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Pre read After reading #1 and guessing on whose book it will be Just like constanteta After reading the summary the abovegif times a million WOW I really enjoyed this story the second book by Ms Reid that I've read I already bought several others which are now in my TBR pileMild spoilers ahead You've been warnedThis is the story of Maryann and Nicholas Maryann is everything I love to see in a heroine smart well spoken kind and willing to stand up for what she believes to be right She used to be a darling of the ton but didn't have the cruel streak to stay in the Mean Girls Club and alas she is deemed a wallflower Her parents worry that she hasn't married and is nearing her mid 20's so they arrange a marriage to an older man who is downright awful has affairs with whomever he pleases and doesn't try to hide it from her; although he does appreciate her brain which was an odd redeeming uality Maryann is desperate to escape this marriage as she seeks a union filled with love or at least an amiable relationship And enter NicholasNicholas is on a revenge uest as a woman he was friends with and loved like a sister although he doesn't understand that until much later on in our story after she was brutally raped and committed suicide because of said rape He is on a uest to punish her rapists there were several and this is his driving focus throughout the story He runs into Maryann as he thinks her brother is one of said rapists and although he knows he should stay away from her their chemistry makes it impossible toI really enjoyed this story even though it is a trope I've read a few times before The pacing felt appropriate the chemistry between the lovers was hot and there was a satisfying resolution to their adventure If you like steamy romances with complex characters I definitely recommend you pick this upSide note I love love LOVE epilogues and wish there was to this and every other one Please please please add to these stories authors We grow to love your characters and want to know what happens in their HEA after their main story has wrappedI was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review All opinions are my own I've read many of Stacy Reid's wonderful books and I must say this is one of her best There is so much heart and emotion in her writing of this story The two main characters Maryann and Nicolas now have a special place in my heart Two souls who find each other amidst danger and revengeNicolas has only one thing on his mindrevenge on those who had committed an atrocious act on a young woman he had grew up with and loved Bringing ruin to these men is all he cares about Until a Wallflower named Maryann catches his eye and he can't help but be completely amazed by her her daring her heat her intelligence and her innocence He needs to stay away from her though because his enemies will target her if they know they are involved Easier said than done I really did love everything about this storyI received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review This book was given to as a arc from netgalley in return for my honest review 45 stars contains spoilers Before I start this review I would like to thank Stacy Reid for writing such wonderful books to keep my mind off reality Thank you for giving me a chance to escape through the pages It's always much neededI was enthralled with this book that is was so hard for me to set it down when I had to be a responsible adult lol This book contains laughter emotional stress love tension sexual tension and the cutest banter One of lines that made laugh through out the book was racoons do that My Wicked Maruess is about Nicolas and Maryann Nicolas holds the reputation of being the most scandalous wicked rake Behind that facade he's actually just a really sweet guy but can be dangerous He's one you should never mess with He's a great friend but can also be the worst enemy Maryann is a witty bookish book nerd She's also sweet and very kind to those she cares about Nicolas seeks revenge for those who took his first love One by one he takes them down Maryann is trying to thwart and escape her parents plan of a arranged marriage to man her father's age She seeks wickedness scandal ruination because of that she uses Nicolas name in vain Spreading false rumors about herself in hopes to stop the unwanted marriage plans But little does she know by linking their names together his friends are now hers His enemies are definitely now hers too That's when their worlds starts to collide togetherThe met once when he aides her in a scheme Pretending to be her masked brother they acted out the plot and he thought she was the cutest and bravest little thing The entire time she thinks that he is her brother until he speaks and she hears his deep masculine voice There were sparks flying everywherebut she never found out his identity So they were already attracted to eachother to begin with With those fake rumors he saw it as a invitation She owed him a kiss and she was to be warned He sneaks into her room waits for her and that's how their love story beginsI wholeheartedly recommend this book It has just the right amont of everything and makes a perfect combination Great character and relationship build up hot sexual tension emotional rise and lastly two individuals that truly belong together Miss Maryann FitzWilliam is too witty and bookish for her own good No gentleman of the ton will marry her so her parents arrange for her to wed a man old enough to be her father But Maryann is ready to use those wits to turn herself into a sinful wallflowerWhen the scandal sheet reports a sighting of Nicolas Ives climbing out the chamber windows of a house party Maryann does the unthinkable She anonymously claims that the bedchamber belonged to none other than Miss FitzWilliam tarnishing her own reputation—and chances of the dastardly union her family secured for her Now she just needs to convince the maruess to keep his silenceNicholas Ives Maruess of Rothbury has purposefully cultivated a reputation as the most ruthless unprincipled libertine all so he can slip beneath the guards of those whose vile actions caused him to lose the only girl he's ever loved Despite his intrigue Nicolas is determined to ignore the deceitful and enticing Miss FitzWilliam However his enemies are drawing close and he soon discovers he must keep her closer to protect her Nonetheless she rouses a soul burning passion within him causing him to uestion who will protect her from his devilish wiles 455Stacy Reid does it again with this new addition to her Sinful Wallflowers series I loved both the hero and heroine of the novel than I can say Maryanne is strong and opinionated; Nicolas is clever and complicated This story is than just a romance but also a mystery Nicolas seeks revenge for the rape of his childhood sweetheart and that leads him to Maryanne’s brother and Maryanne herself After the unusual circumstances of their meeting Nicolas becomes infatuated with a woman determined to ruin herself before marriage to a man she does not love—a man not even bothering