was a liar A big BIG pathological liar So many lies I hate lying I didn't like CameronBut back to the porn thing I respect sex workers There's no shame in doing porn Porn no autocorrect I don't mean pork although bacon is delicious is great I just don't find it romantic As such one of the MCs fucking other dudes for pay while in a relationship pretty much killed the story for meAlas the ending was sweet and I loved Campy's mom Sadly that wasn't uite enough No Ballsy Boys for me Although Campy hadn't made all that big an impression on me in the previous books his story turned out to be one of my favorites of the series so far A slow burn roommates to friends to lovers story that was low angst and all kinds of sweet Jackson with his Texas manners and drawl is a romantic at heart He has limited experience yet he's not looking for a hook up He's a relationship kind of guy Campy is a good hearted man who is weighed down by some secrets and some self esteem issues He is also really confused about his growing feelings towards Jackson After all Campy is straight he's just doing gay porn because it pays than straight porn and it's the only way he can help out with his mother's medical expenses While not a lot really happens in the first part of the story I adored the interactions between Campy and Jackson as they get to know each other and Jackson acclimates to his new town and his new job The bits of jealousy the perfect first dates and even meeting Campy's mother They all had me rooting for Jackson to finally get his man When they do finally get together than halfway through the book they certainly make up for lost time with plenty of hot and heavy sex I liked seeing the boys again and there are a few other lovely secondary characters here There were uite a few issues that had the potential to rain angst and drama down on the men but they wind up being pretty easily resolved That is probably the only bit of disappointment for me here I was hoping at least one of these would cause a bit of a stir for them to deal with I also loved the little nod at the readers who are all clamoring for Pixie's story which is finally going to be here in a few weeks I wasn't sure whether I was going to like this one as it on the surface focused on gay for pay controversial in some circles star Campy but I shouldn't have been worriedThere are enough little hints and snippets dropped into the opening couple of chapters for the reader to realise way before Campy aka Cameron himself does that he's bisexual and has had crushes on men he's never noticed for what they wereJackson's arrival in town as Cameron's new roommate begins to stir feelings he's never had before and it's amusing to watch him fall in love without noticing he's doing so CampyCameron is a cleverly written character he takes the reader on a journey as much as he takes himself as his various different lives and personas begin to come crashing together once Jackson arrives in his lifeJackson's almost too good to be true he's really just a genuine old fashioned Texas boy who wants to find the love of his life and settle into the white picket fence life and when he meets Cam it uickly becomes clear he's found his oneThe story goes on a few twists and turns as Jackson's TV show starts to make his face recognisable and then inadvertently expose all Cam's secrets The fall out is dealt with in a way which makes sense and which gives Cam the chance to get his own head around what's happening in his lifeEventually there's reconcilliation and a truly lovely conclusion to what was an excellently plotted and paced and seriously sweet and hot romance in the Ballsy Boys series Now bring on Pixie and Bear #ARC kindly provided by the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review In all honesty I feel like at least half the comments on any video I’m in are about Pixie— I need Pixie When will it be Pixie’s turn to cum ;? Pixie Pixie PixieDon’t get me wrong Pixie is a great kid and I can understand why guys are nuts for him But damn if it doesn’t hurt my ego just a bit Busted Hahaha you got me Ladies 😂Love it And yeah give me PIXIE 😍 Another instalment in this series and it was great funI was really curious about Campy and his roommate Jackson considering we were told before that Jackson is straight Well the authors have uite a few surprises for us in that department And it’s not as straightforward sorry no pun intended as you might thinkCampy is probably the most torn character out of all so far He has told so many lies to so many people it’s killing him Meeting Jackson brings them all out in the open one by one And the guilt shame and self doubt he feels are pretty suffocating him Jackson is just a darling of the first order Straight as an arrow LOL when it comes to honesty and loyalty and adorably unversed in the ways of gay life in LA he just creates a huge amount of fuzzy warm feelsI chuckled and grinned and uietly hoped that one day I get a son in law just like him This book is probably not uite as high on steamy scenes as the others no worries there is still plenty of sizzling sex but stronger on feelings and relationship development And yeah why would I complain about that The toeing and froeing between these guys – particularly with Cameron blowing hot and cold at the beginning – is sweet and delicious and it all ends in pure romance for some reason I didn’t mind the extra bit of sugar at the endOne thing I wanted to mention beforeAll the books in this series are happening on overlapping timelines So certain events are mentioned in a few books It’s not something I have come across too often like this but I actually uite enjoyed that This one made me smile so much Great entertainment on all accounts Oh this was cute even if I found it hard to believe Cam’s line I’m straight but I work in gay porn Jackson was the stereotypical cowboy with good manners the good ole boy who fell for his roomie Cam in one moment While the storyline was pretty easy to plot and follow I liked the fact that this was just a simple sweet romance with low angst Just a nice easy read ❤️ What will happen when my secrets are exposed I'm lying to my mom about how I make my livingI'm lying to the Ballsy Boys about my lifeI'm lying to myself about who I amI pretend to be Campy but I am Cameron But does anyone even know the real meWhen I meet my new roommate a sexy Texan cowboy and break out TV star named Jackson all my lies start to come out He makes me want to be myself but I've spun so many lies that I don't even know who I am any The I fall for him the I worry that all my secrets will destroy us before we have a chance to be together Good thing Jackson has a stubborn streak and won't give up so easily Campy35 starsWe get Jackson and Cameron's storyCameron has been keeping so many secrets that they are starting to drag him down When he gets a new roommate Jackson there is something about him that makes him open up However he worries how everyone will react when they find out he has been lying for yearsFun read Jackson and Cameron were adorable and cute together Jackson opened Cam's eyes to part of him he didn't know existedNow give me Bear and Pixie Gimme gimme gimme Not a bad story in this seriesbut I think I and everyone else that reads it are than champing at the bit to read about Pixie and Bear which must be coming along soonsurely?? No teasing authors pleaseThe only person that didn't believe Campy was bi was Campy himself obviously 😃or maybe he was just Jackson sexualand why wouldn't he be?? Have to say Jackson reminded me very strongly indeed of Tommy one of the characters in First and of course it just so happens that the other MC of that particular story was a porn star and indeed an actual porn star is featured on the cover Jackson was such a lovely young guysweet kind and respectful and a perfect advert for the Lone Star state He has his own secrets of coursebut nowhere near as many as his new roomie Cameron Leave this one here4 stars

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