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Purgatory A Chronicle of a Distant World On the planet Karimon lives a race of intelligent beings descended from reptiles Like most intelligent beings in the galaxy they had not yet evolved beyond their stone age villages when the first shiploads of Men arrived to stake a claim on a virgin planetBut on Karimon there is a strong brilliant leader a chief who is able to understand that the new arrivals are not gods or demons but mortal beings And unlike the inhabitants of most primitive planets this leader also understood that Men had enemies too and that those enemies could be used to gain some measure of control over the human colonization of Karimon If only for a few short years

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    Mike Resnick’s Galactic Comedy series comprising Paradise this book and Inferno A Chronicle of a Distant World is science fiction only at the most cosmetic level in the mold of classics like 1984 or The Dispossessed An Ambiguous Utopia Resnick's tales are eye opening and at times face slapping morality tales that describe in stark often brutal terms the catacl

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    I knew going into Purgatory that this story was an allegory for the British colonization of Zimbabwe I've read a few novels that have drawn on history particularly fantasy and even particularly Guy Gavriel Kay's magnificent Tigana and The Lions of Al Rassan which draw loosely on French and Italian historiesBut while Kay's works were rich character driven reads that

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    Wow This is my very first Mike Resnick novel and Wow I just finished reading this half an hour ago and my mind is still reeling and I'm still having an emotional reactionI can't believe how under appreciated this novel is It is superbly written masterfully crafted and absolutely engrossingAs far as I can tell Resnick intended this novel to be a political allegory for Afri

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    I'll give Mike Resnick this Purgatory is the most uniue sci fi novel I've read recently The book chronicles the colonization of an alien world by the human race It draws heavily from the history of Britain's colonization of Africa Each section of the book covers an epoch of this history so that it reads like seven interrelated novellas rather than a single coherent novel Perha

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    I have read several of Mike Resnick's books and enjoyed them all I enjoyed this book also but it is very different than any others I have read by Mike Resnick First of all Purgatory an allegory for the British colonization of Zimbabwe Second of all it shows how greed corrupts anyone human or alien Purgatory follows a planet's takeover by humans and the negotiating with the native s

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    When I read this book was based on Britishwestern colonization of ZimbabweRhodesiaAfrica the magic of the story was gone Translate africans to aliens Zimbabwe into Karamon the big 5 into some strange animals and Man as Man and tell the story of white oppression and freedom rebellion and you have the book There is hardly any added value of the Glactic environment technology the plot was

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    Mike Resnick books are such good reads Will always pick one up

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    Purgatory is essentially a long extended metaphor for the BritishEuropean occupation of Africa Unfortunately it's not uite on the same metaphoric level as Animal Farm Resnick gets a little too caught up in his idea and forgets to tell a storyAnd while everything else gets some metaphoric paint slapped on it Christian missionaries are left intact trying to convert the aliens to Christianity this e

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    Recently read Mike Resnick's 1993 book Purgatory the first in a three book series What a great read I couldn't put it down As you may know Resnick is one of the most prolific and successful of Science Fiction writers His books and stories have appeared everywhere What you may not know is that Resnick like myself has a passion for Africa and he uses it a lot in his work We have corresponded and chatted

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    Resnick's Galactic Comedy seuence is comprised of three novels Paradise Purgatory and Inferno On the surface they're chronicles of distant worlds as the blurbs proclaim but they're actually allegorical studies of post colonial modern Africa; he examines all of the problems of the cultures the economies the tribal factions the politics and so on and on Just when the reader thinks that things can't get any w

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