to court her She however is already well aware of Nicolas a most charming rake But when their names are linked and plans are compromised they find each other most unlikely companions and confidants Truly a story about a couple destined to fall in love Absolutely well matched I couldn’t help but fall in love with them bothThis is an ARC for me so there were a surprising number of spelling errors and perhaps autocorrections in the beginning which will hopefully be fixed I loved the epilogue but I was hoping for with his family—Reid really keeps us waiting til the end Nevertheless the happily ever after was perfect It was a ton of drama so my anxiety was all over the place for a while so I’m glad for a resolution Highly recommend this for historical romance lovers everywhere It could be a bit triggering for rape victims but this is dealt with in the broadest of terms except for a very poetic letter that may be a bit too evocative for the sensitive reader There is no description of the act itself HOWEVER that is not to say there isn’t sex in this book because good lord is it steamy in here or is it just me Wowzers I started this on a whim last night and I read it all the way through Here's to books that keep me reading into the wee hours of the morning knowing my alarm will go off soon Her Wicked Maruess is the kind of romance I love I admit that a reformed rake or one who's just pretending to be one is one of my favorite archtypes Pair that with a wallflower and I'm so there While this book was a bit explicit that what I usually read I actually think the author did an excellent job at developing Maryann's and Nicolas' relationship It felt like an actual romance and not instalove The enemies to friends to lovers theme is presented in such a way that it's believable but also sensual as heck and this is sans the love scenes That said I knocked a star off this book just because I felt like the revenge subplot was a little clunky Maryann's brother could have literally saved lives and tons of heartache if he had just spilled his HUGE secret before the last few chapters He wasn't cold or unfeeling so I don't think it fit with his character I absolutely did not see that plot twist at the end coming but still after mulling this book over that's the thing I found most unbelievable I definitely will be reading books from this author and plan on picking up the first book in this series on my Kindle appI receive complimentary books from publishers publicists andor authors I am not reuired to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 This book is stunning Maryann is a wallflower whose parents have promised her to a duke that is not only her father's age but also cruel She needs a way out of this upcoming engagement and uick so decides to begin rumors about herself and Nicholasa maruess and notorious rake Surprisingly he goes along with it for the most part and the two begin to get to know one another I loved this couple so much One of my favorite things in this book is the friendship they form While the chemistry is definitely there the additional scenes of them becoming friends only makes it that much delicious They have an easy camaraderie and a way with words that had me thinking I could just read about them talking all day I loved that the majority of their courting took place in secret in her bedroom The tension between the two and the desperation each felt had me sucked in and really cheering for their HEA The love each had for their siblings and vice versa was heartwarming It made me like them all that much I really liked that Maryann was strong and independent and yet wasn't afraid to own to her love for embroidery and wanting a home and family Plus there is just a little bit of adventure that often adds to a good historical romance Stacy Reid seems to get better with each book Her Wicked Maruess is a solid 5 stars and should be on everyone's must read listThank you to Entangled and NetGalley for an ARC of this book The opinions here are my own I was really looking forward to reading Her Wicked Maruess by Stacy Reid I even anticipated adding this author to my list of go to historical romance authors so imagine my disappointment in what ended up being a 2 star read for meI do want to mention the potential this book had Obviously the synopsis intrigued me and Maryann and Nicolas could have been so great Maryann especially was a type of heroine that I usually adore Unfortunately this story and characters did not work for meMaryann herself was uite annoying Her inner dialogue as well as her spoken words and phrasing made me cringe or roll my eyes often than not Based on that and her immaturity about certain things I felt her age seemed closer to 18 than 23 Nicolas barely captured my attention at all and I certainly had no interest in the secondary charactersFurther I sensed zero connection and chemistry between Nicolas and Maryann for over half of the book The conversations and encounters between them were stilted and awkward as was the case for conversations and encounters between all the characters in generalIt wasn't until the 75% probably closer to 80% mark that I started feeling some connection between Maryann and Nicolas and interest in Nicolas' revenge scheme At that point it was too little too late although it did bring the story from 1 star to 2I had such great hopes for this book and author but I guess I should have stuck with my tried and truesI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley Lady Maryann is determined to stop her upcoming engagement of happening she will do anything to succeed and when an opportunity presents itself she can't let it pass The most notorious rake Nicolas Maruess of Rothbury is often mentioned in the scandal papers and what harm can it be to claim that he left her bedroom window one night Creating rumors and ruin her reputation is the last anything expect from a reasonable and well mannered lady after all She just have to convince the Maruees to go along Nicolas has returned to Engald with a plan to execute the plan is driven by revenge and nothing will deter him from it But Nicolas' revenge isn't harmless he had made many powerful enemies who now believe Lady Maryann is someone important to him thus puts her in danger Nicolas is very focused on his revenge he has a reason for everything he does and Maryann's scheme is nothing he could predict Maryann is strong willed bookish and speaks her mind something not many men find attractive The romance between them was slowly build and it was very enjoyable to see how it affected them bothI liked this book a lot The plot was very intriguing since Maryann is doing what most avoid trying to get ruined or start a rumor that she did which is basically the same thing I was curious about the events that brought Nicolas in the positon to avenge The information is being slowly revealed in an interesting way This story kept me invested in it from the very first page  I received an ARC from the publisher and this is my honest opinion Her Wicked Marquess (Sinful Wallflowers, #2)

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