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For Every Cat an Angel Many people feel a magical connection with one special cat or dog in their life These two heartwarming books celebrate the timeless love between people and their forever cats and forever dogs Filled with colorful illustrations of cats and dogs lovingly cared for by their guardian angels these charming little books will delight animal lovers young and old and bring comfort to anyone who has had to say goodbye to their best four legged friend Perfect for any cat or dog lover

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    This was gifted to me when I lost a beloved cat It's a sweet consolation in a very difficult time Lovely illustrations and a dear message that isn't too religious or too maudlin

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    Christine Davis has managed to do the nearly impossible write a story about the forever love between pet owner and pet that is delightful and charming without being too sugary sweet She describes the relationship between pet and person

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    After a traumatic three days with our four year old cat Salem wherein he underwent extensive procedures to save his life he didn't make it a package arrived in the mail It was from the hospital I couldn't imagine what it could be but when

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    I'm not a fan of the illustration style though I love the colors and the hidden humor but the last third of the book completely got me A cat can never really be separated from its forever person Sometimes cats will cross the angel bridge t

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    Welp starting sobbing after about a page so definitely emotionally resonant I like how the book remained spiritual vs overtly religious made it accessible to many different types of people Would definitely recommend for anyone just going th

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    I was expecting this to be overly saccharine and schmaltzy to the point of humor but I was pleasantly surprised This carefully written gift book is unexpectedly powerful It offers a gentle portrayal of the love between a person and her cat and

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    This is a simple children's book which can be uite comforting to those who have lost a pet there's one for dogs too I happened across it after my first cat died and liked it to so much that I sent one to my niece when her cat was hit by a car

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    This book was donated to my library in honor of my forever cats Martini and Rossi after I lost them in a fire It will always be a book close to my heart

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