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Duineser Elegien We have a marvelous almost legendary image of the circumstances in which the composition of this great poem began Rainer Maria Rilke was staying at Duino Castle on a rocky headland of the Adriatic Sea near Trieste One morning he walked out onto the battlements and climbed down to where the cliffs dropped sharply to the sea From out of the fierce wind Rilke seemed to hear a voice Wer wenn ich schriee horte mich denn aus der Engel Ordnungen If I cried out who would hear me up there among the angelic orders He wrote these words the opening of the first Duino Elegy in his notebook then went inside to continue what was to be his major opus—completely only after another ten tormented years of effort—and one of the literary masterpieces of the century Duino Elegies speaks in a voice that is both intimate and majestic on the mysteries of human life and our attempt in the words of the translator David Young “to use our self consciousness to some advantage to transcend through art and the imagination our self deception and our fear”

About the Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke is considered one of the German language's greatest 20th century poets His haunting images tend to focus on the difficulty of communion with the ineffable in an age of disbelief solitude and profound anxiety — themes that tend to position him as a transitional figure between the traditional and the modernist poetsHe wrote in both verse and a highly lyrical prose His two mos

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    In Duino Elegies it seems as if Rilke is explaining the meaning of his life indirectly to God through divine messengers the presence of whom we can scarcely sense The 10 elegies succeed in finding the world in a word as William H Gass advised was the objective of the most earnest poets Rilke's greatness emanates from his fearlessness in taking on an epic macro perspective He is a

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    I was trying to understand beautyHow silly of me One elegy after anotherI realized you submit to beauty and itsconseuences which hopefully last in you or so you wishAnd complete surrender is a journey on a bridge of understanding with cables of faith dangling and holding them Once over you light up the bridge to see what new travails unfold before you in the newly surrendered landPrais

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    These poems blew my mind kicked my ass and sent chills down my back Never have poems so resonated with that dark secret place I keep hidden from view But these poems threw back the curtain and shined with angelic vengeance upon my internal cowardice And this really is what I want poems to do let me know I am not alone and that others have felt as despondant and helpless in a very mental and

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    I thought Stephen Mitchell's translation was the best that could ever possibly exist I was happily totally wrong I picked this up at a friend's house by chance and was completely absorbed The Chrichtons bring out a sort of conversational uality in the writing which I hadn't been aware even existed Rilke's meditations are spectral evanescent secular and luminous I didn't know there were other ways

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    From one of the fathers of modern literature Duino Elegies is simply one of his greatest achievements It's monumental in every way and almost impossible to describe I wouldn't even know where to start Stunningly beautiful would be an easy way to put it Extract from the The Third Elegy One thing to sing the beloved another alasthat hidden guilty river god of the bloodHe whom she knows from afar her lover

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    I find writing about poetry extremely difficult because we enter the realm of pure emotions of the perfect magic that words can possess and what each reader thinks and feels when reading a poem is not only very personal but also uite often impossible to define and to reduce into a few sentences Therefore I rarely review the poetry books that I own on this site But Rilke could well be my favorite poet for reas

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    Rilke's Duino Elegies are a contender for the greatest lyric seuence of the 20th century in a century that featured some really great ones by Yeats HD Trilogy Eliot Stevens Auroras of Autumn in particular Pound Hughes Hayden Merrill and many others could be named Lots of the translations of Rilke's Elegies in English are really mediocre turgid Rilke is a complete contradiction in terms David Young's is by far the b

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    And so we press on and try to achieve ittry to contain it in our simple handsin our brimming eyes our voiceless heartRilke is both the reason I mistrust translations and the exception to my rule

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    Rilke'nin dimağından farklı olacağını düşündüğüm bir kitaptı olacağı nı dememdeki sebep ise şiirler ağıtlar hissiyatıma çok yakın başlayarak her ağıtta bir adım daha uzaklaşarak maalesef kaybolduÖzellikle birilerine ithaf edilmiş çok ağıt var Kişileri de bilmemekten kaynaklı uzaktan bakan kişi oldumSorun bende mi acaba diye öğrencilerime de derslerde bir kaç ağıtı okudum genel yapıs

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